BentoStack for Apple Accessories

Carry all your Apple accessories in organized stack arrangement.

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  • BentoStack can carry all your Apple accessories in organized stack arrangement anywhere with getting tangled.
  • BentoStack has the two storage compartments to carry the big heavy accessories like power bricks, cables, earphones and many other with the adjustable dividers to organize the things specifically.
  • The top lid of the BentoStack will hold the Apple Pencil or can be used as Desktop iPhone holder, BentoStack is made with the long-lasting durable plastic material.

Apple world is getting bigger and the accessories from the apple are more & more day by day, there is no easy way to store all the essentials which keep our devices powered and fully functional, getting the charger out of stuffed bag can be frustrating and when it comes to the headphone cables they are tangled and make mess.

BentoStack which is the perfect companion to keep all your must have components you need to organize on the road and on your work space inspired by the minimalistic modern Japanese lunch box, BentoStack has been multi compartment container that is smartly engineered to hold all your apple charging cables, power brick, headphones and even the Apple pencil.

The bottom storage compartment of the BentoStack is optimized to store the larger accessories like power brick and small chargers and adjustable dividers can be inserted to keep each item stable on their own customizable space, the phone feeding lid keeps everything secure and also has a watch band holder.

Stacked on the top the second storage compartment of the BentoStack stores smaller accessories such as earphones and various charging cables additional dividers can be inserted again for cords and wires own dedicated space to prevent tangling, the lid full top compartment serves such as dedicated Apple Pencil holder and can be convenient desktop stand for your iPhone.

All stack compartments in the BentoStack will create a minimal design astatic, not only stackable and adjustable BentoStack is modular you can carry away the Bento with even single compartment.

Problem Solving By This Product

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BentoStack will keep all your Apple accessories organized and easy to access all the time whether you are in office, traveling or in coffee shop anywhere.

BentoStack comes with the two storage compartments and two lids to hold the Apple products and capable of holding 10 Apple accessories wherever you go.

The bottom storage compartment is large and capable of storing power bricks and large Apple travel adapters, the adjustable dividers in each compartment will keep the things in organized manners to access them quickly and prevents tangling.

No more tangles and mess to take the accessories from the stuffed bag, the second top compartment in the BentoStack will store your earphones which are the primary cause for tangling and charging cables in their provided space between the dividers.

The bottom lid in the Bento stack will carry watch straps and the top lid is versatile to be used as iPhone holder or Apple Pencil Holder. Not only adjustable and organized BentoStack is modularized you can use the BentoStack Box in three different way by including the compartments or removing them for easy carrying with lightweight depending up on the accessories you have.

Detailed Specification

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BentoStack is a simple and minimalistic astatic design which is developed from the inspiration of the Japanese Lunch Box, BentoStack is a compact multi compartment modularized accessories storage box which is capable of holding 10 Apple accessories in your palm.

BentoStack is specifically designed to hold the Apple accessories in traveling or in any workspace conditions, BentoStack will always keep your accessories organized in the desk and simple to pack them and carry.

BentoStack has two storage compartments, the big bottom storage compartment can hold the larger accessories like the power brick and charging cables and even 87 W apple charger can be fitted into the bottom compartment, there are dividers which keeps the accessories organized without getting tangled each other, while these dividers are also adjustable to give the required space for your accessories which will be stable in their own space and looks very clean and convenient to use by picking out of the BentoStack.


There are two lid on the BentoStack, the bottom lid is designed to hold two Apple Watch bands and keeps the bottom compartment secure by covering tightly, the top compartment which offers secondary storage for the accessories but smaller when compared to the bottom compartment and stores accessories like earphones, charging cables featured with the dividers too, which will divide the space for the accessories and keep them within their spaces without get tangled.


The top lid on the BentoStack is useful in two way either holding the Apple Pencil or can be served for the purpose of Desktop stand for your iPhone, while the cover of the BentoStack will pack everything like lunch box to be carried quickly.

BentoStack allows you to quickly access all your accessories and hold them in stack like organized manner with minimalistic design and light in weight built with the lost lasting durable plastic, BentoStack is not only customizable and organized, modular also you can take the whole Stack or to the level you want according to your need and number of accessories. You can carry the BentoStack in three different ways one with the bottom compartment alone or the top compartment alone and both the compartments.

BentoStack comes in three different colors inspired from the Apple, they are Silver, Rose Gold and Space Gray. BentoStack is priced at Rs. 2,946

Plan For Launch

The concept for the BentoStack begin with the idea of mobile accessories organization in January 2017 and the internal creative brief in April, the concept of the Bento inspired the people in japan in June while the render for the BentoStack is created in July. The 3D printed model sample of the BentoStack is designed in August 2017 with the tooling and completion of tooling in October 2017.

Company Details

This BentoStack is developed by the team called Function 101 which is a team from the Apple industry and always inspired to carry the apple trendy accessories while the concept of the BentoStack is came into existence with the problem of carrying the Apple devices.
Inspired with the concept of the Art of organization from Japanese people and borrowed their concept of Bento Lunch box that gives the peace of mind.