Atmoph Window 2 Smart Display With 1000 Views

Atmoph Window 2 Smart Display With 1000 Views -8
  • Atmoph Window 2 is a 27-inch smart display with more than 1000 views around the world in original 4k ultra HD panoramic footage.
  • Atmoph Windows supports google Home and Alexa, with changeable frame that suits your interior, with stereo speaker output from entire frame with vibration speaker.
  • You can also add light and camera module for the Atmoph to see inside the home from outside and many more like google calendar, dates and weather with live streaming to see what happening outside.

Everyone will get frustrated at some point of the time in their busy schedule and get obsessed & irritated with their same atmosphere that doesn’t change their mood and stress of the people. Atmoph which is a mood changing Window molds according to your mood and make you pleasure always fresh and enthusiastic to do things that you want to do with all its true to life panoramic videos which are original and shot in 4K ultra high definition , supported with the google assistant to change the views & songs.

Atmoph Window 2 is a face tracking Window which will move the views according to your face so that you will feel that you are surrounded by location and can enjoy the nature.

Atmoph Window 2 is designed to combine the nature and technology to the next level and the frames of the Atmoph can be changeable to the wall color to give you more natural presence of view.

Atmoph Window 2 can also work as the indoor Window camera to see what happening in your house while you are away. The Atmoph Window 2 consist of 1000 natural and man-made scenic panoramas to your Window, you can also enjoy the footage that you took so easily to relive your memories in home on Windows 2.

You can also check the world in real time with the Atmoph live streaming with the stereo speaker and the vibration speaker which turns the entire screen into a sound experience.

Problem solving by this product


Atmoph Window 2 can change the mood & atmosphere around you with 1000 views around the world with 4k ultra HD high resolution scenes.

You can also view your footage in the Atmoph Window 2 by uploading it, joining three Window 2 can bring you wide panoramic view for ultimate experience.

Live Streaming service will help you to see what happening outside of home with Atmoph Window 2. Also come with various modules, LED module helps to bring light stream to grow a plot plant in front of it.

Camera Module of the Atmoph Window 2 helps to keep track of home from remote places to focus about what you care.

Face tracking mechanism to give more three-dimensional experience of the scene, changing the angle of view to fit the position of your face.

You can use the Atmoph Window 2 as speaker and listen to the favorite music with realistic stereo surrounded sound and the entire fame as a vibration speaker or listen through Spotify with good scenes.

You can link your Google Home or Alexa to make your work easier than ever to change the scenes and control volume and knowing the weather reports and news, schedules on the google calendar by synchronizing it.

Controlling the Atmoph Window 2 is easier with the multiple operating methods from the smartphone app, remote control and Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

Detailed Features

The Atmoph Window 2 is a smart display with a shape like Window, from which you can see scenes from around the world, with incredible scenery and stunning oceans and night scenes, you can enjoy scenes around the world in 4K ultra HD high resolution with true to live sounds, which make you feel that you are really there.

You can also upload your own footage in the Atmoph Window 2 to relive the memories you experienced in life time. You can also join three Atmoph Windows together to make a wide Panorama screen, like a fish swimming along from the left Window to the right most. You can also try three different scenes on each Window.

With the Atmoph Window 2 you can lively see what’s happening outside the world with the live streaming capability, it’s not about the frame you can change the frame that suits your interior design with supreme quality timber frame that has been made to bring out the inherent warmth of genuine wood. You can also bring in light, space, breeze with the various modules.

Camera module for the Atmoph can bring the potential to see through the smart display Window 2 to your home for what’s happening, when you are away.

Face view in the Atmoph Window 2 make it one of the best in nature experience that change the angle of view according to the position of face with face tracking mechanism to make the scenery more realistic and more three dimensional.

LED light module is one of the best things bringing light to the Atmoph Window 2 helps to have a light stream in to grow your plot pants just like in the sun light. You can link your Google Home or Alexa to the Atmoph Window 2 to change the view or adjust the volume without need of getting off the couch.

To give you the next level real sound experience, Atmoph Window 2 is powered with the stereo speaker and entire frame as the vibrating speaker to turn the entire screen into a sound experience. You can enjoy the surround sound with more than one to two speakers. With using Bluetooth or Spotify you can listen your favorite music in the Atmoph Window 2.
Atmoph Window 2 make remind you the day at a glance with the weather outside and news. Google calendar can be synchronized with the Atmoph 2 to confirm the work schedules with all by convenience. You can also book tickets to make a trip, Atmoph Window 2 can be controllable with various devices like remote controller, app, Google Home or Alexa.


The price of the Atmoph Window 2 (Basic) is Rs 26,494 for early bird sale, with the everything pack comes with the camera module and the LED light module is priced at Rs 37,881 and Atmoph Window 2 (Wooden) for Rs 39,399 for early bird and also available with multiple combos.


  • Size & resolution 27-inch-high-contrast display (1920×1080, anti-glare)
  • CPU 1.9 GHz quad core ARM Cortex-A53
  • GPU Mali-G31
  • Decoder H.265 hardware decoder
  • Ram & storage 2GB & 32GB internal
  • Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 ac/b/g/n (5GHz/2.4GHz)
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Weight 5.5 Kgs
  • Power 60 W
  • AC adapter 100-240V
  • Speakers 3W full range speakerx2 and 10W vibration speaker

Plan for launch

The Atmoph Window 2 concept design was begun in the year 2017 with the industrial design draft and the functional prototype was built in 2018 with the production planning. In 2019 2nd Functional prototype and design for manufacturing and in May tooling and pre-production setups and shipping is done in September 2019.

Company details

This Window 2 Smart Display is developed by the company called Atmoph, the Atmoph will always strive to make a technology that can expand the ordinary and make adventures every day. The company was beginning in 2004 with co-founder Kyohi who is living in an apartment in Los Angeles. Life is always fun in learning new languages and cultures with living in new country, with stress inside, the apartment make him suffocating nothing is there in the Window except the next room view, he tried to change the atmosphere in his room by changing wallpapers and playing DVDs, but nothing quite worked. Then the concept of the Atmoph Window existed with connecting nature and technology.

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