BladeX – The Add-on Monitor to boost Your Productivity


ladeX is a super slim and lightweight monitor which can act as a second screen to your laptops, phones and gaming consoles. The monitor mirrors the display of any of the above devices listed. Not only this, if it is connected to a laptop, it can work as a second laptop! i.e. one can use the laptop and BladeX separately as two devices. This here is a feature that would assure to boost up your productivity 50% more than it was already. Given the specs and the design, BladeX will be the perfect fit for your routine.

WHY BladeX

The world today, is an inevitably running economy which requires smart work over hard work. Hard work requires proper hustling and dedication. It requires one’s commitment to work and a desire to make something happen. On the other hand, smart work comes from a bit of laziness and comfort. Procrastination is one of the main sources of smart work. Procrastination is to reduce the time and increase the work input. This way has often proved to be very much effective. It brings more efficiency, creativeness and productivity in the human mind. One of the factors that can be considered to lessen the time period of working is to have more technical equipment (e.g. Laptops). But the cost of bearing more equipment can hit one’s finances hard which can be a major setback. But you need not worry now if you’re looking for an extra laptop because BladeX has got you covered.


BladeX is very handy and is as slim as a willow. What it brings to the table is that it can work as a secondary device for you. The product does not only flaunt luxury but is actually a one that can boost your productivity double. It can be easily used when one needs to work while traveling. BladeX gets to increase the span of small screens to a bigger one. It can be connected to your gaming consoles such as PS4, Nintendo and Xbox and can be carried anywhere around the home where you like to play. Thereby, it eliminates the limitation of sitting and playing at a fixed place.

This device can also mirror phone screens. A richer and brighter display with speakers allows you to watch movies on the go and play games with a much bigger and interactive screen. BladeX can also be connected to devices like cameras. All the videos and pictures can be viewed on the device instead of a small camera screen. Other than that, the device offers a connection to laptops and desktops in both landscape and portrait modes giving you the choice to select a view that is comfortable to you.


BladeX has a 15.6’’ wide display and supports 1080p and 4k screen resolution. The screen is touch-enabled for Android and Windows users. It provides easy working for the ones into drawing, the studio works such as photography and videography. Talking about its minimalistic design, the device is easy to pack in a bag as it is only 4.5 mm thick. It weighs only 850 grams! That means there will be no complaints while carrying it around. It has a set of stereo speakers on its panel. BladeX has a very small bezel giving out a full-screen feel.

It houses HDMI, USB Type-C and USB type-B ports for connection to the main devices. A 3.5 mm headphone jack has also been provided. It has a massive battery of 3000 mAh battery which can give a total of 3 hours of on-screen time. The device can be charged by a USB type-C charger and it takes almost 2.5 hours for it to charge from 0 to 100%. On the side of it are 4 LED indicators which show the battery level 25% wise.

Bladex Key Specifications

The base of BladeX houses the ports and can be adjusted in 3 modes for use. Three modes are: Horizontal mode (For screen extension), Portrait mode (Recommended for coding, document reading) and Studio mode (For photography and editing). The base cannot bend after 90 degrees. With the base included, BladeX has a thickness of 9 mm but without it, the thickness remains the same as before. The base includes all the working units for the device.


BladeX comes in two different versions: BladeX and BladeX Pro. Although specs like brightness (300 cd/m3) and aspect ratio (16:9) are the same, the difference comes in the screen resolutions. BladeX supports a 1080p display with a screen resolution of 1920*1080 whereas BladeX Pro supports a 4K display with a resolution of 3840*2160. Furthermore, the former has a contrast ratio of 1000:1 and the latter houses a 1200:1 ratio. Another difference that stands by is that BladeX has a colour gamut 45% NTSC and the Pro version has 100% Adobe RGB 16.7M.

The device has been reviewed by over 50 websites such as Camera Jabber, Notebook Check, 9to5 Mac etc. and was recommended too. As a whole device has a smooth and rugged Aluminum built design with smooth functioning.


  • Touchscreen – YES
  • Screen Size –15.6″
  • Battery Capacity – 3000 mAh*2
  • Battery Life – Up to 3 Hours
  • Weight – 1.89 lbs
  • Thickness – 4.5 mm
  • Inputs – HDMI, USB-C*2,USB*2
  • Resolution – 1920*1080
  • Aspect Ratio – 16:9
  • Contrast Ratio – 1000:1
  • Response Time- 4 ms
  • Color Gamut – 45% NTSC
  • Brightness – 300 cd/m
  • Speaker – Two Speakers
  • USB-C PD Charging – Yes


The product was proposed in April 2018 and by January 2019, it had already passed out their prototype and testing. BladeX was put on Indiegogo in June 2019 with a goal of $20,000. The idea attracted a lot of backers and within 4 hours, the goal was passed. The initial price for BladeX was $209 and for Pro, it was $309. The package includes a BladeX (the version you choose), an AC to USB-C charger, an HDMI to HDMI cable, 2 USB to micro-USB, a USB-C to USB-C, and USB to USB-c cables and a remote. The company also includes a cleaning cloth and a solution for the maintenance of the device. The shipping already started in the mid-November ’19. The current prices for both BladeX and BladeX Pro are $239 and $339 respectively. The product can be bought on Indiegogo with worldwide shipping.


Quit hovering over small displays and go ahead and buy Odake’s BladeX. Give yourself a premium and rich experience with HD display and increase your productivity with a friend that can go wherever you do.