BULO Intelligent Breath Health Assistant

Increases your lung capacity, endurance and strength and train you with curated exercise in today’s polluted world.


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  • BULO helps you to find capacity and age of your lungs within 6 seconds of breathing by measuring airflow every 10ms interval through the mesh filter for accurate tracking.
  • BULO helps to increase your capacity, endurance and muscle strength of your lungs with healthier lifestyle habits by tracking your progress.
  • BULO will last longer for 20 days and comes with detachable Mouthpiece that need low maintenance and made with non-toxic material.


One of the most important exercise that we do without even realizing is breathing however in today society your lungs are getting affected heavily by unhealthy personal habits or environmental pollution but it is almost impossible to monitor your lungs on daily basis.

BULO is your personalized breathing training assistant placed below mouth and breathe out for just 6 seconds then BULO tells age of your lungs along with your maximum air capacity and tracks your daily progress based on the collected data BULO suggests customized breathing exercises which you can make your part as daily routine.

With BULO you can notice the difference that the device can make on your daily activities that rely on proper breathing for active lifestyle, athletes, artists and mediators. BULO is crafted from non-toxic materials which needs super low maintenance with detachable & washable mouthpiece and extremely compact so that you can always keep that without on the go. Breathe Better with BULO will last longer for 20 days with 30 minutes of usage daily and comes with 3000mAh battery which takes 4 hours to completely charge itself.

Problem Solving By This Product


BULO helps you in increasing your lung capacity, endurance and strength and will train you with curated exercise in today’s polluted world by keeping tracking of your progress daily and suggesting you the healthier lifestyle exercises.

BULO is perfect for your professional athletes, people with active lifestyle, musicians & dances and many more. BULO will analyze you breathe within 6 seconds to tell your lung capacity and age of your lungs.

With the help of BULO you can increase your lung capacity which helps in cardiovascular activities such as running, swimming and playing physical games and boost your lungs endurance with long term aerobic exercises such are singing and strengthen your lung muscles with daily activities that require focusing.

BULO is simple to use just hold the device in your mouth and exhale and measure your breathing activity every 10ms by connecting over Bluetooth to your smartphone and suggest you good exercises.

BULO is compact & tiny breathing assistant that can be used anywhere with the portable design and made with non-toxic material. BULO needs low maintenance as the Mouthpiece is detachable and washable.

BULO stores the collected data and analyze them for better exercise suggestions and comes with 3000mAh battery that long last for 20 day with 1/2 hour of daily use and can be fully charged in 4 hours with USB-C port.

Detailed Specification


BULO is your personal and intelligent trainer which analyze you breathe and helps you in monitoring your lung capacity along with your lungs age within 6 seconds.

BULO optimizes the maximum amount of oxygen on your body can use to improve your performance in other activities which involves breathing such as running, swimming, dancing and playing tennis.

BULO will boost your lung endurance in today’s world which fully consist of contaminated air and pollution. BULO work on the ability to use and control lungs for extended period of time and long-term aerobic exercises such as cross-country and biking, singing and playing instruments.

With the BULO app and the you need to just breath into BULO for 6 seconds that collects the air through the air filter mesh and process the data which gives your lung age and the capacity of your lungs so that you can keep track on your health by knowing how much air you are taking.

BULO also helps in strengthen your lung muscles by regulating your breathing so that you can optimize the level of attention and train your lung muscle to improve your attention performance and daily activities that require focus including meditation, studying and working.

You can use BULO anytime & anywhere with the unique compact design and crafted with non-toxic material and portable to anywhere. BULO will be your breathing training assistant.

BULO measure the airflow at every 10ms interval of time when you breath and uses the Bluetooth connectivity to connect over app and comes with the magnetic detachable mouthpiece which need low maintenance and easily washable.

BULO allows your track your progress weekly, monthly and yearly and with the collected BULO also suggest you the exercise which increase the lung capacity and trains you harder and helps to adopt healthier lifestyle habits.

BULO has the LED indicator that tells you when your device is connected and comes with 3000mAh battery which last long for 20 days with 30 minutes of usage per day and has USB-C port to be recharged within 4 hours.

BULO Intelligent breath trainer assistant is priced at 84$ for super early bird sale and 99$ for early bird sale. The Mouthpiece detachable accessory is priced at 4$.

Plan For Launch


The idea of the BULO is started in Samsung hackathon in March 2017 and the first prototype is developed in November 2017 and the product is launched in CES 2018 and the in October 2018 spin off and then launched in online platforms in April 2020. The mass production of the product will start in June 2020 and will be shipped in later quarters of the year 2020.

Company Details

This BULO Personal breath assistance is developed by the company called Breathings and created by the Samsung employee. Inpyo Lee is the CEO of the company who has 6 years of experience in Samsung Electronics and the company started in 2018 after the invention of BULO in the hackathon and the launch event of the product in CES with the incubation center C-Lab in Samsung electronics. This company is started as startup company and selected as first penguin company by KODIT.

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