Blink Fantasy Game System

Blink game comes with 18 awesome games and many on go with endless possibilities

Blink Fantasy Game System

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  • Blink is the world’s first tabletop game which will enhances your reflexes towards timing, concentration by playing the games with Blink.
  • Blink is a game piece which teaches the other blinks in the set and they are offering different level of community set games which are developed to play to push your limitations.
  • Blink has 6 core game pieces and 14 new games by other developers and even supports open SDK so that you can develop your own game to play.


Blink Game system is the world’s new smart tabletop game system to test your game reflexes in dark ball and hit them at the right time to see your life the better the timing the faster it goes so that you can score big with perfect shot. Aim you shot with perfect color and claim bonus point by attaching clusters of blinks. Blink game helps to burn some fast with speed racer which turns lightening straight away.

With Blink game you can conquer an island in a head to head combat to take control over the island. Each bling comes load with the own game and teach all the other blinks how to play so that you can play the blink however you want and with many blinks you want with whomever you want wherever you want.

Blink game comes with 18 awesome games and many on go with endless possibilities, they are developed by the game jams and comes with open software platform so that you can design your own game.

Problem Solving By This Product


With the Blink you no need to teach other, the other pieces will teach each other to play the game. Blink is the world’s first tabletop game which enhances your reflexes towards game.

Blink game set will help your increase your concentration of reflex of response towards the operation with challenging and innovative games.

Blink is not unlike other games which catches your attention in every game and drags you to play the game which will increases the curiosity about understating the game and burning your fat.

With each blink game you can play with unlimited blink pieces there are no limitation like in other game and supports multiplayer most. The Blink pieces are AI powered which are unpredictable which makes the game more interesting.

There are providing open platform so that you can develop you own game to play in Blink.

Detailed Specification

Blinks is the world first smart tabletop game system with the core set of 6 games with the community of gamer designer and designed this minimalistic Blink which gives the true original game experience which test your reflexes at the games and the steps you take at the moment when your friend challenges you.

In the Blinks collection each blink is a game piece and game cartridge that teach intelligently other blinks how to play the game. There is no limit with how may blink you can play the game there are endless possibilities.

There are six core Blinks each creates a unique game community they. Darkball which is developed by Che-Wei Wang first of its kind where player put their reflex action of speed and timing together while playing the game, there is no limit for number of players.

Paintbrush game is developed by Carol Mertez and Mary McKenzie which is a deeply strategic game where the blink pieces act as both brush and canvas where players rearrange the pieces to spread their color this game can be played by two to four members.

Group Therapy which is developed by Brett Taylor where you separate different color blink as soon as possible with six blinks least and one person at least and the reactor community set which is developed by Aaron Santiago and Spencer Kee where each player should react to the alarm of the reactor core before your opponent does so which enhances your reflexes of vision and concentration towards the changes.

Raid is also a Blink core game which allows you to conquer the territory of the blinks by competing the other players with the intensive strategies and predictions while each player secretly give input orders to the AI powered blinks to play the game in real time.

Pirates & Laser is also another core game which is developed by team of Johnson, Lan Cummins, Priscilla McGann and Micheal Cooper for the strategic struggle between ghost pirates and laser wielding tourist so that you should keep the ship sailing as far as possible while the lasers tearing your ship.

Yet there are 14 more other core games they have produced in two different sets. The first one is core set which has Fracture game Blink about rebuilding the territory, Berry game about punishing the greedy by scoring 10 points first, Bomb bridge is about reflexes and courage to survive, Puzzle101, Wham! And Mortals game blinks.

The Second set is called as blinks expansion set which has Astro blink is about collecting the cargo and playing race, FlicFlop which is a shuffleboard game from future that enhances your timing, fitness and win the game. Speed Racer blink is all about racing, Honey Blink will optimize your hive for your bees, ZenFlow blink game that share the happiness with colors and last is Widgets Blink game to light up the night by rolling dice and they have created 3 unique game with these.

These Blink game system of 6 core games is priced at $79, the 12-game set is priced at $158 whereas the 18-game set is priced at $199.

Plan For Launch

This Blink game System is made available in the market in 2019 December after the idea of the product in earlier 2018 with the prototypes and designing. The product is launched in online platform in 2018 and will be shipped to the customer after manufacturing in the later quarters of the year 2018.

Company Details

This Blink game system is developed by the company called MOVE 38 they developed this Blink posing new life to gaming with the new tech tool & skills that refine the older games. They believe that toys are child play but makes us essential to think and navigate to the complex world with the mission of challenging minds and inspiring curiosity with delight hands. Jonathan Bobrow is the founder of the company while Daniel King is the game designer and Josh Levine is the tech leading person for the company with years of experience over development, they have made this blink to work with many community sets.

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