Bullet Tiny and Small Key-Chain Ultimate SSD

Smallest high capacitive SSD which can fit on your key chain.

Bullet Tiny and Small Key-Chain Ultimate SSD

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  • Bullet SSD is the smallest portable high capacity with USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 which is universally compatible with devices like smartphone, laptops, PlayStation and camera.
  • Bullet SSD has the high storage capacity of 1 or 2 TB with faster data rate transfer of 500Mb/s to transfer even bigger files faster & quicker.
  • Bullet SSD is made with high quality aerospace aluminum and IP67 waterproof to keep your valuable things safer all the time.


There are many SSD and HDD available in the market but they are bulky and need a cable to be carried along with them when we want to connect to another device and when the storage increase as well as the weight and size and comes with poor data transfer rate even when they are expensive. Bullet SSD is the smallest High Capacitive SSD which can fit on your key chain that can be connected directly to your smartphone or tablet and even laptops, desktops, camera and PlayStation.

Bullet SSD comes with higher data transfer rate of 500MB/s which make sure that your work is completed in seconds even it may the biggest file and comes in two different variants of 1TB and 2TB storage.

Bullet SSD is protected with the graphene heat shield so that your SSD will not get the heat over long period of usage which affects the transfer rate and comes with USB-C 3.2 2nd Generation which is the latest technology.

Bullet SSD with the high capacity storage allows you to capture more shots when connected to the camera and create many edits and also allows you to play more games along with serving the purpose of backup.

With the unique, elegant and compact design you can take the Bullet SSD to anywhere as the SSD comes with USB-C port which is universally compatible and no need to carry the cable with that and made with high quality durable material and IP67 Waterproof.

Problem Solving By This Product


Bullet SSD solves the problem with the traditional SSD drives which are very bulky to carry anywhere you go and need a cable to connect to your Desktop or Laptop.

Bullet SSD comes with USB-C which is compatible with all devices directly no need of using other cables to connect to your devices like laptops, desktops, Play Stations and cameras.

Bullet SSD can be used as EDC item by locking that to your keychain to carry without wherever you are while keeping your data backup up to 2TB. Bullet SSD solves the biggest problem of waiting hours for transferring data between devices with USB 3.2 2nd Gen which offers fastest data transfer speed of up to 500Mb/s so that you can transfer 4K movie in minutes.

Bullet SSD is protected with the heat graphene layer that keeps the SSD to consistently maintain the transfer speed by dissipating the heat quickly.

Bullet SSD is much smaller than the other external devices and made with high quality material of aerospace aluminum to last longer and has IP67 Waterproof rating so that you can even work under water to keep your data safe and secure all the time.

There is also converter so that you can use that converter to even connect to other devices which don’t have USB-C.

Detailed Specification


Bullet SSD is the smallest external high capacity solid state drive which is designed with unique style and ultralight weight with high data speed transfer.

Bullet SSD can be used for everything like creating, playing, backup, boot and capture and that can fit right on your key chain for daily use whenever you want to access all your files instantly.

Bullet SSD is deigned to work with all devices like laptops, tablets, mobile phones, camera and PlayStation having the USB-C which is universally compatible for all devices to use the Bullet SSD.

Bullet SSD is very convenient and powerful device and designed as EDC item with high data speed transfer rate up to 500Mb/s and weighs only 18 grams so you can snap that SSD to your keychain.

Though the Bullet external storage is smaller which is a full-fledged SSD powered by TLC NAND and protected with the heat graphene layers to dissipate heat quickly so that the SSD will maintain the consistent speed of 500Mb/s that can transfer HD movies in seconds and 4K movies in minutes and as the high speed transfer you can directly edit the files from Bullet SSD.

The Bullet SSD might be physically small but has got the high storage capacity of 1TB and 2TB which will be more than sufficient to keep the backup for your valuable data.

Bullet SSD is made with IP67 waterproof rating to protect your precious data even in water and rain and made with single piece of aerospace aluminum which is the most durable material to get your job done. There are also converters from USB-C to A and USB-C to micro USB when you want to connect to the devices which don’t have USB-C.

Bullet SSD with 1TB storage is priced at $149 whereas 2TB SSD is priced at $249. Bullet SSD comes in three different color variants they are Silver, Dark Grey and Orange.

Capacity 1TB / 2TB
Transfer Rate Up to 550 Mb/s
Interface USB-C 3.2 Gen2
Nand Type Micron TLC
Flash Controller SM2258XT
Encryption Software Encryption
Weight 18 grams / 0.75oz
Dimensions 2 x 2/3 x 1/3inch (51 x 16 x 8 mm)
Power consumption Idle 10Mw / R&W 1.7W
Warranty 3 years

Plan For Launch

The idea of the bullet SSD is born in the year 2019 January and the product design with the prototype is started in February 2019 and looking for the sourcing new material started in March 2019 and then the prototype testing is done in May 2019 with the project planning in July 2019. The product is launched in online platforms for funding in November 2019 and the sample test is done in December 2019, the mass production is started in the year February 2020 with the final testing and the product will be shipped to the customer in May 2020.

Company Details

This Bullet SSD is developed by the team with three people, they started as the startup in the digital storage devices industry where Alex Yuen is working as the electronic designer for the SSD and Calvin Leung is the Business expertise. Li Chan is the production consultant in the company.

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