AWEI TWS Touch Control Earphones

AWEI TWS Touch Control Earphones
  • AWEI TWS Touch Control Earphones is probably the product that you’ve been waiting for.
  • The TWS Touch Control Earphones from AWEI are the cheapest wireless earphones you can get in the market.
  • The sound channel is stereo or dual-channel, which means better sound quality.

Most of us use earphones on a daily basis. While we’re at home or travelling to work, they are one of our dearest pieces of technology. They have saved us from countless awkward social encounters and will continue to do so.

However, you must’ve faced a common problem with your earphones. Their wires get tangled too often and untangling them can be a cumbersome process. Most of our headsets get damaged in the process as the cables are intricately thin.

That is why companies all over the world have eradicated the wire. Most of the new generation of earphones in the market are wireless and work on Bluetooth connectivity. These earphones are becoming increasingly popular, and many new players are entering the market.

One of these players is a Chinese company AWEI and their latest offering TWS Touch Control Earphones. These are arguably the best affordable wireless earphones that you can get right now.

Not only are they wireless, but they also have a feature that is unique to these earphones. This feature is that they are touch-controlled. TWS Touch Control Earphones have a lot of other exciting features which we’ll be discussing shortly. If you want to know more about this terrific product, then I suggest you keep reading.



AWEI TWS Touch Control Earphones is probably the product that you’ve been waiting for. It is a state of the art pair of earphones, designed to give you a pleasing experience. Arguably the best wireless earphones by far, in this particular price range. It is astonishing how the company has managed to provide so many features at such a low cost.

Like other wireless earphones, the TWS comes in a charging case which also adds protection. It has a capacity of 400 mAh and the headsets have a capacity of 45 mAh. This means a standby time of almost 40 hours and music time of nearly 4 hours. It takes almost 90 minutes to charge the battery fully.

The sound channel is stereo or dual-channel, which means better sound quality. Currently, they come in classic black colour which adds more to the classiness of this earphones. And the touch controls are always a plus.

Problem Solving By The Product


How many times have you found yourself untangling the wires of your earphones? A lot, I guess. And how many pair of earphones have you damaged while untangling? That must be a lot too.

Now you can take a sigh of relief because we have something that will eliminate this problem completely.

The TWS Touch Control Earphones from AWEI are the cheapest wireless earphones you can get in the market. But their most exciting feature is the touch control. This feature allows you to control the earphones by merely touching it. You can change songs, change the volume and even reject or receive calls by subtle touches on this earphone.

Another impressive feature is the IPX4 waterproof protection. Now you can use these earphones in any weather or conditions, without worrying about potential damage due to rain or sweat.

If you’re the kind of person that would benefit from these earphones, then I suggest you don’t waste time and buy a pair before its too late.

Detailed Specifications

AWEI TWS Touch Control Earphones

Here are the detailed specs for you. Check them out.

• Package Contents – Bluetooth headset 2pcs, Charging cable 1pcs
• Sound channel – Dual channel (stereo)
• Charging time – 1.5 hours
• Language – English
• Talk time – 6 hours
• Package Size – 160 x 120 x 40 mm
• Connectivity – Bluetooth 5.0
• Music Time – 4 hours
• Sensitivity – 122 ± 3 dB
• Resistance – 32 ohm
• Frequency Response Range – 20 to 2000Hz
• Waterproof – Yes IPX4
• Codecs – SBC
• Vocalism Principle – Dynamic
• Battery – Li-ion
• Battery case capacity – 400 mAh
• Earphone battery capacity – 45 mAh
• Material – ABS and Silicone

Plan For Launch

AWEI has already launched the product a few months back. You can buy it from a retail store near you or through numerous online vendors. The price is almost 50 dollars which is significantly lower than its competitors. If you look at the features of TWS earphones, then you’ll know that this is an absolute bargain. The company also has a reputation for providing brilliant after-sales support. You can even return the product within seven days for free, in case you’re not satisfied. Also, the company offers a 1-year repair warranty. All this suggests that it is an excellent deal if you buy these earphones right now because the prices might increase later.

Company Details

Shenzhen Yale Electronics Co which is popularly known by the brand name AWEI is a Chinese manufacturing company. AWEI is a dedicated manufacturer of high-quality listening devices, including wireless earphones and speakers. The company was founded in 2009 and has only risen to limelight in recent years after the dawn of wireless technology.

Since their inception, AWEI has been the recipient of numerous awards and accolades in China. One of these awards was the “Most Powerful Brand Owner in Intelligent Wearable Industry”, which they won 2 years in a row. Currently, their popularity is limited to China and other neighboring countries. The company still has a lot of room to grow, and if they keep on releasing products like the TWS earphones, they’ll soon become a prominent name in this business.

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