Brompton B75 City Folding Bike Can Be Folded Within 10 Seconds

Perfect bicycle for city riding.

  • Brompton B75 has the classic M style handlebar which offers you the great comfort while riding the bike in cities and with the new folding mechanism B75 can be folded tightly less than under 10 seconds.
  • Brompton B75 has 44 chain teeth with 3 speed shift gears which allows you to uphill the bike easily without any struggle.
  • Brompton is customizable and made with the robust steel frame all from Brompton which is durable and lightweight.

Foldable bike is really awesome with their compactness and to be stored anywhere with any worried of the losing them when you are at café or in office.
Brompton B75 foldable bicycle is very light which is a perfect bicycle for city riding which can be foldable and fit into a tightest of living spaces and always ready to get unfolded when you need within a quick glance.

The classis M type handler design in the Brompton B75 which offers great comfort for the city riders, Brompton B75 is packed with the robust 3 speed gears with less maintenance making the bike doesn’t stopped by anything.

Brompton B75 City Folding Bike-1

The water eye blue color of the Brompton B75 is eye catching and stylish in look more than ever with the same durable frame made in London Brompton factory with well finished and innovative design.

Brompton B75 has the 30 degrees elevated brake lever gear triggers made with plastic, you can simply fold the bike in a second and take along with you all the way you go I trains and explore the cities.

Problem Solving By This Product


Brompton B75 can be folded tightly in only 10 seconds without any magnets with the new locking mechanism and can be carried along with you to cafes or in trains with the light weight and compact design to place in even the tightest living places and protect against thefts.

Brompton B75 has the new classis M type handle raised upwards to offers great comfort while riding the bike and the 3-shift speed gear with the 44 chain teeth allows you even go up hill areas without much efforts.

Brompton is designed with the steel robust frame which makes the bike lightweight and most durable and the marathon tires are puncture resistant which are idle for city rides.

Brompton B75 is not like the previous version, fully customizable with carriages, mudguards and backlights and with the innovative design with the water blue color is eye catching.

You can also carry the Brompton B75 along with you in traveling so you no need to pay for can from train station or airport if your home is near replacing them with the Brompton B75 ride will save your money.

Detailed Features

Brompton B75 is the all the way new in design with the robust steel frame from the Brompton which is prefect to be cycled in cities with very easy to be folded in less than 10 seconds.

Brompton B75 handler bar grip has the slide on grip texture with the high raised handler bar named after M type handlebar which offers the great comfort while riding the bicycle, Brompton B75 has the older Brompton styled brakes along with the older style 3 speed shifter which are not integrated as in the Brompton Standard folding bike.


The Brompton B75 uses the older bronze colored brake calipers and comes with the standard marathon race tires and don’t have mudguards however they can be installed and customizable. The Brompton B75 pedals are made with plastic which cannot be folded.

The chain ring of the Brompton B75 has 44 tooth chain ring which gives you lower gearing making easier to go up hill, while the B75 has the generic saddle and comes with a standard seat post attachment that gives you less adjustment with the extended length seat post with adjustable heights.

Brompton B75 has the white suspension box for the back wheel with three speed Sturmy Archer standard ratio speed hub offers you the great comfort in riding and speed.


Brompton B75 is 23×22.2×10.6 inches which makes the B75 to be brought into trains, buses, taxis and restaurants anywhere you need. Brompton has the best folding mechanism that is not in the market for other bicycles which make B75 to be folded in under 10 seconds and unlike the other bicycles Brompton doesn’t uses the magnets to fold, uses the secure locking mechanism to be in the folded shape tightly.

Brompton B75 is designed and made with the hand brazed material in London in their factory and using the steel frame as the standard material from Brompton make this B75 affordable and the main cool thing about the B75 is fully customizable with the Brompton accessories like fenders, lights at both front & back along with the carrier blocks.

Model & Price

This Brompton Foldable Bike is available in only one color that is Water Blue and priced at $921.


  • Edition: Brompton B75
  • Handlebar Type: Classic M type (1015)
  • Gears: 3 Speed Shift gears
  • Frame type: E type (no fenders, no rack)
  • Frame material: Steel
  • Main frame color: Water Blue
  • Extremities color: Water Blue
  • Gear ratio –12% gearing as standard
  • Saddle: B75 saddle
  • Seat post: Extended (inside led 33 – 35 inches)
  • Lighting: Reflectors only
  • Tires: Brompton tires
  • Pedals: Non folding pedals made with plastic
  • Dimensions: Folded: 22.2x23x10.6 inches
  • Weight: 11.6 Kg

Plan For Launch

This Brompton B75 foldable bike is made available to the market in April 2019 after the changes in design and manufacturing process at the Brompton factory London after the previous model release of the standard Boston bike with slight modifications in the parts and color.

Company Details

This Folding Bike B75 is developed by the company called Brompton, the company is making over 45,000 bikes per year with their unique designs and the first folding Bike was designed and built by Andrew Ritchie in London. Brompton changes the people’s life style with their products by increasing the people sense of freedom and making the people mind to think about the Brompton when they want swing across the cities. Each Bike will be made in London factory with the hard-brazed skilled craftsmen making each bike incredibly tough and unique. Brompton employees are technically advanced in research and development with clear vision of designing useful and innovative Bike every time.