CARBO Ultra Light Folding E-Bike Weights Just 13Kg & Runs At 25-32 KM/h

CARBO, The World's Lightest Folding Electric Bike -3
  • CARBO is the world’s lightest electric bike.
  • CARBO can monitor your speed and your battery level and how far you traveled.
  • CARBO is fully adjustable and fully equipped to your height.

Electric bikes becoming the latest technology to be used, the companies are competing one another with their models and designs, the CARBO is the world’s lightest electric bike with its ground breaking design starting at 13Kg weight with exceptional performance as powerful as eBikes and twice the weight and go further full electric and maximum speed which is 34 km/h for the 350W motor and 25-32 km/h for 250w motor with the USB port to charge devices when you need them and go on.

Detailed Features


1. This eBike offers you the outstanding functionality with the powerful smart screen with minimal simplistic design the CARBO screen has everything you need.
2. You can monitor your speed and your battery level and how far you traveled with 4 level of pedal assistant choose how much assistance you need, there are also additional features like the walking mode and the Bluetooth connectivity.
3. This eBike is fully adjustable and fully equipped to your height, simply adjust your sear and post your stem and ride in perfect comfort.

4. It comes with the folding stem at the steering and there is a front light at the front bottom near tire so that your ride will become very safe to in the dark also.
5. There is also a rear light available in this one and you can give signals to the people who are back for you, there is removable Samsung battery which is integrated in the seat post.
6. There are hydraulic disc brakes for this bike and there are Brushless motor and the carbon fibre Japanese mesh at the centre rod of the bike.

7. They have used the brushless motor which is quite durable and most powerful to make the eBike moves faster and the carbon fibre frame which makes this one as the great since its lightweight and the toughness, Its Ultra lightweight and 8 times stronger than Aluminium.
8. You can fold your CARBO eBike in less than 10 seconds just push the seat post down and fold the handler stem and push the button to fold and that’s all it’s done.
9. There are CARBO airports, because CARBO’s seat pole battery is so small, it will be soon allowed on carry on for flight so you can actually ride to the airport and ride home if you are travelling light.

10. They are saving weight in a few places here without skipping the features, the bike geometry and folding nature helps this one to get into a carry bag easily and can be carried away.



  • Models – CARBO Model C, CARBO Model S, CARBO Model X
  • Given Motor : 250W For All Models
  • Pedal Assistant : Yes (0-4 Level Assistant) Yes (0-4 Level Assistant) Yes (0-4 Level Assistant)
  • Throttle : Yes(optional) Yes(optional) Yes(optional)
  • Sensor Technology : Single speed chain Shimano 7 speed chain Carbon Belt
    Sensor technology Speed (Torque Optional) Speed (Torque optional) Speed + torque
    Brakes Tektro Mechanical Tektro Hydraulic Tektro Hydraulic
  • Battery : 36V 7Ah and 36V 9Ah
  • Range : Up to 65Km 20-40 km and 30-50 Km
  • Weight : 13.2 Kg 13.9Kg 12.9 Kg

Out of Box

Out of the box you will get the Bike which is folded and the LCD screen along with the charger and the batteries, there are also accessories available separately, you can buy them if you want and you can add them along with the Bike.


The major cons to speak about this mode bikes are the speed only since it is the lightweight they have to cut down the motor speed while the other bikes at this segment offer you more speed since no one has time to go slow and all need to be faster in the running world.


There are three models available in this CARBO.

  • Version one is the CARBO Model x which is priced at $1,899 (Rs 1, 40,500).
  • The another one is the Active cyclist CARBO model which is $1600 (Rs 1, 18,400).
  • The last one is the new cyclist model which is class Model c priced at $1500 (Rs 1, 11,000).

Plan for Launch

This CARBO e-Bike prototype was made, built and made available to all the user in the market in 2019.

About Company

This eBike is developed by the company called Ridecarbo, which is engineered to be operated without any learning curve, while at the same time being lightweight and foldable for easy transportation, they also said that part of the issue with the e-Bike is that they can seem intimidating for a specific type of riders. But they designed it for everyone with folding it within 10 seconds. Additionally, the bike is easy to upgrade or service all components are designed for quick release. Making this process more efficient.