BioLite Prep Kit – The Solar Home 620 and Emergency Bundle For Families

BioLite Prep Kit
  • BioLite Prep Kit has Solar Panel with 6 watt panel to provide power to your system
  • BioLite Prep Kit has dedicated Control Box  to monitor your power, charging of devices and also can play music.
  • BioLite Prep Kit has Motion Sensor Light  to save power and can alert you of passersby.


his product will help people to go green by using the solar energy to light the things when you go around the places. It is very simple to use, it having a solar home 620 which is a power grid running through the solar panel connected to the control hub which navigates it to power up the three daisy hanging chain lights.

It also comes with 4 headlights 330 which is power pack for the family of 4 to use them in the darkest room to make doing things easier, Life straw family will help you in purifying the water that you got to drink without any doubt of impurities.

Indeed there is also diffusing stuffsack pack of 4 so that you can place the headlights in them to use as a hanging lamps when you ran out of the power.

Not only powering up the solar home with the sunlight you can also charge it through the power when you have it through solar home charger.


BioLite Prep Kit


The people who love camping the places will face many issues like lights when they ran out of battery and water to drink in places where you don’t find the pure water for drinking and for cooking to make the family safer.

The mobile phone that you carry can be charged by the solar home 620 with its USB slots available, you can also know the weather by the FM provided by the solar home


1. The solar home 620 comes with the built in FM radio.
2. It monitors the real time strength of the light with its solar panel to identify the power of Sun.
3. It give the multi room charging and lighting with the help of the 6W solar plate that is mounted on the house outside.
4. It is the hub of the system (solar home) and power the 3 hanging lights.
5. It has an individual switches for each and every lights which has three modes(High/Medium/Low) lighting intensities basis of your needs.

6. There’s also a two USB ports on the control box to charge up your devices using the cable like phones.
7. You don’t need to bother about the charging in the hub when it’s ran out of the energy you can even power it up using AC adapter which is also included in the box.
8. There are 4 headlamps included which has 330 lumen
And they can be dimmable and they are even powered with the red light vision to see the things clearly in the dark places.
9. They can be USB rechargeable they also can be tilted downwards to direct the easily in the front, it will be pretty useful when cooking and moving around the house or if you are actually playing a game to go.
10. These are on Size for all members in the family fit for every one including the children to be mounted on the heads.
11. If you want to you the headlight overtime to get the ambient lighting there is no problem they also providing the four light diffusing stuffsacks.
12. They can place the headlights on the stuffsacks and hang them over the place and they continue their work.
13. You can feel it like a bulb rather than headlight.
14. When speaking of the additional lighting they have included the SunLight pack of 4.
15. These SunLight are terrific alternatives to the candles they don’t melt they don’t require flame and don’t get turned off in the windy places.
16. They rely on them because of the integrated solar panel on the back, this is 100 lumens.
17. It can be dimmable and also supports the RBG colouring you can pick the colour according to the mood and environment or you can even have the red night vision.
18. These thing are for the family with a four or may be for four plus.
19. They also included a Life straw which is Gravity fed water Filter One filter can process up to 4,755 Gallons of water which is quite enough for a family.
20. It has a hollow membrane filter it is capable of filter out the bacteria, parasites and micro plastics, so it’s a help guarantee a safe water supply for the drinking and cooking purposes.



1. Solar Home 620
    • 1 solar panel, control box, 2 hanging lights, 1 security light.
    • 18ft of wire cord between lights,
    • 21 feet of wire cord between solar panel and control box.
    • Battery:- 3300 mah
    • Weight:- 1.57 kg
2. Sun lights
    • 50 hours run time, 3hours in high intensity
    • RGB mode, dimmability in white modes
    • 100 lumens intensity
    • Fully chargers in 7 hoursweight:-95 grams each
3. Head Lamps
    • USB Rechargeable
    • 330 total lumens of head mounted lights
    • 40hours on low intensity
    • 4 modes and tilted down
    • Weight:- 69 grams
4. LifeStraw Family
    • Removes bacteria, parasite,micro plastic
    • 18,000 liters of water purification
    • Tested with WHO, US EPA, NSF
    • One year of clean water
    • Weight 529 grams
5. Light Diffusing
    • Stuffsacks
    • Convert head lamps into hanging lanterns
    • Produce ambient lightning
    • Made with nylon with elastic loops
    • Work with many headlamp compactible
    • Weight:- 2 grams
6. Solar Home Charger
    • Chargers solar home charger in 2 hours
    • Input:- 100-240 VAC, 50-60 HZ, 0.6A
    • Output:- 12V, 2A, 4.5mm DC plug
    • Adapter length 8 feet
    • Weight:- 136 grams


This product is about to launch in September 2019 with a successful journey after the bio-lite previous product in the India, Africa.

The product is priced at $ 495.45(32,765 Rs) which is good because it has many solar panels and individual switches. With this you can have a lighted house where ever you go and songs in a size of the shoe box.

You can have a free solar energy always in the house don’t need to light up the house with electric energy and also comes with the purifier which is perfect combo for the camps.

It comes with the solar home 620, sunlight pack of 4, hand lampsx4, Life straw Family, Light Diffusing Stuffsackx4, Solar home Charger.


The battery capacity of the solar home is low 3300 mah which is even lower than the battery of the small smartphone, Life straw is a gravity fed one which should be hanged straight, the sunlight’s are fully charged In 7 hours which is long time to be placed in the Sun. It is only suggested for the place where more sunlight in daytime to use.


This product is powered by bio-lite, their main motto is the energy which makes us connected and cooks food and bring lights in life, by using their stoves and reduce the emission of toxics and consumes the half of the fuel than the traditional open fire with additional benefits, by bringing the product named Bio-lite Home Stove.