Awair 2nd Edition Air Quality Monitor

Awair 2nd Edition Air Quality Monitor
  • Awair 2nd Edition helps you keep your surrounding air healthy and comfortable.
  • Awair 2nd Edition helps you manage the various harmful elements of the air right through your phone.
  • Awair 2nd Edition provides great functionality with high level of convenience in the good looking sleek device.

Awair 2nd Edition Air Quality Monitor is a brand new innovation by Awair aimed at making our daily lives much easier. Monitoring the air quality and temperature, this device helps us take care of our respiratory systems and manage the air we breathe in so that our bodies may be comfortable and easily adapt to the surrounding. Whether it is during the day while your normal activities or during the night sleep, the Awair 2nd Edition helps you control and monitor the air inside your house according to the needs of your body.

The Awair’s outstanding new innovation device allows it to easily cover up to 1000 square feet in area. All these features and information can easily be seen and managed through your normal smartphone whether it is an android or an iOS operated phone.

Problem Solving by the Product


The air surrounding us plays a much important role in our day to day lives than just being a medium we breathe in. The air quality also affects the sleep we have or sometimes may react with our skin and pollution may be dangerous. Thus keeping track of the air we live in becomes very important.

According to many research scientists, the air inside our homes can be much worse in pollution than the air outside. This is generally because of the furniture, dust and some other things. So inside the home too, the pollution level and the air temperature play a very important role.

A good quality air with the right temperature can help you have a comfortable sleep at night while the pollutant and uneven temperatures may cause sleeplessness, skin problems, asthma, etc. The Awair helps you to monitor and maintain the air quality and temperature easily through your smartphone.

Detailed Specifications


The Awair 2nd Edition successfully allows you to monitor various elements in the air of your home to provide you the comfortable and healthy aerial experience which your body was meant to have. The device helps you to monitor the 5 basic elements present in the air. These are Fine Dust, Harmful Chemicals, Carbon Dioxide, Humidity and the Air Temperature. These 5 elements are the basic entities which in air decide its quality and concern your health. If not managed carefully, they affect your respiratory system, health, focus, sleep, etc. From Physical to Mental health, all can be managed just right with the Awair 2nd Edition.

The Awair 2nd Edition can easily be controlled and managed through the Awair Smartphone application. The Awair App allows you to manage all of the above mentioned elements through your mobile phone, whether it being an Android or iOS. You can simply see the graph of these elements and the quantity of each of them along with the safe standards in the application. It also tells you the overall quality of the air you are breathing in and the remedies to improving the quality of the air. The Awair Device also has a display which shows you the overall quality of the air right on the device along with an LED which has its colours based on the quality of the air.

The Awair 2nd Edition is a smart device as it instantly notifies you if the quality of the air in your home decreases below a specified safe level. The application also tells you the harms of the different proportions of the elements in the air along with the correct and effective tips to improve the proportions of those elements in the air. This really helps the users as they can easily keep the track of the air quality through the trend section of the app which shows you the increasing and decreasing quality of your home’s air over a time span.

The Awair 2nd Edition device connects through you mobile device or tablet through Wi-Fi or when it has low power it also supports Bluetooth 4.1. This can be performed through the Awair application available for Android 4.4 or later and iOS 9 or later. The receiver sensitivity along with the programmable output power is both outstanding in the device. The device operates at an AC of 100/240 V power supply at 50/60 Hz. The Output through the external power adaptor is 5V/2.0A


The Awair 2nd Edition has very compact dimensions as compared to the functionality of the device. It has the dimensions as 6.06 x 1.80 x 3.33 inches or 154 x 45 x 84.7 mm as its Length x Width x Height values. The device is available in Grey colour inside a wooden framed cabinet. The company also provides various packages along with the product being an Air Purifier, Gas Test Kit and a Smart Plug on Amazon.

Plans for Launch

The Awair 2nd Edition was the next step by the Awair Inc. towards providing the world with an easy way of controlling and monitoring the air they live in. The 2nd Edition Awair was initially introduced by the company in July 2018. It was launched through various online stores including Amazon and the Awair’s official website. The Company has been shipping their orders instantly within a few days. The Company ships in some selected regions of the world and is soon to establish worldwide shipping. The Company also provides its customers In the United States and Canada with a year of warranty on the product.

Company Details

The Awair Inc. was initially founded by Ronald Ro when he realized that his child was suffering from eczema just like most of the children do. He researched in this field and found out that the main cause of this disease is due to the air quality around us. Thus, with the help of his prior knowledge in the field, he founded Awair.

The Company mainly focused on creating technologies and devices which can help the people manage and understand the environment they live in, both its advantages and disadvantages. Awair has been developing better and better technologies for people all over the world helping them breathe in a fresher air.

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