Capture Pocket: Small 4K Gimbal Camera Fits In Your Pocket

Capture Pocket Hero

Gimbal is very popular Camera holding tool for professional level video capturing with sports cameras, smartphones. While the gimbal exists as a camera accessories only in market, FUNSNAP recently launched Capture Pocket. The Capture Pocket is basically a Gimbal Camera. This is a 4K supported smart camera which has fitted with Gimbal by default option. This makes them very unique proposition in the sports camera market.


This device was invented to fulfil the gap of disadvantages for the users when they use the normal gimbal and the problems with the portability it encounters. This pocket gimbal camera offers the 4k recording without any extra fitting of the devices with gimbal. Offers an extraordinary features likes voice commands and mechanical stabilization and dual speakers. Dual microphones for clear audio with external mic support and Ambarella H22 S85 chip for sharp shooting video experience and it have a touch screen functionality to adjust the camera setting to its User choice unlike any other gimbal cannot provide.


Pocket Capture Key Features


The general concept of the gimbal is to make the video stable with a device (holding) that holds the mobile phones and any other video recording devices according to the size. Generally phone gimbals have the 3-axis stabilization which means that you can easily tilt in any of the x,y,z direction easily but the video will be stable.The button at the middle is used to offer the 1800(degrees) orientation. So that you can take selfies and switch to selfie mode easily with in around 1.5 sec. But these type of gimbals can hold only mobile phones. But these gimbals are very expensive. And we have buy them separately. Along with the video recording devices like  (mobiles,cameras etc). They are hard to carry along with the devices and cannot be carried to location wherever we go. There are camera holding gimbals also available in the market which why CAPTURE POCKET supports the DSLR cams and but these are to be handled with two arms for photography and as Well in the video department. The are also Many other gimbals available in the market they have the tripod mode. But, the FUNSNAP used their creativity to solve the problem with merging the two hardwares with Camera and Gimbal in single form factor.


  •  Miniature sizeThe size matters a lot for a gimbal for its portability nature and which makes it take a look after it.This pocket size gimbal provides a handy feature and fit in the pocket and can be carried easily anywhere.
  • Camera – The sensor used in the camera was sony IMX 378 which is also used in the google pixel phones.The techonology used in this sensor was CMOS.
    • Resolution:- 4056 X 3040. Which produces the 12.33 megapixel(MP) output
    • The pixel size is 1.55  μm
    • You can record the video in 4K 60 FPS
    • This sensor integrated with the microprocessor
    • Can shoot the slow-Mo Videos
    • It has an wide angle up to 81.60  field of view
    • And the camera comes with an aperture of  f1.8 which can take the good pics even in the low light.
  •  Voice Control – Apart from the regular features of a normal camera .This pocket cameras featured with voice recognition with AI and machine learning ,that you can click any pics even in a short span with voice commands ,You can even modify the commands according to your needs like an assistant it can easily follows your command.
  •  Wireless Connection – You can store the captured moments easily into your phone without any physical connection using the Wi-Fi. It shares the videos and photos instantly into your device.
  •  1/4 ” Thread hole –  This supports to attach other attachments to the device according to your needs like tripod stand and you can even attach it to skateboard when you skate. The accessories can be attached at the bottom of the camera.
  •   External Mic – You can even attach the external mic to the device provided on the side. And go with the crystal clear sound in the video department.
  • Time Lapse – It has the time lapse feature that shoot the nature moments and remains you a wonderful moments in your life.
  • Quick Roll – Some  are very important moments to capture in that situation this quick roll help you to turn into the selfie mode in a bliss of seconds so that you cant miss the moment that you want to capture.
  • Dual Microphones – This device offers us Dual Microphones at front and at the bottom, No matter how you hold the device it will have a clear input.
  • Touch Screen – You will be visualize the video on the screen itself while recording itself and you can change the settings of the cameras like shutter speed and ISO and brightness etc.
  • External Storage – You can ever think about the storage problem, This device supports the external memory slot up to 256GB more than a lot for the photographer to take the moments.


This device is launched at the price $129(USD) and all other combos like with memory cards and Phone holder accordingly the price varies . This Is quite thinking price because no others video recording devices cannot offer you to take 4k with all these features at this lowest price range. Will it be able to resist when it dropped and they didn’t revealed the protection for the cameras against the scratches, With which glass it is protected against.  However this is only for the first 100 orders and the price increases to $169 when the first 100 sets have been sold.


FUNSNAP doesn’t mention the durability of the motors that was used in the device so that how many minimum flips and rotation it can do. Now a days the charging time was very concise even having the USB Type C port there is no details about the fast charging with AMBARELLA H22 which is built on 14nm technology. While the other processors at 14nm supports fast charging.


  • Dimensions – 142*34*25 mm
  • Weight – 150g
  • Stabilization – Mechanical + EIS
  • Battery – Lipo
  • Battery Capacity – 1100 mah
  • Last Longer – 150 mins (1080p 30fps)
  • Charging Time – 60 min(5v/2A)
  • Camera Sensor – Sony IMX378, 1/2.3” CMOS, Effective Pixel 12MP
  • Camera Lens – FOV: 81.60 F1.8 Format Equivalent:25mm
  • Main Processor – Amballera H22
  • Video Resolution – Quad HD resolution
  • Max image size – 4000*3000
  • Video Format – MP4
  • Photo Format – JPEG


Capture Pocket is created and modelled by Jason Long (CEO) of the Funsnap company and founder.The main motto of the company is Snap every movement with fun. The name of the company reveals It self. It was founded in the year 2016 and which uses the advanced tech to artifact’s new devices .They also uses the AI In their devices to make it motto fulfilled and enjoyed by its users.They created products like gimbal and drones for its users which have the AI capabilities in every devices. They already launched the two gimbals Three axis gimbal and Handheld gimbal.These two are the same like we discussed above the first gimbal offers the three axis stabilization and the second one offers the handheld stabilization. Though they are inexpensive they have the same disadvantage as we discussed above. The company was located in china.