Avya Inhaler by Aura Medical Portable, Battery Powered Steam Inhaler

Avya Inhaler
  • Avya Inhaler is a portable steam inhaler for everyone.
  • Avya Inhaler is suitable for any kind of allergy, cold and flu.
  • Avya Inhaler works very simple way and easy to handle.

Having inflamed, swollen blood vessels in your nasal passages? Get yourself a Avya Portable steam inhaler by Aura Medical to soothe and open the nasal passages and get relief from the symptoms of a cold or sinus infection.

Avya inhaler works with clean nano-particle saline steam that goes deep into nasal, sinus and throat passages, clearing sinuses and relieving any symptoms from allergy, cold, sinusitis or flu. The Avya steam inhaler works in 3 simple steps as follows:

    1. Add the solution
    2. Power on the inhaler
    3. Inhale deeply to get relief

Avya Inhaler

Features of Avya Inhaler

    • Battery Powered – You can get sinus, cold and flu relief at home or on the go as the inhaler comes with 50% pre-charged lithium battery pack, providing 2 hours of continuous operation after a full charge.
    • Adjustable Temperature – You can easily set the temperature as required by touching the + and – buttons.
    • Instant Steam – AVYA inhaler produces instant warm aerosol that causes relief from symptoms of allergies, sinusitis, cold, flu, dry mouth and other respiratory symptoms.
    • Patented Technology – AVYA inhaler works by combining the method of saline together with the comforting delivery of warm steam. This combined system makes AVYA the most efficient treatment option for all types of breathing problems.
    • Drug Free, Safe, Clean, Portable, 100% germ relief

Avya Inhaler Saleine Solution

Saline Solutions for Avya Inhaler

Aura provides the option of the following 3 varieties of saline solutions:

1. Avya Aqueous Solution – Avya inhaler works with saline using a totally effective and germ free application. Avya Aqueous Solution is manufactured in a USP Grade Facility. Used in combination with the Avya device, the solution provides a therapeutic mist, free from germs or pollutants.
2. Himalayan Aqueous Solution – This solution is a unique blend of Himalayan Mineral Salts in water. This formulation naturally benefits one’s health in a number of ways including: supports and improves respiratory health, balances body PH, relieves stress and contains 84 trace minerals for your health. The Himalayan Aqueous Solution is also manufactured in a USP Grade Facility to ensure purity and safety.
3. Homemade Saline – Using Avya saline is effective and convenient, but you can make your own saline by following these simple steps: Add 1 cup (240ml) of distilled water to a clean container. Or you can use tap water by boiling it first to sterilize. Then cool it until it is lukewarm. Add 0.5 tsp (2.5g) of salt to the water. You can even store this homemade saline at room temperature for up to 3 days.

Avya Inhaler

Product details

    • Weight: 7.8 ounces
    • Shipping Weight: 2.3 pounds
    • ASIN: B07MFW6L3Q
    • UPC: 855264008084
    • Batteries 4 Lithium ion batteries

Avya Inhaler

Inside the Box

There are a total of 9 items inside the box:

    • 1 piece of Avya Steam Inhaler
    • 1 piece of AC Power Adapter
    • 1 piece of Battery Pack
    • 1 piece of Mouthpiece
    • 5 pieces of vials Avya Aqueous Solution
    • 1 piece of Quick start Guide
    • 1 piece of User Guide
    • 1 piece of Carry Case

Avya Inhaler Easy to Carry

Benefits of the Avya inhaler:

    • Warm steam gets deep into your nasal, sinus, and throat passages.
    • Keeps nasal passages clear by fostering mucus drainage
    • Ease nasal and throat discomfort by hydrating and moisturizing air passages
    • Relieves facial pressure and other allergies.

Price and Availability

    • Aura Medical website: Shop the Avya inhaler from Aura Medical’s official shopping website at a price of $179.99. You can choose to pay in 3 interests free instalments of $60 each with affirm. Get 2 years warranty and free shipping on the product.
    • Amazon: Get the product from Amazon at a price of $169.95. The product includes the following items: AVYA Portable Steam Inhaler, Sinus Rinse Therapy System and Starter Saline Kit (Cordless).
      You will also get a 1year warranty from the manufacturer and free delivery on the product.
      Other that these, the product are also available at: CVS Pharmacy, FSAstore.com, and, Walmart.

About the Company

As the number of lung disease sufferers continues to rise worldwide, Aura Medical is helping and supporting patients in their fight for breath. Established in 2013, to respiratory devices into the 21st century, the Aura Medical team has been working continuously for the past 50 years to design and develop cutting-edge respiratory devices and to and improve all forms of inhalation therapy.

Common Questions About Avya Inhaler

  • Question:  Does this unit use distilled or tap water?
    Answer: It is suggested to use it with their pre-prepared saline solution or prepare one with the steps given above.
  • Question: Can you use any saline solution or water in the unit after the included supply runs out? Will it break the machine?
    Answer: Any sterile saline is compatible with this unit. We do not recommend tap water as it may contain bacteria and is unsafe for inhalation. You may also follow the instructions by the manufacturer for homemade saline.
  • Question: Can more than one person use this?
    Answer: Yes! But we recommend purchasing spare nose and mouthpiece to avoid cross contamination of germs.
  • Question: Does it smell? Or make the water smell?
    Answer: I would say NO. I use their Himalayan Aqueous Solution (salt water) and not aware of a smell. Only use 5 millilitres at a time. I guess when I inhale I become aware of salt in the solution but I would not call it a smell.
  • Question : Can this be used effectively without spilling or leaking when your head is laying sideways in bed?
    Answer: Probably yes but they suggest that the unit is held upright and vertical so that the aqueous solution stays in contact with the element that produces the vapor.
  • Question: I am confused by the description of how it “heats” the water. Is it heated by an electrical coil or is it an ultrasonic method of creating steam?
    Answer: The water is first aerosolized and then heated through a heating chamber before it leaves the outlet.
  • Question: What is the warranty? Is there an extended warranty available?
    Answer: Thanks so much for your inquiry! AVYA is covered under a 1 year warranty with lifetime support for part replacements
  • Question: How (and how often) do you clean it?
    Answer: At first, one should let it go uncleaned for about a week of daily usage and then it stopped producing steam. After that you can clean it after every 2d or 3d use.

Editor’s Pick

With all these great features and at such amazing price, the Avya by Aura portable inhaler is one of the best inhalers available in the market. Get the best solution for all for breathing problem with their unique and effective technology.