Caliper Slide View MKII: Wearable and Convenient Calculator

A convenient system for calculation of various numbers.

casper slide view mkii

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  • The Caliper Slide View MKII is a convenient and useful wrist watch which enables its users to perform quick calculations along with keeping a track of time.
  • The Caliper Slide View MKII is a great quality build which provides scratch resistance, Stainless Steel Case and a Water Resistance up to 5 Atm.
  • The Caliper Slide View MKII saves the time of the users to perform repetitive calculations easily by managing the slider dial system which has clear and convenient engravings on it.


The Caliper Slide at the first glance may seem like a normal wrist watch, but the device provides its users with a lot more than just showing the current accurate time. The design of the wrist watch is what contributes towards the vast number of calculative usage that the device offers. The Caliper Slide has a built in changeable scale which can be adjusted accordingly with various constants and provide the users with many types of possible conversions including mathematical calculations, length conversions, volumetric conversions and much more. All of which features is accommodated inside a small device which conveniently fits around your wrists. You do not need to carry and extra calculator anymore to calculate out your day to day requirements. The constant and conversion index on the back of the watch also enables you to remember an important thing which helps you to carry out the calculations correctly and get the accurate results.

Problem Solving By The Product


Imagine you’re an engineer or do any job which constantly requires you to play with numbers and real world measurements to complete the job. You basically have to carry an extra calculator or you can rely on the mobile phone you carry but the battery might not last for the whole day. To solve this problem and make the lives of the hard working engineers convenient, the Caliper Slide combines two of the most important necessities. It brings you a device which at the first glance would feel and look like a normal wrist watch but is capable enough to solve and calculate any basic thing you could possibly encounter in your day to day life. The watch uses slides to be adjusted and calculate the required answers and of course also provides you with the accurate time using Quartz.

Detailed Specifications


For many people the concept of using two circular sliders with different markings on them to calculate or compute various mathematical problems might not sound familiar. The makers of this device were very fascinated by the various different kinds of computation mechanism devices. Making this device they wanted to make things convenient and easy for the people. The watch comes with a complete manual on how to perform different mathematical tasks using the sliders and how using the markings on both the sliders one can achieve the logarithmic value or the complex calculations done through the device.

The Caliper Slide View MKII has a convenient system for calculation of various numbers. The slide system is most convenient for the use of unit conversion calculations. All you have to do is simply set the first slider at a specific position according to the need of the conversion and you can read the respective or corresponding values with the second slider to complete the calculations. The device has printed constant values for better unit calculations on the back plate of the watch. The prints are high quality and do not fade away with time. The Caliper Slide View MKII saves a lot of time of the user as compared to the normal way of calculation and is very convenient if you have to do repetitive multiplications or division by a same number.

The MKII of the product introduces a quartz movement system powered by a Lithium Ion Battery as compared to the mechanical movement in the first Caliper Slide model. The markings engraved on the sliders have a bezel curve which rotates inward at the edges. This gives the company more space for marking even accurate numbers on the sliders providing even precise values to the users in their calculations.

The Caliper Slide View MKII comes in 3 models. These models are marked BST, OST and OBL. The BST and OBL models have a Black Dial while the OST model has a White Dial. The BST model has Blue second hand and the other two have Orange. Same can be seen in Strap designs. All the models have leather straps with Blue stitches for the BST model and Orange stitches for the other two. While these features all the devices have a few things in common. The device all include Mineral Crystal Scratch Resistant glass and Swiss Ronda quartz movement providing a 5 year battery life. The devices are Water resistant to 5 atmospheres and all have a similar Steel Case other than the OBL model which has a Black IP Steel Case. All the models have a Super Luminova Lume except for the OST model.

Plans For Launch


The Caliper Slide View MKII was launched by the Caliper Timepieces Inc. in June 2020. The launch was in the form of a Kickstarter Campaign by the company which is to be funded until 9th July 2020. However, the company reached its funding goal on 28th June itself successfully with the help of the vast support from the people all around the world. After the successful completion of its product campaign, the company is set to go to the mass production stage for the Caliper Slide View MKII and is set to deliver the finished product to its backers all around the world as soon as possible.

Company Details

The Caliper Slide View MKII is developed and designed by Caliper Timepieces Inc. The Caliper Timepieces Inc. have been making these types of watches for a while now. Starting from the first Caliper Slide, that the company developed in 2017 and successfully delivered it to its backers in 2018, the company had just kept on improving their technology and by that, have been reaching more and more number of people all across the globe. The Incorporation is famous for the innovation and technology they put in the making of their products to make them convenient and easy to use at the same time as being handy and capable. The Company aims to provide the people with the best quality products possible no matter where they are.

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