Bisecu Smart Bike Lock Controls Via App – Charge for 1 min and use for 1 Hour

  • The Bisecu Smart Bike Lock allows you to easily control the safety of your device through your smartphone.
  • The Bisecu Smart Bike Lock provides you to live data from your bike for your convenience.
  • The Bisecu Smart Bike Lock is strong and lightweight, the device protects your bike from any dangers it can face.

The Bisecu Bike lock provides its users with an outstanding security and wide functionality. Along with protecting your bike, the Bisecu Smart Bike Lock provides you with a wide range of features. This small and portable Bike lock comes equipped with a smart mechanism which can easily be controlled by the user through the mobile application through simple Bluetooth connective pairing.


The lock is easy to use and very secure with several stages of locking mechanism to keep your Bike safe from intruders and thieves. The lock also helps you to keep a track of your bike and remember where you lost it. It also requires no keys to be operated so no chance of losing your keys if you don’t have one. Also the equipped alarm feature will alert you very loud and clear if someone tries to gain access of your bike without right authorization.

Problem Solving by the Product

The Bisecu Bike Lock is a smart device which solves many of your daily life problems that come with using of a Bike. Although Bikes are useful to travel around for your work and keep you healthy, but they are very insecure. You may park your bike outside work and lose it without knowing where it went. The locks on the bike are also very subtle and less secure. And almost all of the locks require you to carry a key around as if we lacked for the things we need to take care of. The keys would generally fall from our pockets or get lost somewhere.


The Bisecu Bike Lock solves all of these problems. It provides a multi-layer protection mechanism of locking along with the flexibility of managing the lock with the smart application which allows you to unlock the bike with just a tap on your phone without having to manage any keys.

Detailed Specifications

The Bisecu Smart Bike Lock is made up of durable Aluminium Alloy which provides the body of the Bisecu to withstand much pressure and strength. The Body also has an LED Outer rim over the Aluminium body. The outer LED rim is capable of attaining different colours for different conditions depending upon the speed of the bike.

The Bisecu device uses Lithium Ion batteries to power itself. The battery on the Bisecu can easily power the device for 6 months when completely charged. The battery can be charged through a micro USB port and requires only 2 hours for a full charge. Even if you charge the Bisecu for just a minute, you can easily use it for more than an hour.


The Locking mechanism of the Bisecu Smart Bike Lock is not visible from outside thanks to the aluminium outer body. This prevents the thieves to crack the mechanism. The lock inside the device is divided into several layers including the mechanism and various sensors.

The smart locking senses the motion of the bike and locks the device if there is a halt for at least 5 seconds. It also prevents the mechanism from locking when the bike is moving. The sensors inside the device also provide important data and can act as accelerometer, gyroscope and speedometer for your device.

The Bisecu Smart Lock can be easily controlled with the mobile application. Pairing is done through Bluetooth 4.0. The Bisecu Bike Lock can take commands from over 30 m or 100 feet. Everything on the device can be controlled through the application including the speed, acceleration as well as the locking mechanism.



This allows you to get rid of keys. The Bisecu Smart Bike Lock does not need any keys to work. You can easily unlock the device with the tap of a button or you can choose the smart unlock feature which unlocks your bike when it senses you within a particular range.

Since the Bisecu provides data from the Bike through the application, the Bisecu application can also be used for fitness management. You can set goals for speeds and distances within time and ride along with the Bisecu. It will track your speed, distance traveled and time of riding live as you ride your Bike.

The Bisecu device can easily fit on all the general wheel bases. All the normal spoke styles support the Bisecu mounting. The front wheel hub should have a diameter of less than 72 mm for the Bisecu to be mounted at it.

The Bisecu needs a front fork thickness of 20 mm and size being 40 mm for the device to be installed. The device supports all front for styles except L shaped and Thru-Axle types.


The Bisecu Smart Bike Lock has the dimensions of 9 cm diameter and 4.85 cm thickness. The device weighs only 355 grams. These dimensions and weight ensure the device being compact and portable being lightweight.

The Smart Bike Lock is available in 2 colours, including Black and Grey.

Plans for Launch

The Bisecu Bike Lock was first available on Amazon on June 18th 2019. It has been available to be bought online from various sources. It has been shipping worldwide from the Bisecu Company.

The Company provides 1 year of warranty on the device. The device at its launch was very popular and due to its abundance of features making it comfortable to use and a very secure device to be used, its launch was very successful. The

Company Details

The Bisecu Company started initially as a hardware manufacturers with the core aim to product smart and successful bike locks. It managed to deliver the desired product with the Bisecu Smart Bike Lock.

Being top in design and quality, the company later switched to manufacturing other utility devices for E-Bikes as well including sharing devices like Bisecu S. The Company has always aimed at providing its users with the best quality and design with its most effective and convenient devices.

The team at Bisecu consists of best in class Mechanical and Electronic Engineers with Jonghyun Lee acting as the CEO of the Company. The Company only aims towards the future and intends to keep providing other products like the Bisecu S and Smart Bike Lock in the future.