BioVYZR: Venture Out & Breathe Easy To Save In COVID-19 Situation

Protect against the airborne hazards, pollutants in our daily surrounding environments.

  • BioVYZR keeps you safe all the time from the harmful and dangerous pathogens, pollutants and from virus by shielding you with a tight sealed and well-spaced hood.
  • BioVYZR has the powerful air filtration with the battery powered motor with three air flow settings offers you the clean air which is free from allergens and viruses all the time.
  • BioVYZR has N95 filters with included refill that long last for 60 hours and the face shield is anti-fogging made for high optical clarity for wide field of vision.

Air from the surrounding environments are extremely dangerous now a days with the increase in pollution and viruses along with the pathogens in air floating all over the world, while using the face mask effect eyes using shields opens a path for virus to get into mouth or nose, a dilemma situation of self-isolation but no gadgets are completely protecting us from all these circumstances.

BioVYZR Venture Out is adding an additional outer layer to be protected against the airborne hazards, pollutants in our daily surrounding environments, BioVYZR provides better protection than any other things like facemask, face shields and N95 respirators offering you a 3600 protection that seals your upper part of the body completely with some personal space inside.

BioVYZR has a built in air purifier system to filter out all the contaminated air coming from outside with allergens and pathogenic viruses which is powerful self-isolation device a type of Protective Personal Equipment and also known as the Powered Air Purifying Respirator, which is the most recommended and most actively using technology in the industrial or health care environments.

BioVYZR Venture out shield is an anti-fogging face shield with high optical clarity and wide angle view from inside to ensure that you can see the things from inside clearly with N95 Filter Refills pre included with the storage zipper pocket and light in weight, easy to remove and fits anyone with two different sizes.

Problem Solving By This Product

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BioVYZR will provide personal space inside with comfortable and adjustable strap which seals your uppers body tightly, not allowing any contaminated air to flow inside to keep you safe all the time wherever you go.

BioVYZR is better protection than the face masks and face shield covering you completely, the anti-fogging face shield allows you to see thing clearly with clarity and wide-angle view.
The powered motor fan on the BioVYZR will last longer for 8 hours with single charge and creates a pressure inside to flow the exhaled air out, while the N95 air filters will filter the in-flow air up to 95% removing particulates to 0.3 micro meter. There are 10 filters included in the BioVYZR and each one will long last for 60 hours of continuous usage.

BioVYZR is lightweight and made for all weather conditions like waterproof, weatherproof and moist control liners and fits for everyone and to be used everywhere like in schools, public spaces, airplanes and wherever there is crowd.

Detailed Specification


BioVYZR is the new evolution of personal protection powered with the air purifying technology using N-95 filtration to be self- isolated without maintaining the social distance with the Protection Personal Equipment with weather proof construction to wear them anywhere you need.

BioVYZR is a protective outer layer that shields your personal space and filters the air you breathe around you with the 3 air flow setting through the quiet fan covering you completely 3600 with side windows and make you see clearly thing even in the morning fog and offers you fresh breeze with the N95 filter refill whenever you need with 12 hours of battery backup.


BioVYZR is the futuristic patent pending design that physically shields you form harmful airborne pathogens, allergens and pollutants, BioVYZR uses the powerful air purifying technology which filters out 95% of the air particles, the face shield of the BioVYZR will shield your eyes, nose & mouth without obstructing them with comfortable distance from face, the shield is made with anti-fogging high optical clarity material for wide field of vision.

BioVYZR will perfectly fit to anyone with the stabilizing chest strap only covers the upper portion of your body without covering the hand for free movement, which is super easy to wear and remove made with the Neoprene for lightweight and comfort. BioVYZR is made to withstand all weather condition, waterproof and windproof with seam sealed enhanced protection without allowing any small gap in adjustments with moisture control liners.


The battery powered motor of the BioVYZR fan pushes the exhaled air to outside with creating pressure inside the BioVYZR hood while the air from outside is filtered with N95 and removes 95% of airborne particulate matter down to 0.3 microns and allowed to inside after filtering and the filters will lost last for 60 hours of continuous usage with a pack of 10 air filters refills included inside the BioVYZR.


This BioVYZR is available in two different sizes one for adults and one for children and priced at $174 and they are also selling the filters separately one box of filter (include 10 pieces) are priced at $13.8 and 4 boxes for $55.


  • Materials: Neoprene, Marine, Vinyl, Ripstop
  • Weather proofing: Sealed seams
  • Air filters: N95, N99
  • Dimensions: For Adults Chest size: 30-52 inches, Height: 27 inches, For children, Chest
  • Size : 20-28 inches, Height: 20 inches, Weight 0.95 Kg without battery pack, 1.25 Kg with battery pack

Plan For Launch

This BioVYZR is launched in March 2020 from the VYZR Technologies with the first prototype in March with the campaign in online platforms for crowdfunding, the materials gathering and approved for the pre-production is done in April planning to go with the first production run on April by going to Asia for manufacturing facility, then making this product through Air Freight to all regions and will be shipped in May 30 in this year.

Company Details

This Venture Out and Breath easy gadget is developed by the company called VYZR Technologies, found in response for the Protective Personal Equipment with the innovative and effective design with the passionate team of designers, due to the present situation of maintaining social distance is a real challenge due to COVID-19 all over the world. Believing that only Protective Personal Equipment can save each individual from the polluted, contaminated air and even from the other Hazards.