Budnitz Alpha Belt Drive – Low Maintenance Titanium Bicycle

Budnitz Alpha Belt Drive - 2
  • Budnitz Alpha Belt Drive is designed in such a way it needs very low maintenance
  • Budnitz Alpha is designed to ride the city roads easily and for daily places
  • Budnitz Alpha is the world’s best titanium bicycle

Everyone wants a good bicycle to ride them all along the way they go, after years they might get bored with the same and need some changes over it like customization to make it as new one or liked one. What if the Budnitz Alpha makes your dream comes true by bringing all the customization you need to your favorite bicycle that enhance your riding experience with this and equipped with the latest engineering and tailored beauty of the brand, that is designed to fitness and commuting and lot more features.

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Detailed Specifications


  1. The bike is designed in such a way it needs very low maintenance which make the bicycle owners love it all the time and the aerodynamic design make it lightning fast.
  2. This Alpha is designed to ride the city roads easily and for daily places you go and for exercise and joyriding by offering the world class riding experience.
  3. The Alpha frame is very light and give high performance with the usage of cantilever frame geometry in the custom and hydro formed aluminium.
  4. The frame is made paired with the carbon fork for quick and accurate handling experience with the custom internal cable routing and 3D rear dropouts.
  5. All these features make it remarkably lightweight and durable for all the conditions of the road and conditions that a serious rider will encounter on a long trip.
  6. The Alpha is equipped with a trigger-shifting shimano Alfine 8- speed internal gear hub with 307% gear range, you can even upgrade to 11 without any extra weight that’s why it’s called customizable.
  7. The Gates Carbon drive used in the gear box is very smooth while pedaling and quite silent not like the other bicycles making sounds.
  8. The chain in the bicycles will get rusted or loose, but the chain used in this bicycle will last twice as long as a traditional chain, so that it never leaks the grease unlike other ones.
  9. This is the world’s best titanium bicycle that is made customizable for each one those who hassle to use grease.
  10. There are many customization available for this bicycle to make the user experience awesome like you can change the frame of the color to any of your liking or any customizable color.
  11. You can also change 8 speed to 11 speed or even 14 speed Rohloff speed hub which is the widest gear range of any internal gearing system but need some maintenance.
  12. You can also add the handlebars and shift to the titanium flat bar and titanium seat post, you can even change the brakes which uses the mineral oil and more efficient than the stock brakes.
  13. There is an option to change the saddle of the bicycle to Brooks B17 Black leather or Honey leather that fits most riders comfortably that are most durable.
  14. Alpha uses the Marathon racer 35C tires by default which are opt for speed and perfect for long distance, now you can change them to Little Ben cream 40C. Likewise you can change pedals and fenders, you can even add the ABUS Mini U-lock security by paying them.
  15. They are providing 10 Year Guarantee for this Alpha model even when you got any part damaged then you can simply exchange it for the new ones.
  16. They are also providing the 100 Miles free trail to choose this model so that you get to know the comfort and riding experience when you drive it.
  17. There is 12 months wheel to Wheel warranty provided by the company along with the theft protection.




  • Measurements : Small, Medium, Large.
  • Gear Box : 8 speed Shimano Alfine
  • Frame : Aluminium
  • Colours : All colours /Customizable
  • Drivetrain Gates  : Carbon Drive Belt
  • Handlebar : Budnitz  Alloy Flat Bar
  • Brakes : Hydraulic Disk Brakes
  • Saddle  : Budnitz Ultralight Saddle
  • Grips :  Budnitz Response Ergonomic Grips
  • Tires  : Marathon Racer 35C
  • Pedals  : Composite Street pedals

Out of Box

Out of the box you will get the Alpha belt Drive bicycle and warranty cards along with it.


The major con in this one bicycle are the security features unlike the other bikes offering in this price segment, there is no water resistant and rust resistant certificates listed for this model. Even though you will get the top graded material built for this one, when lacking the features like theft security and smart features like the locking system as well as the tracking system are missing.

You have to use this as a traditional one it has been two years old now you may get the latest model from their company. There is theft protection but they didn’t mention any subscription for that need to be paid. There are also many customization available for this bicycle but they are too expensive.


This Alpha is priced at $2250 (Rs 1, 66,500) which is very high, though this bike is customisable. Though they are providing 10 years Guarantee and 100 Mile Trail for this model.

Plan for Launch

This Alpha bicycle is made launched and made available in the market by year 2018 March.

About Company


This bicycle is developed by the company called Budnitz, they only make beautiful products that are tends to be prefect and designed for long-life. They believe owning very small things make them happy towards environmental sustainability. Their Bicycle studios are located along the waterfront in Burlington Vermont.

Their company is founded in 2010 by Paul Budnitz with the mission of creating world class performance bicycles for daily use. They only produce a few hundred products in a year, this will allow them to customize every bicycle they have built. They have centuries of old-history for producing home made products.