Capri E-bike – Vintage Style with Modern Tech


bikes are becoming a new trend now. The Capri e-bikes has designed a new e-bike and launched their pre-order campaign. The design of the completely unique and looks like vintage style of 70s. But the technology and component they are equipped with modern of 21st century. The company is based on Spain, and they are going to manufacture this e-bike entirely from Europe. Capri Bikes is already a well known brand for European style bikes. They have already sold more than 25,000 units in last 10 years. Their journey was started with The all components are imported from within Europe like from Germany, Italy, France.

Key Highlights

Unique Feel. The design can be easily customizable and you can adapt your personality and style with the design.

Vintage Style. The bikes base design to feel you back to 70’s design of french bikes.

Electric but not so visible. The speed you can get like the e bikes but the electronic things hidden in clever manner. No one can even guess you are riding a e bike.

Lightweight. Unlike other e-bikes in the market the weight of this bike is very low, you can easily carry it.

Technical Specifications

1. Battery : 33V, 6,8 Ah, 40KM of autonomy in just 1.16Kg.
2. Running Distance : 40 KM of autonomy.
3. Weight : 1.16Kg.
4. Motor : 250W Rear Hub Motor,
5. Speed : 25Km/h max speed.
6. Assistant Levels : 5
7. Display : Discreet Battery Autonomy and assistant level display.
8. Material : Steel high quality Tig
9. Wheels : High polished double wall aluminum weinnman.