Availability of Spotify on Alexa-Enabled devices in India

spotify is available on Amazon Alexa
  • Initially, Spotify on Alexa will be available on  Echo devices only.
  • Recently a deal is signed with the original DC podcast with Spotify.
  • Spotify I will release support for other Alexa enabled devices soon.

Spotify announced that both its premium and free tire subscribers can now use the music streaming services with Alexa on Amazon Echo devices in India. The Swedish company Spotify also details several Alexa voice commands that its user can utilize from playing playlist to podcasts. It was a use announcement by the Swedish company while for now Alexa’s support is limited to Amazon Echo devices only. Spotify announces that they will soon be available on the other Alexa enabled devices that include Fire TV and mobile devices. Earlier this month, it was also rumored that Spotify has signed a deal with Warner Bros and DC Entertainment to bring an original slate if narrative scripted podcasts to all the streaming services. Let’s read out the details of this news.

In order to set up Spotify on Amazon Alexa, the users need to go to the Alexa app and visit Settings. In settings, they need to go to music and then link New Services and then select Spotify. The order is Setting>Music> Link New Services > Spotify. After this, the users will then have to key in their Spotify username and passwords to set up properly. Users can also choose Spotify as Default Services if they would like to make Spotify their default music services on the Amazon Echo Device.

After this, the user has linked the Spotify account with Alexa, they can use the Spotify app to play content on their Alexa devices by saying “Alexa, Spotify connect”. After this Spotify will connect to Alexa devices discoverable in the music streaming app. Users can also look for the devices available on the now playing screen of the Spotify app and select the echo devices they want to listen to alternatively.

Back in 2016, Spotify had originally added the support for Amazon Echo, but only for premium subscribers and in select markets. In November 2019, all the streaming services free tier users also got access to Alexa-Enabled devices. But it was restricted to the selected markets till then. However, Spotify is already available on Fire TV Stick dongles.

The Spotify which competes with Apple Music said that 19 percent of its total monthly active users listen to podcasts and that it had over 1 million podcasts on its platform. The company also mentioned a bunch of voice commands users can utilize to control the music streaming services on an Amazon Echo Devices which are listed below:

  • Playlist:
    “Alexa, play my Daily Mix 1 on Spotify.”
    “Alexa, play Bollywood Acoustic on Spotify.”
    “Alexa, play my <name> playlist from Spotify”.
  • Songs:
    “Alexa, play Malang on Spotify”.
  • Genres:
    “Alexa, play chill tracks on Spotify”.
    Spotify Connect:
    “Alexa, Connect Spotify to Kitchen Echo”.

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