Gocycle GX – Modern Day Folding bicycle at $3299



  • The Gocycle GX is a modern-day bicycle that assures quality in each part of it.
  • Gocycle GX is a compact bicycle and can be easily folded so that you can carry it even inside your workplace.
  • Gocycle GX is a bicycle full of innovative tech and minimalist design.

The modern era sees a world full of motor vehicles which provide a fast commutation time than the non-motored ones. But with every pro, there comes a con and there are major cons when it comes to motored vehicles. All the motored vehicles run up on fuels which are decreasing day by day and hence, they might cause a shortage of resources for the future generations. Also, they contribute a significant amount of pollution to the environment which is and can harm everyone.


In contrast to these motored vehicles, there are non-motored vehicles which display the true sense of traveling. With the motored vehicles, the time flies but in these, one feels, sees and senses different sensations. Non-motored vehicles such as bicycles have very minimal or no impact at all on the environment, pollution wise. Pedaling a bicycle for at least 10 minutes burns a lot of calories and makes sure that your body remains fit. Hence, keeping the speed factor aside, riding a bicycle can turn out to be a fun way to commute and stay fit.


A normal bicycle may or may not attract attention but what if you had a bicycle that was one of a kind? A bicycle that packs up modern-day style, is compact, comfortable and minimalistic at the same time. The Gocycle GX bicycle matches all the characteristics that were just mentioned and will make your every ride, one to remember. With a quick-fold and minimalistic approach to the design, the bike can turn heads wherever you take it.

Problem-solving by this product

The Gocycle GX is a modern-day bicycle that assures quality in each part of it. Owning a bicycle has benefits on its own. Riding it can keep you fit and running. Also, there is one problem that a bicycle rider always faces and that is where to keep the bike. Unlike all other, the Gocycle GX is a compact bicycle and can be easily folded so that you can carry it even inside your workplace. It won’t cause you any hard time over storage issues.

Detailed Features

1. Beautiful Design : Starting with the design of the Gocycle GX bicycle, there is quality in each part of it as suggested before. The frame of the bicycle is of aluminum which makes it lighter than the ones which are of stainless steel. Also, another advantage of aluminum is that it tends to stay longer and is easy to maintain as the time passes by.

2. Wheels and Gears : The wheels of the Gocycle GX are specially designed gloss black PitstopWheel(s) which are made up of Magnesium, making the bike stand out in quality materials. The Hydro-formed 6061 T6 alloy front frame is injected with molded Magnesium Clean drive. All this contributes to the robustness of the bicycle and with materials like Aluminum and Magnesium, the life of Gocycle GX bicycle extends furthermore and the weight decreases so forth.


3. Innovation and Minimalist Approach : The Gocycle GX is a bicycle full of innovative tech and minimalistic design. The chain and the motor of the bicycle are fully enclosed to prevent the formation of dust and grease. The seat of the cycle is diagonal to the handle ensuring that any rider of any size can ride the bike easily without tweaking the seat positioning. The transmission on the Gocycle GX is the patented Cleandrive Shimano Nexus 3-speed which makes the ride smoother. Also, the brakes are hydraulic brakes supporting both rear and front tires.


4. Display and Battery : Gocycle GX has a beautiful display on the handlebar which features a LED fuel Gauge. The motor on the bicycle is of 500W (US) and 250W (EU). Battery of the bicycle is a removable 13.7 Ah (approx. 300Wh power output) one and on a full charge, can go up to a distance of 65km. It takes a total of 7 hours to charge the bicycle to full. There is an option of a fast charger which charges the bicycle in just 4 hours.

5. Bicycle Accessories : Among many accessories that Gocycle offers, the Gocycle Connect App is one of them. The app contains a lot of information such as distance moved, battery left, etc. With the help of the Gocycle Connect app, the torque of the motor can be changed and different settings yield different speeds and battery life.


6. Connect APP : The customers from the USA have a benefit over the EU ones and that is, they are offered with a throttle button on the handlebar next to the gear shifts which bring ease in driving the bicycle. There are several driving modes such as City, Eco, On-Demand, Custom, Multiple and all of them are programmable via the Gocycle Connect app. The bike is well known for its portability as it has a quick-fold design.

Models and Variations

There is another model for the same bicycle and that is Gocycle GXi. The model can be referred to as the pro version of the GX model with a difference in a lot of things. GXi features Daytime Running Light which has 4 different modes, has a range of 80kms as compared to the 60 of the GX, has a bigger battery and less charging time than the GX. The gear shifting and the handlebar display is also better on the GXi model. Some other parts such as pedals and folding are different but the rest is the same.

Source : https://electrek.co/

The reviews of the Gocycle Bicycle are full of high praise with some common points like quality of build and performance.

Plan for launch

Gocycle GX was launched in January 2019 and is available for purchase on the Gocycle’s official website. The price for the bicycle is $3299. A little expensive it might be, there are no compromises with the quality that will be delivered to your doorstep.

Company details

Started by Richard Thorpe, the company has only one motive and that is, ‘No Compromises’. Safe to say, the company stands on what it says. The founder left his job at McLaren to build a perfect e-bike. Their first product was the Gocycle G1 which broke grounds of e-bike market. Since then, many e-bikes have been put into life by the company, each providing the customers with supreme quality and Performance.