Chime – Make your Authentic Tea in just 3 Minutes

Chime Tea Maker
  • Chime is authentic Tea maker first of its kind.
  • Chime can make tea like home made tea.
  • Chime just takes 3 minutes to make your next cup of tea.


hime is a new generation of Chai Maker of today. If you see the world’s tea and coffee market, you can find coffee makers easily, but not tea maker. But every one drove their heart to have a beautiful day starts in the morning with a good cup of chai to start their day. If every things is doesn’t go wrong like boil overs and mess up’s in the recipes of the chai which spoils your mood till the whole day for the live.

Chai lovers feel a good chai make them to feel good enough for them to do things for the day. This product will help to get the same essence till it get ruined. You can have your Chai with a single Chime cap and personalizing the recipe and adjust your Brew Strength.

And there you go by adding the milk to the container & Your favorite chai get ready in a moment. It’s pretty easy to clean it in 20 seconds. Without powders, and concentrates or syrups.

Chime Tea Maker

Chime – Features

  1. The fresh natural leaves and spices are sealed in a recycled package.

  2. You can have your own customized recipes with the Chime caps Assam, Cardamon, Ginger, Cardamon Ginger, and Masala.

  3. Each box comes with 10 chime caps which two of each specified above.

  4. Only the best ingredients make you taste the best of those with the specified selectively source of tea from the best tea garden of upper Assam and Darjeeling.

  5. This chime comes with a capacity of 10 cups water reservoir first you have to fill that to make chai.

  6. Then take a chime cap of your delight ones and place it on the top of the top boiler and press it then it breaks out of the cap and the ingredients will be added to the top boiler.

  7. There by you can personalize your cup either small or large using the nob provided.

  8. You can also adjust the brew Strength like lighter or stronger and milk ratio and froth; you can also create your one in the chime app on your mobile and use it on any mobile.

  9. It takes 3 minutes to brew your cup with Chime unique brewing chamber it carefully extracts tea and mixes them to create the Pleasant taste of smell that are only found in the genuine, homemade chai.

  10. It takes only 20 seconds to clean it you can simply rinse the tea sieve and milk carafe drop the tea leaves in the compost and recycle the caps & Rinse the sieve and milk carafe. With additional built in cleaning cycles to keep the machine as good as new.

  11. After you added the chime cap and selected the recipe just pour the milk or any milk substitute to the carafe then you are ready press go.

  12. Tea will start to extract on the top brewing chamber like the bubble dance into the frothy goodness below and mix the extracted essence to the milk.

  13. Your chai is ready to be served from the vessel and there you go ready to taste it.

  14. This chime is very simple to use and make a chai with easy controls with digital display and a top Boiler that heats water and extract tea & Spices the correct way as per you choice or taste with the cap you placed on the top of it, Induction heater and frother that boils milk without scalding or Boil over.

  15. Chime in Action
  16. The thing you should be look over it that the quality of the chai made by the chime is very good and with authentic leaves with no additives it only takes 3 to 5 minutes according to the recipe you pick.

  17. It is not like the Brew coffee Machines which have the low quality of chai, unlike the Stove top which take more time to prepare the chai and Starbucks which take more time and the quality if the chai is also poor due to pre-made liquor and added sugar.

  18. It also has an additional feature of connecting to your device with Bluetooth so that you don’t need to remember the recipe that you love or even suggested by someone you just need an app that they will provide.

Chime – Specifications

  • Preparation Time :3-5 mins
  • Authenticity : Authentic leaves, no additives
  • Quality of Chai:Very good
  • Height :14 Inches
  • Dimensions : 14x12x12 Inches
  • Materials: Food safe Plastic, Stainless Steel and Glass.
  • Extra Sieve, carafe : Provided
  • Cleaning Time : 20 sec

Chime – Out Of Box

Chime in action

You will be having brewer with an extra sieve, extra carafe and 2 cap boxes one cleaning tablet bottle no other equipment’s are needed just add the choice of milk for your delicious chai.

Chime – Price

This product is priced at 199$(14,000Rs approx..) for the early bird orders those are limited ones and when you pre-order it then only you will get the extra sieves and extra caps and chime 2 pack is prices at 379$(27,000Rs approx.) a pack of two chimes.

Chime – Plan For Launch

Chime Indiegogo campaign

They made their first prototype in the year 2014 in august which is an ideal one and in Engineering build is made in December 2017 and Field Test was done in 2018 June & their production starts at December 2019 shipping to the early bird’s limited ones will be done in March 2020.

Editor’s Note

They haven’t mentioned the chime that uses the energy either is taking too much or not for making a chai, since the each and every section like brewing and boiling the milk are separate it take more energy to do that, Even the chime cap cost you more than a chai outside starting from 10$ for an Assam chai cap it goes to 12$ for the Cardamom Ginger Chai cap it’s pretty expensive though, for the delight and authentic chai lovers it is an good one to have it.

About The Company

This product is brought to you by Brew chime, they believed that technology has that power to bring you the taste of an authentic, everyday experience, Chime is the world’s first chai maker that uses the hand crafty & traditional way of making chai using technology, they think that the chai is a special one has its own experience, Gaurav Chawla is the Founder & CEO of the company.