EDC Wrench

People are getting tired when they want to carry many tools along with them especially wrenches to screw up things. Wrench one hand tool is an adjustable wrench isn’t the most portable thing in the world which is under 4 inches long this is a perfect device for everyday to carry.

It is small enough to carry in your pocket. But in the point of comfort it is very handy to hold. This wrench is infinitely adjustable from 3/16 to 3/4″ metric size by simply turn the thumb screw to adjust the Ti EDC wrench.

EDC Wrench
Detailed Specifications

1. This wrench is made from the inspiration from an antique Swedish adjustable wrench but with a modern twist that is designed to carry easily and fit in pockets.
2. This is made with an intuitive design that works with both SAE & Metric bolts and nuts.
3. This is very simple and compact design which can be operated with one handed operation.

EDC Wrench
4. This material is made up of Grade 5 titanium Alloy construction which is hard to break so it can’t be break easily and 550 Para cord Lanyard.
5. It has the Key Ring Opening which is hexagonal in shape and it is used to fit the bolts to be tightened or loosened.
6. This is a universal wrench design of 25 sizes which supports 10 SAE sizes which varies from 3/16 , 1/4, 5/16 , 3/8, 7/16, 1/2 , 9/16, 5/8, 11/16, 3/4 inches respectively and 15 metric sized form 5 to 19 mm.
7. This wrench is about barely 10 cm long which is not even the height of your phone to be carried along with you.
8. The wrench is very slim about 2.5 cm width at the main body and 8mm thickness at the w/o clip, 12 mm thick at w/ clip.
9. This wrench is very light in weight so you need not carry all the weights in your pocket with the different wrenches or the toolbox.
10. Since this is made up of the titanium construction the wrench should withstand cranking and corrosion against water.

EDC Wrench
11. A pocket friendly which has the clip on the other side of the wrench to be placed it on the pocket as like pen.
12. This pocket friendly Ti EDC wrench is next to the antique Swedish adjustable wrench that inspired the company.
13. They choose the titanium which offers more strength to tilt and tighten the bolt and also which is not easily get corroded and rusted due to the moisture in the air.

EDC Wrench


  • Weight 68 grams
  • Material Grade 5 Titanium
  • Dimensions 9.8 cm long 2.9cm wide and 1.7 cm thick

Out of Box

Out of the box you will get the Ti-EDC Adjustable wrench and 550 Para cord Lanyard and one Ti Lanyard Beas and an instruction sheet to know how to use it.

Plan for launch

They started this product for funding in the kickstarters in August and September and they started the production in the October and November and the packing and shipping starts from December of this year.


This product is available at 120$ (8,626 Rs approx.…), which seems to be high for a normal person to be spent only on wrench. The BIgiDesign offering the best price for this product, though it is available in the amazon at high price than the BIgiDesign offering and it will be delivered quickly, you can also use the discount codes.

Editor’s Pick

The main advantage about the material is the strength it possesses which is more durable and its natural resistant to corrosion and rust when it gets exposed to moisture. Since the casting for the titanium is very hard that where the price of the product is very high, it can be easily lost since it very small and it is not suggested to the unaffordable people, and the other con is the pricing.

About company

This product is developed by the company Ti-EDC, as a group of EDC enthusiasts, since it is not easy to get hands on titanium gears by its rarity and cost in the earth. Their vision is to not only bring you the best everyday carry essential items with a joy of use and ownership but they also made the products at affordable prices.
Their mission is to create the high-quality titanium products to the user’s best satisfaction. They take the ideas from the user and with their problems in daily life.