ATMOBLUE Life-Changing Wearable Air Purifier

Portable air purifier which protects you from air particulates.

ATMOBLUE Life-Changing Wearable Air Purifier

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  • ATMOBLUE is the world first portable & wearable innovative air purifier that has the H13 HEPA filter that blocks 99.7% air particulates and last longer for 150 hours which enhances your breathing experience with fresh air.
  • ATMOBLUE comes with the dual high-speed fans and their i02 air control algorithm adjust the fan speed automatically depending up on user activity which can be rechargeable.
  • ATMOBLUE can fit to anyone and their patented silicon high quality material make sure that no bad air in and head strap adds comfort.


Fresh Air is considered as the nature gift of life but with the rapid industrialization and urbanization we have declined ourselves the basic ability to breathe fresh air. Toxic air is not the global problem and there are many adverse effects for breathing the toxic air such as Fogginess, increase stress and even depression. There is various mask available in the market which just block the dirty air and also restrict the flow of clean air making hard to breathe.

ATMOBLUE is the innovative portable air purifier which protects you from air particulates while providing enhanced breathing experience with the built-in high-speed fans and continuously supply fresh filtered air to the users.

ATMOBLUE air purifier filter has the life span of 150 hours per filter that helps in delivering the 99.97% clean air around you while replacing the filter is made as easy as possible by just simply swapping out the filters from the ATMOBLUE magnetic filter caps.

In addition to the advanced filtration ATMOBLUE features patented strap channel design providing full range of motion and calms you with interchangeable designer skin to suits your style

ATMOBLUE air purifier mask comes with the standard built in smart features with the ATMOBLUE app allowing more enhanced mask features such as automatic air-flow adjustments, filter change notifications and low air quality index.

Problem Solving By This Product


ATMOBLUE is the first portable & wearable air purifier that is packed with the H13 HEPA filter which filters out 99.7% air particulates and make sure you enjoy the fresh breeze all the time from your surroundings.

ATMOBLUE is a modular design that has the interchangeable HEPA Caps when the filters are worn out which makes this easy and each HEPA filter lave the span of 150 hours. Their outer pro-skin is also interchangeable for your personalized fit according to your style.

ATMOBLUE is packed with high speed dual fans which draws fresh air with three airflow control settings and they don’t create any pressure like in other purifiers so that you can breathe fresh air easily.

These fans run on the inbuilt battery in ATMOBLUE and can run continuously for 3-5 hours and they can be rechargeable with the USB port, the light weight silicon seal of the ATMOBLUE offers great comfort and fits to every face sealing the openings tightly to make sure that no bad enters in.

Their patented head strap adds additional comfort to make sure that your ATMOBLUE doesn’t fall off when you are doing activities like running or other which need quick actions. Their ATMOBLUE comes with interchangeable skins to suit your style and weighs only 190 grams.

This ATMOBLUE can also be controlled with the app, the app is compatible with both iOS and Android and their i02 air control algorithm will adjust the speed of fans automatically depending up on the user activity needs and also helps in providing the air quality index.

Detailed Specification


ATMOBLUE is the world most compact and innovative air purification system that blocks 99.97% of Air particulates with the cutting-edge technology for the seamless breathing experience.

ATMOBLUE is designed for comfort and mobility to make the users access for fresh & filtered air and you can easily change the filters when they are worn out with the interchangeable HEPA CAP and also comes in different colors.

In ATMOBLUE they have used the H13 HEPA filters which offers maximum filtration & protection by blocking air particles with the pro-skin which is interchangeable and can be personalized to fit your preferred style, they have also included the AIR Fans which smartly draws air and keep them fresh.

ATMOBLUE inner core material is made with Silicone which make sure that no moisture or mark left when you removed the mask and you can attach head strap which adds flexibility and comfort.

The replaceable H13 HEPA filters are made with high-quality material and comes in multi-fold design which helps in blocking the particles with size of 0.3 microns or larger and uses the melt-blow, non-woven fabric to block harmful chemicals, bacteria, virus, pollen and more.

ATMOBLUE packed with the dual high-speed fans which continuously supply the air with three airflow settings so that user can adjust the speed and these air fans doesn’t create any air pressure so that you can breathe fresh air without any pressure.

ATMOBLUE are made for extreme conditions which multiple airflow settings allowing user to switch between modes wherever they are and the fan can last longer for 3-5 hours and they can be rechargeable with the USB port. The silicon is skin friendly which crates the tight seal for good air in and bad air out and fits to various faces while leaving enough space for movements and flexibility.

With the patented head strap of the ATMOBLUE the users can comfortably wear the air purifier and no need to worry about losing the mask from your face when you move around quickly and designed with high-quality materials for athletes.

ATMOBLUE also comes with app control proving the real time indicators like air index surrounds and their i02 air control algorithms which controls the fan speed depending on your activity.

ATMOBLUE unique modular skin system comes in four different color configurations they are Smoke, Pearl, Cement Grey and Light pink. The ATMOBLUE air purifier is priced at $149.5 each.

Plan For Launch

The idea of the ATMOBLUE for clean air is started in the year 2016 with many prototypes design changes over the past years with the 3D printing the Product will be made available to the market in later quarters of the year 2020 after manufacturing the product will be shipped to customers.

Company Details

This Air Purifier is developed by the company called ATMOBLUE. After facing the hazardous air levels for the first time in abroad after the launch in the Asia after first prototype with success and there are significant upgrades for the purifier like controls, batteries etc.

The team behind the ATMOBLUE which is made up with the international strategists’ designers and engineers with a member of nine with a mission of providing the fresh air to customers and they made with huge success by gaining the reddot design award and many other recognition awards.

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