Boompods Aquablaster Rugged Alexa Enabled Smart Bluetooth Speaker

  • Boompods Aquablaster-does not need a constant Wi-Fi connection
  • Boompods Aquablaster-allows you to enjoy your music loud and clear
  • Boompods Aquablaster-makes a very useful music device to listen

People enjoy the services of the Artificial Intelligence in their daily life. One of the most popular of these AI assistants being Amazon’s Alexa. Although Alexa has been available to its users for a long time, it always needed a power supply and a Wi-Fi network to be able to take commands.

The Boompods Aquablaster provides its users with the flexibility they need as in addition to being able to provide great music quality and loudness, it also enables its user with the facilities of Alexa AI assistant from anywhere the user wants. The Boompods Aquablaster does not need a constant Wi-Fi connection as it can be easily connected over Bluetooth with any phone and just like that be used to play music while taking advantage of Alexa from anywhere.


Problem Solving by the Product

People like to listen to music everywhere. From parks to showers to morning walks, they always want to take their music with them. Although many of the times they cannot because most of the speakers they have are not that portable or require constant power source to be working.

The Boompods Aquablaster allows you to enjoy your music loud and clear from anywhere you are. It can easily be connected via Bluetooth to your mobile device and you can enjoy the music. Also giving its users the hands free experience they prefer with the Alexa assistant over Bluetooth connection, it makes a very useful music device to listen to.

You also do not have to worry about the speaker much as it is completely waterproof and can withstand almost every bit of your daily life problems so you can enjoy non-stop music.


The Bluetooth enabled Boompods Aquablaster provides its users the flexibility over connectivity of their device to any of their phones or laptops. Many of the speakers enabled with Alexa only provide the Alexa feature over Wi-Fi signal and require constant power supply. The Boompods Aquablaster provides all these features over Bluetooth.

You can simply connect it to your Mobile Phone, Laptop, I-Pod, Kindle, anything. The speaker also provides connectivity over an AUX cable. None of these methods of connectivity are difficult to use as the speaker is designed to just be connected and mounted to enjoy great music anywhere.

The speaker has a high quality audio driver output. The driver has an output of 8 watts and allows you to listen to music clearly while you may be riding a bike or enjoying a picnic in the park. The Alexa support provided by the speaker is available for its users to be accessed just through a push of a button.

The speaker can easily fill a whole room with the clarity and loudness of its sound. Not to mention the high quality deep bass provided by the speaker for all those people who love to have their songs hit them hard, the speaker is perfect for house parties. Just simply place it on a shelf, connect easily and play for as long as you want.


The speaker also provides you with an outstanding battery backup. The speaker is powered by one Lithium Ion battery which is included in the package of the shipment. The battery on this speaker can easily provide its user with 5 hours of non-stop playback in just one full charge.

The charging time of the speaker being just 3 hours enables you to quickly prepare the speaker for any party or trip you are planning so that you can enjoy great music at the touch of a button from anywhere. The Alexa support software also allows you to easily take calls and messages directly through the speaker without even looking at your mobile phone.

The speaker has a compact dimensions of 4.3 x 1.9 x 4.3 inches making it easily portable. Just slip it inside your backpack and forget about it. The light weight of the speaker also ensures that. The speaker weighs only 14.9 ounces which is remarkably light for a speaker which provides you with the variety of features provided by the Aquablaster. The built in power bank on the speaker can also provide you with 24 hours of playback time.

The speaker has easy to use button controls which allows you to easily switch between tracks, increase or decrease volume and manage the pairing of devices effortlessly.
Along with the stylish design and a vast variety of feature supports, the speaker also provides an outstanding durability. The speaker has an IPX7 water resistance rating.


This means the speaker can withstand almost all of the daily water contacts any device would get. The speaker is also durable in strength. This compact device has undergone many rugged drop tests which ensures that accidental knocks and drops would not affect the enjoyment of the music provided by the speaker.

The speaker package has a charging cable lanyard, a wall mounting cup, karabiner, a bike mount and a manual inside it. The Boompods Aquablaster is available in 3 color variants, Grey/Green, Orange/Green and Black

Plans for Launch

Aquablaster was introduced by Boompods as an update over their Aquapods improving over it in many aspects. It was launched through their official website along with many other shopping sites for being bought from all over the world.

It had been listed on Amazon in the end of October 2018. The company keeps a constant supply of stock and people from all over the world can buy it from any of the online stores. The product ships all over the world in a matter of days.

Company Details

Boompods provides its users with the most durable and technology rich speakers and headphones along with many other accessories available to be bought from all over the world. The best in class designs and durability of its product has always been the key point in the sales of the devices made by Boompods.

The Boompods also provides its users with a wide variety of customizable skins on its speakers like different colored logo designs and various decals to be printed making the devices more appealing to the modern generation. Boompods provides an active global online support for its customers through mail and other sources.