Bianca: A Smart Key Finder Can Find Itself

Bianca: A Smart Key Finder-4
  • Bianca is the first smart key that is capable of finding itself and your smartphone with the Tile app and Bianca button.
  • Bianca produces 88 decibels of sound around 100 feet range to find them quickly and compatible with many keys, if you could not find your Bianca you can find them with Tile community.
  • Bianca comes with water resistant and made with nickel brass alloy which makes it tough and durable without any charging needed for one whole year.

Every people commonly face the problem of finding their key where they forgotten it after seeing it last. Spends most of them time in finding the key and get tensed by getting into dilemma whether they lost the keys or left somewhere by searching in all weirdest places in the house. Bianca is the world’s first smart key that finds itself, with Bianca all you have to do is just open the Tile app and press find to make your Bianca rings so, that you can find your keys in seconds. Bianca is not a device alone; Bianca is a custom-made lock that will be attached to your existing key in the store. Bianca looks like the normal key and you can use as usual. Works in both ways finding your phone also. Bianca finds your phone by double tapping the Bianca button on the key, your smartphone will ring even when on silent mode. With Bianca you can use the tile network to be part of the world’s largest lost & found community to help other people like you by finding their Bianca.

Problem Solving By This Product

You can find your keys wherever you left at your house or mischief place where things are clumsy and hard to find the keys with eye, Bianca will help you to find your keys by single tap from the Tile app gives you sound to locate your keys.

Sometime we often forgot out phone and no need of worry Bianca will also work in either way in locating your smartphone by double tapping the Bianca button on your keys.

There is another way when you really forget the Bianca and could found anywhere, Tile largest lost & found community will help you to find your lost Bianca.

Bianca: A Smart Key Finder-5

The Bianca makes 88 decibel melody sound over 100 foots range which is more than enough for entire house, don’t upgrade your locks system to use the smart key just upgrade your keys.

Bianca is compatible with any keys; go to your local locksmith shop and give them the Bianca and your key they will attach them just like your original key.

Even if you lost your keys in water or in some wet places, with the IP57 water resistant Bianca works fine. With the Bluetooth 4.0 technology compatible with iOS and Android as well.

No like other smart locks or keys which requires charging, Bianca will last longer for one year with replaceable battery pod which does not require any charging or maintenance for one year.

Detailed Specification


Bianca is the world’s first smart key that works in either way of finding your smartphone and themselves. Bianca is simple to use and compatible with the all your keys, just order the Bianca and use your original key to make duplicate one with your new Bianca by going to your local locksmith shop.

Bianca uses the Tile tracking technology to find you keys quickly by giving sound of 88 decibels up to 100 feet range which is most audible in entire house which reduces the tedious work of finding your lost keys for hours and get irritated.

Bianca not only helps you to find your keys, also helps you to find your smartphone by tapping the button on the Bianca twice to ring your phone even in the silent mode which makes the things smart by reducing the time of finding the EDC things.

Bianca is made with the OT59 brass allow which is used to make watches which is strong and durable that perfectly fits your door without any problem, to be used as normal key.

Bianca also offers you to find your lost Bianca whenever you left somewhere and forget your keys or could able to find them or not there where you left them, with 15 million of users as Tile community, they will help in finding your lost Bianca.


Bianca doesn’t require any charging to keep them running, uses the replaceable battery pod with zero maintenance and are to be replaced only after one year.

Bianca use the Bluetooth 4.0 technology to connect your smartphone with your keys, also comes with the water resistance IP57 standard, so that Bianca will never get damaged with the splashes, water or by wet areas.

The Tile app which connects Bianca is compatible with IOS and Android as well, Bianca weighs only 16 grams and easy to carry along with the keys. Bianca compatible locks are Kwikset (KW1), Weiser (WR5) and Schlage (SC1).



The Bianca smart key finder is priced at $19.99 for one key, $36 for two keys, $64 for four keys and $90 for six keys. They also providing 30 days guarantee for the Bianco keys.


  • Dimensions 95 x 45 x 6mm
  • Weight 16.5 grams
  • Connectivity technology Bluetooth 4.0
  • Keyring hole Sturdy glass fiber reinforced nylon
  • Sound 88 decibel melody sound
  • Battery life 1-year replaceable battery
  • Range Up to 100 feet
  • Water resistance IP57 water resistance
  • Compatible locks KW1, SC1 and WR5
    Key blade material Nickel plated brass, Italian made
  • App computability Android above KitKat, IOS above 9 or newer

Plan For Launch

The Bianca keys concept is introduced in the year 2017 and with the changes in design and prototyping introduced in 4th quarter of the year 2017. Bianca is made available in the market in later years.

Company Details

This smart key finder is developed by the company called Bianca and named after the key. This company is founded in 1770 with the Bianchi Family which new pioneering technologies in the key business.

The Bianca products are more in over 50 countries in the world are used actively, their keys are manufactured extremely with OT59 alloy Brass which are used in the watch making industry, their designs reflect the Italian style. They wanted to make keys that could never get lost anywhere.

Partnering with the Tile technology company to make the purpose of the key serve better with a staff of more than 30 years’ experience in building the smartest and most durable keys ever.