Bill Gates Officially Exits from Microsoft Board

He will spend more time on his philanthropic foundation works.

Bill Gates
  • Bill Gates announces exit from Microsoft Board Today.
  • Microsoft confirms the exit of Bill Gates.
  • Bill Gates was the highest stock holder in the company, 1.36 Percent.

In a recent announcement, Microsoft points that the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates is going to exit from the Microsoft Board. This is already effective from the last friday. He is also going to step down from Berkshire Hathaway.

Recently in a note on LinkedIn, Bill Gates mentioned that he is determined to spend more time with his philanthropic activities like global warming control, climate change, education, healthcare with the Gates Foundation. He is already really satisfied with the leadership and management team of current Microsoft, and feels safe to step down now as a right time.

But stepping down means only reducing the corresponding the workload comes with the position. He believes this does not meant stepping away as Microsoft is an integral part of his life and will be. He will be always aligned with Satya Nandela, CEO of Microsoft to understand the leadership, vision and also achieve the next milestones of the company in future.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen co-founded  and started Microsoft in year of 1975. Paul Allen died in 2018. Bill Gates was actively working as CEO till 2000. After Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer took over the role of CEO position. Microsoft’s present CEO, Satya Nadella, started to act from year 2014. Bill Gates was active director of the board at Microsoft  Corporation till 2014. He has started to put more time with his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation from 2008.


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