Candle Touch Effortless Smart Connected Real Flame Candle

Smart real flame candle which light up without any external lighting tools.

Candle Touch

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  • Candle Touch is the world first app lighting real flame scented candle which can lit up to 40 hours without any external lighting tools.
  • Candle Touch App can light up to 10 candles simultaneously and Candle Touch comes with the replaceable wax refills which comes with 9 different fragrance.
  • Candle Touch App has the remainder to put off the light and password protected to prevent the unauthorized users from accessing Candle Touch.


Creating fire is not an easy task from ages when all this started from the rocks and then lighters and match stick. Either one way or another there is trouble in burning the hands when lightning the candle. Candle Touch revolutionized the candle user experience by creating a sleek and beautiful candle that can be lit from your smartphone. Candle Touch Screw-on design inside the candle base make easy to replace the wax when needed or when choosing a different fragrance.

With the Candle Touch the whole approach to candle lightning has changed which supports the IoT standard for making the great things to happen. Candle Touch offers you’re the hand free lightning experience and no harm while lighting the real flame candle with the single touch. Each candle can burn up to 40 hours and you can light 10 candles simultaneously right from your app to create a pleasant environment in your home while preparing dinners or lunch make them special with the traditional aroma.

You can even change the fragrance of the candle while lighting up and helps you to spread the delightful smell all around your home from the 9 different flavors.

Problem Solving By This Product


Candle Touch is the revolutionized smart real flame candle which light up without any external lighting tools from the Candle Touch App.

Candle Touch real flame candle is safe and prevent burns while lit up the candle and easy to use without match or lighter. The Candle Touch comes with the scented natural coconut wax which is reusable.

Candle Touch real flame candle comes with 9 different scent fragrance to be chosen according to your preference and the candle which long last for 40 hours of continuous usage.

The Candle Touch App controls the candle can light up to 10 candles simultaneously from the app and the wax refills are replaceable for the Candle Touch.

Candle Touch remote technology which will be great for wedding venues, wall design and other decorative events which creates pleasurable mood. Using Candle Touch is very simple and put off the light by covering the top of the wick.

The Candle Touch App provide reminders to turn the candle off and password protected which helps in preventing the unauthorized users using the Candle Touch.

Detailed Specification

Candle Touch is the world’s first real flame candle which can be controlled right from your smartphone with the App. Candle Touch is a scented candle which will lit up magically with the single tap.

Candle Touch light is the next level of revolutionary technology which offers you all the benefits of a scented candle which will be used for celebration, spiritual purposes and pleasant moods for dinners and relax your mind with the calming fragrance.

Candle Touch is very easy to use no match stick or lighter need to turn the lit on, the Candle Touch App is need to work on which is compatible with both Android & iOS and easy to use simply installing the app and choosing the candle and then press on.

The Candle Touch App can manage and can operate 10 Candle simultaneously at a time and the Candle Touch has the replaceable wax refills by removing the bottom screw and then replace the wax refills.

Each Candle Touch can burn up to 40 hours when they are refilled with the new wax and comes with the scented natural coconut wax and it is very simple to put off the fire by simply placing the cover on top of the wick.

There are 9 varieties of scents fragrance available for the Candle Touch they are Green Tea & Lemongrass, Avocado & Mint, Amber & Clove, Grapefruit & Cardamom, Guava & Red current, Lime & Grapefruit, white tea & Ginger, Wild Fig & Cassis, Black Amber & Oak you can pick your own choice.

You don’t need external tools for lighting the candle and no harm while lighting the candle the Candle Touch App has the reminder feature so that you can put off the fire when no need and there is password feature to protect the unauthorized users to lit the candle.

This candle Touch real flame candle is available in three different color variants they are silver, white and black. There are also limited editions Carbon and Wood.

Candle Touch real flame scented candle with the reusable base is priced at 49$ for early bird sale and 89$ with a pack of three scented candles.

Plan For Launch

This idea of the candle flame is started in the year 2015 September to combine the ancient tradition of the candle light with the revolution of technology with the trial and error approach in the year 2015 October. The patents for the candle flame is filed for the first real flame candle by an App in December 2015 and web submit is done in June 2016 with the initial app program started in September 2017 for the Candle Touch while the independent lab reviews are made in January 2018 for safety standard and the Candle chip with the full program is installed in the prototype.

The production run for the Candle Touch is started in September 2019 with the finalized materials and the launch for the product in online platform in February 2020 with the sipping in later quarters of the year 2020.

Company Details

This Real Flame candle controlled by the App is developed by the company called Candle Touch which is an Israeli technology company with developing this real flame candle for more than 3 years. Their innovative technology solves the human problems with the unique design and high-quality materials to create a app controllable smart world for the customers. Moshe Lev is the Founder and Inventor of the company, Tal Malka as the CFO and Investor for the company while Roy Shkoury is the co-founder of the company.

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