Bloomengine Planter: A Plant’s Best Friend For 24×7

Your helpful buddy you need when it comes to taking care of your plants.

Bloomengine Planter: A Plant’s Best Friend
  • The Bloomengine Planter allows you to take care of your plant from anywhere anytime right through your phone.
  • The Bloomengine Planter does watering and monitoring and provides the right amount off light and air to the plant.
  • The Bloomengine Planter uses compressed soil and does not need you to water it for almost a month with the automatic watering system.

The Bloomengine is a smart indoor planter which takes care of all the needs of your pet plants so that they can also bloom completely healthy and strong without you having to worry much about it. The Bloomengine waters your plants, takes care of the necessary lighting, and provides the right amount of air to the plant all without you needing to worry about it. You can easily accomplish all these tasks easily with the help of the mobile application provided by the makers which gives you the control over these operations. The device supports many small plants and uses compressed soil for easy replacement and management. The water in the planter is also easy to refill leaving you with almost no effort at all when it comes to get you seeds to sprout and bloom.

Problem Solving By The Product


Many of us like to have small plants on our work or study desks. Sometimes these plants need constant care and support from us because when they are kept inside the house they are separated from normal sunlight which is essential for the growth of these plants. You also need to take care of watering from time to time to these plants. Any small amount of carelessness on your behalf can result to death of these sophisticated plants. To help you take care of all these problems comes the Bloomengine Smart Indoor Planter. The Bloomengine takes care of all the basic needs of your little plant. It waters the plants from time to time when needed, it provides artificial lighting for the plant to grow and many more useful features. Bloomengine is your helpful buddy you need when it comes to taking care of your plants.

Detailed Specifications


If you are a plant lover and love to have small plants around you, you need the Bloomengine if you also want to avoid the constant care and attention those plants need. The Bloomengine connects itself with your android phone for better control. The android app and the device combined allow you to easily water, monitor and care for your plants from anywhere you are anytime you need. All of these tasks can be easily performed by a single tap without you putting in any effort in it.

The Bloomengine Planter allows you to choose from several plant types. These include seed sprout, bud, grow and blossom. The Company also provides you with the best quality seeds for the Bloomengine Planter so that you can watch and experience the growth of your plant friend in a short span of time. The soil used in the Planter device is also compressed to provide maximum nourishment with the least quantity needed. Planting the seed inside the planter is also very easy. You just have to soak the compressed soil with water and plant the seed in it. The environment created by the Bloomengine Planter will do the rest for your plant.

The Bloomengine Planter has a 40 oz of water capacity in its storage tank. This capacity of water can easily keep on watering your plants for almost a month. So you do not need to keep worrying about watering your plants every day. The device also has a feature which senses the water level and warns you about it as well. It will automatically water the plants according to their need. The Device also has a Micro Fan installed within the device. This provides the necessary wind experience needed by the plant.

The Bloomengine Planter can be connected to a Wi-Fi network from which it can be controlled from anywhere. The device also has an RGB lighting system which can work very well with your desk providing various colour night lights and also giving you plant a special look and shine that could be noticed as soon as someone enters the room.

The Bloomengine Planter has the dimensions of 8.3 x 8.3 x 13.4 inches and weighs approximately 1.3 kg when the tank inside it is empty. The Planter has a colour of White and Transparent and uses ABS, PMMA, PC and Silicone material to provide a better look and increased durability to the device. The Bloomengine Planter has 2 versions Bloomengine Colour and Bloomengine Vision. Both the devices have all the above mentioned feature except for one additional feature in the Bloomengine Vision which is the added camera which can help you monitor your plant remotely and easily.

Plans for Launch

The Bloomengine Planter was launched as a product campaign through various platforms including Kickstarter. The funding period for the product on Kickstarter was from 18th September 2018 to 2nd November 2018. This 45 day funding period brought the company a huge success on its product campaign and allowed them to promptly kick off their mass production for the Bloomengine Planter and ship the first batch of the product in April 2019. The company successfully completed their target and is currently providing the Bloomengine Planter to people all around the world who are looking forward to taking care of their small plants in a smart way.

Company Details

Bloomengine Planter is a giving of the Bloomengine Company. The Bloomengine Company was founded by William Park in 2016 in Seoul. It later moved to LA in 2017. The Company aims at building better technologies and products for the interiors of people’s home. With the Bloomengine Planter, the company provided people with a smart product which in turn lets the plant inside it be the point of focus rather than the device itself. The simple and smart design allows it to look so plain yet do so much. The Bloomengine Company partners with several other companies for various fields of the product development. These include companies like BDCI, LitNiX Inc. and Thinksmaker for Product Design, Circuit Development and Design and Production respectively.

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