Bosch Kiox On-Board E-Bike Computer With IoT Enabled Features

Bosch Kiox
  • Bosch Kiox helps you stay connected while you are on the move
  • Bosch Kiox can record your trips and save them for your future reference
  • Bosch Kiox is durable, reliable and very easily accessible

With 10 years of experience with e-bikes, Bosch has come with an on-board computer named “Kiox” that transforms your regular bike to a smart e-bike experience providing for related data and analytics that can help you shape the way of your professional and amateur fitness and biking journey as you like.

The Kiox helps you stay connected while you are on the move. It can perform a variety of functions ranging from recording your entire trip to storing your riding related data accessible through the compatible smartphone app to showing latest weather updates. It is the smart companion you have been looking for your e-bike rides, and given it is from the house of Bosch is sure to catch your eyeballs.

Bosch Kiox

Problem Solved By This Product

All kinds of data keeping related to your biking experience can be accessed through the Kiox and the smartphone app. It can record your trips and save them for your future reference. Moreover, updates like that on weather, your current speed and other important information are now just a tap away.

The Kiox is built to be tough and rough for various biking environment it can be in. It is durable, reliable and very easily accessible. Now, you don’t have to install half-functioning devices and phone apps to keep track of your e-bike experience.

Detailed Description

Bosch Kiox Ebike

The Kiox is a coming of age product from Bosch. From its build to its functionality, it is one of the most efficient and robust devices available with an extensive list of features associated with it.

1. Design and Operation: The Kiox is a compact and an easy fit on the e-bike handle bar. The holder is magnetic in nature for a better hold and is integrally mounted on the steam or handle as stated giving it a neat and clean look. The 1.9” color display is a bright, readable under sunlight kind of display and has been designed to adapt to the lighting condition.
The glass is scratch and damage resistant to rough those terrains using your bikes. The additional remote control allows safe operation and access to the functions of the Kiox. It contains distinct and tactile pressure enabled buttons.

2. Connectivity and Mobile App: The Kiox and the respective mobile app are connected to each other via Bluetooth. The riding data enabled with GPS tracking can be viewed on the app and the online portal and is auto synchronous via Bluetooth. Moreover, heart rate monitors can also be connected with the Kiox via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to enhance your training data input. The e Bike Connect app is available on Google play store and Apple app store and is of great help to evaluate own activities and settings.

3. Headlight: The light attached at the top of the Kiox can be turned on using the dedicated button. This is a very important feature for those riding on dark or dim trails.


4. USB Port: Devices like your smartphone, smartwatch can be recharged using this port. The Kiox is powered by a dual battery setup with indicators on the display which also displays their discharge behavior overtime.

5. Walk assistance: It is a 2-level function that is useful to push the e Bike at speeds up to 6 kmph with luggage or while overcoming obstacles.

6. Service and maintenance: It automatically tell you when the service is due and you can simply update the latest software on the Kiox via the USB port. It also has feature that measures the wheel size setting of the bike and allows high precision replacement of a tyre.

7. Language Support: The Kiox is well versed in several language like German, English, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Swedish and Portuguese. You can simply set it to your liking in the settings.

8. In the Box: The Kiox, Remote Control, cable and screws.
9. Dimensions: 5 x 4 x 1 inches weighing 1.1 pounds.
10. Riding Modes:

a. Turbo: Powerful support for those rough terrains and fierce competition.
b. Sport or eMTB: For fast commutes and sport rides in city traffic.
c. Tour: For long range rides.
d. Eco: Maximum efficiency for longest range.
e. Off: No support though all on board functions work as intended.

Bosch Kiox Ebike

Plan for Launch

The Kiox was launched by Bosch in the year 2019. It is available at every major eBike dealer now. Also, it is available at Amazon for about $ 293 or 247 pounds.
You can read about it in detail here:

Company Details

The German Technology giant, Bosch was founded on 15 November 1886 about 133 years ago. It is also known as Robert Bosch GmbH after the founder of the company. It is headquartered at Gerlingen, Germany. They specialize in Automotive parts, power tools, security systems, home appliances, engineering, electronics, cloud computing, IoT.
It is currently headed by Volkmar Denner (CEO), Michael Bolle (CTO, CDO). It has an operating income of 5.5 billion Euros and a net Revenue 78.5 billion Euros.


The Kiox from Bosch is a coming of the age product for keeping track of your riding activity on an e-bike. The product is compact and robust with an anti-glare screen showing all the essential data points. The compatible app helps you keep track of your previous rides and associated details. The seamless connectivity between the device and the app is of great help in regular data update.

The Kiox is a great tool for professional and amateur riders alike, from providing over all data overview to exciting new features like walk assistance, distance measurement of wheel size, multilingual support, service alert, dual battery support with charging capability for external device etc. The remote coupled with the device has tactile buttons for easy operation.

So, given the price point and the functionalities associated with it, the Kiox is a great product for e-bikers and is sure to lure the enthusiasts given the name of Bosch backing it. It will be interesting to see how this simple looking product can bring about a change in the riding patterns of a rider.