Astro Slide – 5G Flagship Smartphone With Slide Mechanical Keyboard, 6.53 inch Display

The first 5G transformer smartphone, which is the pocket computer.

Astro Slide 5G Transformer-5
  • Astro Slide is the first 5G powerful smart phone that can be turned into a super-fast computer capable of doing heavy task from animation to communication with the dual 5G modem.
  • Astro Slide has the back-light Planet signature keyboard and supports 24 layouts, Astro Slide has the large 6.53-inch immersive beautiful display.
  • Astro Slide has all flagship features like Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1 and BLE audio and 3.5 mm jack with smooth android experience along with the Multi-OS boot support.

Astro Slide is the first 5G transformer smartphone, which is the pocket computer that converts into smartphone with simple form of action which is great for both work & play, crafted for the passionate people who like writing, typing and designed without compromising any feature that one need.

Astro Slide is a 5G flagship smartphone, which is the ultimate in mobile design, power and usability, Astro Slide is the first Planets transformers smartphone offering you the large display and packed with accessible keyboard when you need.

Astro Slide uses the Planet signature keyboard with a push of thumb with the display gently tilts up for optimal viewing angle transforming Astro into a powerful computer which gives the comfort to write documents, create animations and communicate.


Astro Slide is one of the fastest 5G device to be able announce till date, powered by the MediaTek Dimensity 1000 chipset which offers the twice performance of normal 5G chipset with reduce in power consumption achieving download speed up to 4.7 Gb/s with dual 5G modem.

Astro Slide is for the power users and long last for entire day with work & play, featured with Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.1, BLE Audio, NFC communications and wireless charging. Astro Slide has a 48 MP for rear cameras as well as front facing camera for video calling.

Planet signature back-light keyboard in the Astro Slide allows you to work comfortably at night and comes with the latest android Linux based android system with multi boot option.

Problem Solving By This Product


Astro Slide is a powerful computer in your pocket which gives the comfort of doing things with the patented Planet signature keyboard which is ready to use when needed.

The back-light in the Planet keyboard allows you to use the keyboard even in the night times without any external light and supports more than 24 layouts.

The Astro Slide 5G smartphone has the large FHD+ 6.53 inches display packed with the latest 5G MediaTek processor to do the intensive task quickly, the dual 5G modem in the Astro Slide gives the best 5G experience with the fast internet speeds of 4.7 Gb/s.

Astro Slide is a flagship smartphone that has the latest Bluetooth 5.1 and Wi-Fi 6 for faster connectivity and BLE audio technology with stereo speakers which gives the crisp and clear audio.

Astro Slide has the latest Android 10 with 6GB ram and even supports Multi-OS boot option just like in computers and 48 MP camera that captures the finest details, 3.5 mm jack and fingerprint sensor for security.

Astro Slide has NFC for secure payments and supports fast wireless charging packed with the massive 4000mAh battery which will last longer for one day even with heavy usage.

Detailed Features


1. 5G Flagship Phone : Astro Slide is the powerful smartphone which can be turned into a computer at your hand with a small push, being one of the fastest 5G flagship smartphone.

2. Patented Slider Keyboard : Astro Slide comes with the Planet signature keyboard which gives the comfort of doing all your work right at your palm right from the heavy tasks of animation creation to communication Astro Slide does everything in ease and quick. The Patented Planet Keyboard is back-lighted signature keyboard which allows you to comfortably work even during night without any other source of external light.

3. Advanced Processing Power : Astro Slide is powered with the latest MediaTek Dimensity 1000 chipset which gives the flagship performance with the optimized cores, superfast octa core CPU, 9 core GPU and Hexa core APU which consumes less battery with the latest cores and packed with a massive battery which last longer for entire day with continuous usage.

4. Memory And Storage : Astro Slide has 6GB Ram and 128 GB internal storage which all are flagship specs with two USB-C ports and audio jack for listening music, Astro Slide is installed with the latest android out of the box with Multi-OS Boot support which is a Linux bases android system.

5. Bigger Display : Astro Slide 5G smartphone comes with the large 6.53 inches touch screen display for ultimate experience both in using as smartphone or using horizontally as computer with the revolutionary Planet patented RockUp slider hinge with simply pushing the screen up with thumbs.

The display will tilt up slant inclined at 450 for best viewing experience and the Planet signature keyboard comes up to work on, you can do any stuff like the work same as in the Smartphone like writing, animation, communicate etc.

5. 5G Communication : Astro Slide 5G Transformer is more powerful and offers twice performance without any compromising in the download speed up to 4.7 Gb/s and upload speed up to 2.5 Gb/s packed with the Dual 5G modem than ever before in any other smartphone with Bluetooth 5.1 which is the latest Bluetooth technology along with the advanced Wi-Fi 6 which enhances the speed in every aspect and BLE Audio system which offers crisp and clear sounds. You can use two Nano SIM cards and one eSIM and also Micro SD card for additional storage.

6. Camera and Charging : Astro Slide also featured with NFC and wireless charging, Astro uses 48 MP rear facing camera and the same camera for front facing also for video calling and 5 MP front facing camera, with the finger print sensor and smart toggle buttons for security.

Model and Price


The Astro Slide comes with the black with silver edge color on the keyboard and priced at Rs 41,309 for early bird sale and Astro Slide 5G model is priced at Rs 48,208.

Technical Specifications

  • Communication : Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 6 (2 x 802.11ax)Dual 5G World-wide modem,
  • Dual SIM operation : Dual 5G Modem, SIM Dual Nano SIM + eSIM chip
  • Dimensions : 16.4×7.66×1.5 cm
  • Weight : 300 grams approx.
  • Display : Type Color FHD+ (20:9), Size 6.53 inches, Resolution 2340×1080, 395 ppi
    Multi-touch Yes
  • Operating System :  Android 10 OS, Linux Os compatible
  • Processing Unit : Chipset MediaTek Dimensity 1000, MT6889 Octa-core 5G SoC
    CPU 4x A77 @ 2.6 GHz, 4x A55 @ 2.0 GHz,
  • Graphics Processing Unit : ARM G77 9-Core, Manhattan 3.0: 120 fps, APU 3rd Generation 6-core, Total 4.5 TOPS
  • RAM : 6 Gb ultra-fast 4 channel LPDD4x
  • Internal storage : 128 GB
  • Camera : Rear Camera : 48 MP + Flash, Front Camera:  5 MP
  • Speakers & Mic : Stereo, Microphone Integrated ambient Microphone, 3.5 mm jack Yes
  • USB Connectivity : 2x USB Type c, OTG and Display port support
  • Keyboard :  Mechanical keyboard 24 layouts
  • Charging : Wireless charging along with fast charging
  • Sensors : Accelerometer, compass, light sensor, gyro, magneto-sensor, Fingerprint In-Display
  • Battery : 4000mAh

Plan For Launch

Astro Slide 5G Transformer is made available to the market in March 2020 after prototype and changes in design with the patented new technologies in the previous years and crowdfunding campaign is going on and will be shipped in later quarters of the year 2020.

Company Details

This Astro Slide 5G Transformer is developed by the company called Plant Computers who are responsible for the development of the world’s first mobile app store, mobile email service and portal between SMS and email by consistently turning ideas into reality. Planet computer is a UK mobile industry, they believe that when PDAs are faded in 1990 the users lost the ability to type comfortably on mobile phone which leads to the concept of the Astro Slide.