Batbot Vehicle Battery Monitoring Device

Vehicle Battery monitoring device, designed to take care of batteries and warn you at your mobile.

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  • The Batbot Vehicle Battery Monitoring Device checks up on the battery of your vehicle for over-discharging or overloading of the battery.
  • The Batbot can be connected easily to the battery of the machinery through crocodile clamps and can be tied around the battery with cable ties easily.
  • The Batbot monitors the performance and health of the battery through the cloud service and notifies the users about any discrepancies related to them.

All of us use vehicles to get to places quickly and rapidly. All these vehicles are generally operated by batteries. Even the fuel based vehicles use batteries for power start. Apart from vehicles many devices around us use batteries which power them up. The Batbot Vehicle Battery monitoring device is designed to take care of these batteries and warn you at your mobile phone via the cloud service so that you know when your battery is at a vulnerable state. It connects easily to the battery with the help of two crocodile clamps and is so small that it can easily fit inside any container next to the battery. The device warns the users about the over-charging, over-discharging, over-heating, and several other similar problems related to the batteries of a vehicle. Taking care of all these things help you increase the life of your battery.

Problem Solving By The Product



The batteries used in vehicles are designed to deliver maximum power without much of charging provided to them. This makes them vulnerable to deep discharges or over charging. Both of these conditions continuously decrease the total lifetime of the battery and are dangerous when it comes to the functionality of the battery. The Batbot is designed to take care of all these problems and other similar problems that a user may face with their vehicle battery. The Batbot allows the users to be secure and not worry about the functioning and lifetime of their battery as the device would look after their battery and warn the user instantly with the help of the cloud service as soon as it detects any misbehavior of any kind in the battery.

Detailed Specifications


The Batbot helps you maintain a peaceful mind by allowing you to not worry about your vehicle’s battery. It takes care of the battery, monitoring every detail of the battery including the power output and the charging input. It monitors the current and voltage across the battery to check for overloading conditions for the battery too. The device successfully works with batteries from Boats, Cars, Motor homes, Farm Machinery, Horseboxes, Bikes, Plant Equipment, etc. This makes the device useful for various types of machinery and allows the users to not worry about any of the big machines and vehicles they may have at their homes.

The Batbot can easily be connected across the terminals of your battery with the help of small crocodile clamps provided at the terminals of the device which hold on to the battery of your machinery firmly. The device can then be setup through the Batbot mobile application and the user is then all set. The device monitors the battery of the machinery and updates all the info to the cloud server provided for the device. The cloud server constantly checks for problems like a need for charging the battery or overloading, etc. When it encounters any such problem, the cloud server prompts the mobile phone of the user about the problem so that the user can easily solve it. All this enables the users to take care of their battery easily.

Also unlike many other devices which need to constantly be connected to the mobile phones through Bluetooth for them to constantly monitor the battery and generate alerts, the Batbot uses Sigfox or LoRaWAN radio networks which do not require Bluetooth connection for transmission of the data of the battery on the mobile phone. The Batbot also does a regular daily check-up of the battery and provides the users with an All OK prompt so that they need not worry if the device is working or not.

The Batbot has three versions. The different versions of the device are all designed to work with the 6V, 12V or 24V battery setups. The Company is also in development of several other features on the application like notification threshold which would allow the users to select what battery level they want to receive a notification for and historical reading section so that you can see the pattern of the performance of your battery.

Plans For Launch

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The Company introduced its latest product Batbot back in the starting of 2020. The Company launched their product through several crowdfunding campaigns including one on Kickstarter. The Kickstarter campaign for the product started on 6th February 2020 and had ended on 7th March 2020 after 30 days of its start. The Company had also prepared several Stretch goals for the product to introduce new and improved features for it. The budget estimates for the product have also been open to the public for them to know it before they invest in the new product. The company had planned to manufacture and ship their product in the mid-2020.

Company Details

The Batbot Company was founded by David Richie in Scotland. David always encountered people with problems regarding the batteries of their heavy machinery or vehicles and that was when he got the idea for Batbot. The Batbot has been in development by the Company as their first major project. The Company had tried several prototypes for the product before finalizing it. The Batbot system had undergone over years of prototype manufacturing and quality testing from their manufacturers. Now after these tests, the Company only has the mass manufacturing of the product remaining. The Company now focuses on the development of the cloud and software service to manage the device so that the users can take full advantage of the product through their phones. The engineers from the company had already been manufacturing various security software and solutions for external companies and are now looking forward to deliver the best for their own.