CES 2020 Highlights – Top 10 Gadgets Showcased in 2020

CES 2020
  • CES 2020 was occured in Las Vegas, Nevada from 7th to 10th January, 2020.
  • Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Electric Vehicles are most highlighted areas this year.
  • This was 53rd Annual Consumer Product Showcasing event.


ES 2020 just completed the 53rd annual showcasing with World-wide Tech Giants. CES is the no doubt the one of world’s biggest and most growing consumer electronics products show. This has been getting organized in January in Las Vegas, Nevada from every years this started. This year was also not any exception. All major large consumer electronics companies showcased their latest innovations in almost all categories. The categories can be latest, emerging technologies like Artififial Intelligence, 5G, EVs, 3D Printing, TVs, headphones and anything. This year was also not an exception. Every major league companies has showcased thier latest innovations and new product lines. In the thousands of product showcasing this is very difficult to identify the key products and products that are going to make meaningful in very recent time or may be in just 2020 only. Our editorial team has been following every products and their feasibilities in last couple of days. They have gathered a new list of 20 gadgets which are really interesting and looks really promising in the coming time.

1Sony Z8H 8K LED TV


After establishment of 4K display technologies the time started for the 8K displays. Sony has been improving this and showcased their 8K TV by name Z8H 8K LED TV in this year CES 2020. This comes with 75 inches or 85 inches display size. This has full array of LED backlighting. This can easily upscale the 4K videos. This also comes with Sony’s technology Frame Tweeter which basically vibrates the frame itself for giving improved quality. This TV also comes with latest all voice control setups like Apple HomeKit, Google Home Assistant and Alexa from Amazon.

2Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold


Mobile displays with foldable feature are the latest innovations which are expected to come in mainstream market in 2020 and onwards. Lenovo has designed their latest tablet series with a foldable display and looks more of a laptop rather than a tablet. This ias 13.3 inch display. This supports both stylus input and windows ink. To type like a laptop you just have to pop the magnetic keyboard which is at the bottom half of this tabket and start typing. You can just keep the keyboard there and use it like normal laptop also.

3Samsung Odyssey G9 Monitor


Curved monitors are really new trands for Gaming PC setups and also for Programmers. Samsung’s latest display with 49inch version Odyssey G9 version is really great showcasing in the model of curved monitors. This QLED monitor has an impressive 1440p resolution. This has 1 millisecond respond time and frame refresh rates support 240Hz. To make this PC targetting for gaming community Samsung added to support AMD’s Freesync and NVidias GSync technolgy more accurate framerate.

4Hydraloop Water Recycler


Water preservation is a common sense today worldwide but very less time we get technological support to make this part of real life. Hydraloop’s water recycler is a such kind of invention. This can recycle upto 85% of the water waste we generate everyday regular basis. This can filter water from the baths, washing machines, RO filters, Air conditioners or boilers etc. This is occupied with 6 layer filtration technologies to do this job. This can be also used to recycle large water containers like swimming pool. This water can be reused in the toilet, irrigation systems.

5Acer ConceptD 7 Ezel


There are very few 4K laptop available. But for HD design and designers the 4K support can be really helpful. Acer recently launched ConceptD 7 Ezel with 4K support. This is 15.6 inch laptop with 4K resolutions and comes with multiple configurations. You can use it both like laptop for long typing purposes and also can do drawing with configurinng it like tablet. Acer’s ConceptD 7 Ezel can run the full Adobe RGB color gamut. This also comes with Nvidia graphics system to keep your high definition designing apps running smoothly even with complex graphics work.

6Samsung Ballie


Artificial Intelligent based smart home devices are on rise like we see the market growth with Amazon Alexa, Google Home etc. Samsung‘s Ballie is a interesting robotic companion device which can be used to smart home control like take photos, pet monitoring and even for taking care of surveillance while you are out of home. You can also use this as fitness assistant. This can be used to be a cool robotic companion.

7Joué Music Instrument


If we see latest innvovations in different crowdfunding channels the smart Music controllers are really upgrowing trend in recent time. Like that Joué Music Toolkit is basically a modular approach for the MIDI controller. This is compact, portable, easy to carry wooden and aluminium board that has swappable pads for the different instruments. You can choose anything ranging from octopads, guitars, piano keysets etc. This can easy communicate with your tablet or laptops. This can be very useful gadget for people who are strting to make musics without having old, heavy big instruments.

8Pax Era Pro Vaporizer


This is a very small portable gadget from Pax for the safety analysis and notification for the cannabis consumers. This informs the users the level of safety while consumption of the cannabis. This pod is powered by NFC technologies and can communicate and share data to smarphone. You can get information like Strain information, oil presense level and govtment policy levels test results. This can really give you peace of mind.

9Rocean One


This one is basically a smart, styish water filter. This aims to reduce the consumptions of plastics and bottles. This can do filter, carbonate, and also can add flavor to the water. This has in-built carbon oxide tank. This company is making tie up with many other companies for making different flavor combinations and wants to help people while it comes to reduce the consumptions of the plastic bottles.

10Core Meditation Trainer


Medidation habit take time and discipline to build and maintain. Many app or gadgets in market there to help people for focusing and developing concentration. Core meditation Trainer is such a type gadget showcased in the CES 2020. This portable, handheld gadget is using Bio Feedback mechanism like vibration etc and also interacts with an App to give you real time statistics on your progress.