Ballet Wallet – Cryptocurrency Physical Wallet For Everyone

World’s first non-electric multi-currency hardware wallet.

ballet wallet
  • Ballet Wallet Cryptocurrency is the world’s first non-electric multi-currency hardware wallet which can store all your Crypto assets safe and secure all the time.
  • Ballet Wallet Cryptocurrency physical wallet is for everyone and limitless, you can store majority of Crypto currencies easily with the tamper evident primary key on the card.
  • Ballet Wallet is physical wallet uses the two-factor key generation which makes this one more reliable and safer than any other with the wallet passphrase done in USA and private key developed in China.

Ballet Cryptocurrency Physical wallet is card on which there is a primary coin, the way that the Ballet Cryptocurrency work that you can deposit cryptocurrency onto a cold storage offline wallet with the several different wallets, they have Bitcoin Wallet, Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple currently, you can even deposit other Crypto currencies into the wallet. Ballet Cryptocurrency Physical wallet has three different parts with the grey code sticker on the card is a public key which is used by the other people when they are sending the cryptocurrency by simply scanning with their phone, the Physical wallet is ready to use out of the box.


If you want to send the Cryptocurrency, they you have to use the Wallet app provided by the Ballet, on the bottom of the card there is a verification code and the private key underneath the grey stickier which is encrypted with the verification code providing the security while transactions.

After installing the App scan the public key and load the wallet Cryptocurrency into the phone, if you want to receive or send the other cryptocurrencies there is a edit option which bring up the list of other Crypto currencies with the majority cryptocurrencies available and tap enable to enable the other Crypto currencies and the address will be added to the main menu.

Problem Solving By This Product


Ballet Cryptocurrencies physical wallet is the world’s first non-electric multi-currency hardware wallet which has the primary coin on the card which can store multiple currencies safely.

Ballet Cryptocurrencies physical wallet which is easy to use no limitations like KYC procedures and easy management to accessible anywhere anytime, the Ballet Physical wallet will be ready to use out of the box without any setup required.

Ballet Cryptocurrencies Physical wallet which is safe with the primary right on the card to be scanned to deposit the money and the private key which is encrypted wallet passphrase with the two-factor key generation with the private key in china and wallet passphrase in USA to be more reliable and secure.

Ballet App integration to store the majority of the cryptocurrencies which is both compatible with iOS and Android, the Ballet Physical card is designed with durable and pure stainless steel for long lasting use and made for future cryptocurrencies also.

Detailed Specification


Ballet is the world’s first non-electronic multi-currency hardware physical wallet which is designed for everyone of any age to use the wallet which is simple and elegant.

Ballet Cryptocurrency Physical wallet has a primary coin signified with the mark on the card and available with verities of cryptocurrencies available, the main great feature of the Ballet physical wallet is ready to use 100% out of the box without any setup.

Ballet has multiple wallets though each has a different primary coin and you can even store other majority of the cryptocurrencies in the physical wallet. Ballet Cryptocurrency wallet is designed to be used by everyone without any boundaries like the KYC procedure and limitations, you can easily access your assets without any setups or passwords.

Ballet Cryptocurrency physical wallet controls your currency safely since the Crypto currencies are limitless and decentralized, Ballet Physical wallet give complete control over your currency without any third-party vendors.

Ballet Cryptocurrency physical wallet uses the four security features, the first is the showing the primary coin printed on the left side of the hardware card and the serial number along with the primary key which will be the address for all to send money to your wallet. Behind the grey QR code sticker there is a private key which is tamper evident.

The wallet passphrase scratch off verification code to decrypt the private key and proceed transaction is provided on the bottom of the card, the Ballet Cryptocurrencies use the two-factor key generation process for the private key and the verification decryption code which ensure high security for your cryptocurrency in the wallet.


The Ballet Cryptocurrency not only stores a particular currency their pioneer engineers integrated the feature of adding the other cryptocurrencies in the future which makes the ballet durable, pure and stainless steel which is not only physically strong and also universally acceptable with the high industry standards, the private key and the wallet passphrase are displayed in the human readable text which ensures the cryptocurrency assets will be stored in a future proof format which will be constantly evolving technology.

This Ballet Cryptocurrency wallet comes with a Bitcoin as the primary coin and even you can activate additional cryptocurrencies using the Ballet Crypto application to store the other currencies, the Ballet application is both compatible with iOS and Android as well.
There is also special edition of the Ballet Cryptocurrencies wallet which comes with in two finishes one is gold plated and other is stainless steel with the gold-plated version only has 1100 units and stainless-steel version has 3100 limited units.

Plan For Launch

The Ballet Cryptocurrencies Physical wallet is launched in the year 2019 September after the production with two factor key generation in the previous years in china and in USA, with the changes in design and prototype modification, the Ballet physical wallet is shipped in later quarter of the year.

Company Details

This Ballet Cryptocurrencies physical wallet is developed by the company called Ballet Crypto, Bobby Lee is the founder of the company which is started in the year 2019 and their mission is to adopt this wallet globally to store the Bitcoin safely and making cryptocurrencies accessible to everyone without any restrictions. Bobby Lee is also Co-founder & CEO of the company BTCC which is the first Bitcoin exchanging company in China which is one of the best leading company in the world. The Ballet Crypto company headquarters is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Bobby Lee started his career in Silicon Valley as a software engineer in Yahoo after completing his graduation in Stanford University.