Arturia KeyStep pro Sequencing Masterpiece

A powerful musical tool.

Arturia Keystep pro Sequencing

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  • Arturia KeyStep Pro is a powerful wiring & song performance tool Keyboard crafted for professional and Kickstart musicians having all in one sequencing features.
  • Arturia KeyStep Pro has intuitive controls like 4 track sequence, 16 patterns per track making up to 64 steps and a chain feature to create a song.
  • Arturia KeyStep Pro has Chord mode, live recording, step recording & edit, OLED display for better interaction along with LED illumination.


When you have a collection of modular gear and synthesizers, drum machines, and all then the KeyStep Pro allows you to perform and gives perfect control over them.

There are four independent sequencers, controlling, drum machine you want. The sequencer features 16 patterns per track and each can be up to 64 steps long and contains 16 notes per step, while these patterns can be used to create a whole song.

There are 4 CV, Gate and Mod outputs along with 8 dedicated drum outputs, clocks, MIDI in, 2 MIDI outs and a metronome output, they offer USB for easy power. Arturia KeyStep Pro can easily sequence and arpeggiates your virtual instruments.

There is a crisp OLED display along with the LED illuminated controls which helps you in all situations to work with the Arturia KeyStep Pro.
This KeyStep Pro has power-pack features with easy chord mode and real-time recording. Performance-oriented sequencer and sustain pedal input.

Problem Solved By This Product


With the Arturia KeyStep Pro, you can very quickly change patterns, scenes and you can record live or in step time, this also allows you to edit on step time and 64 pattern step and 16 steps of polyphony.

This Arturia KeyStep Pro is a powerful songwriting & song performance tool and allows you to change all of the parameters while you are playing the song, touch strip helps to repeat short notes.

While the lighting on the top tells you which track you are playing. Arturia KeyStep Pro has 4 independent polyphonic sequencer tracks and 24 parts integrated drum sequencer and the intuitive controls that make the complex performance as a breeze.

There are 4 track step sequencers, melodic sequencers, drum sequencers and performance-oriented sequencers, there are a dedicated Chord mode, controller modes and MIDI in and out ports.

This Arturia KeyStep Pro offers sustain pedal input and has Crisp OLED display along with LED illumination that helps you even in the darker areas.

Detailed Specification

When you take a closer look on the Arturia KeyStep Pro, which has two MIDI outs and MIDI in and it’s got 4 control voltage out which included pitch, velocity or mod and gate, then KeyStep pro has 8 drum gate out.

Arturia KeyStep Pro has five different knobs that can assign to different things to change the quality of each step like pitch, gate or velocity, time shift or randomness, but in the controller mode all of a sudden the five knobs with any cc number of your choice.

Arturia KeyStep Pro has a powerful arpeggiator, which has seven different arpeggiator patterns and also you can change the number of octaves all the way from -1 to +3, you can also change the time divisions in real-time, you can also change the scale from chromatic, major, minor, Dorian, Mixolydian, major, minor blues and users scales.

You can also reroute the CV routing in real-time on the Arturia KeyStep Pro and start sending control voltage from any of the particular tracks or group them all onto one track, so you could have 4 notes of Quadrophonic on a particular track.

You can record in real-time or in step time on Arturia KeyStep Pro, you can also edit in step time and you can take these patterns up to 64 steps and you can have 16 notes of polyphony on every single step, which makes you very easy to edit.

With the Arturia, KeyStep Pro is a really powerful songwriting & song performance tool, as living like the arpeggiation and looks like the regular playable keyboard as well. This allows you to change all of the parameters in real-time while you are playing.

There is a touch strip down, which repeats a short section of the quarter, eight and sixteen or thirty-second notes, while all of the lights on the top indicates which track you are using which helps in step time chord building. With the MIDI channels, you can determine specific output MIDI channels per project with ease of navigation.

Arturia KeyStep Pro is loved by artists, musicians and all, there is an OLED display, and LED illuminated controls will help you even in the dark times to see, there are chains where you can link all up to 16 patterns to create a whole song.

The Scenes in the Arturia KeyStep Pro snapshots all of the sequence within a pattern, with projects everything will be in one place, you can unite all your gear with Arturia KeyStep Pro, you can control hardware, software and your DAW at the same time.

Dimensions 23.2 x 8.2 x 1.5 inches
Weight 2.7 Kg
Four track step sequencer 16 step buttons up to 64 steps per sequencer Up to 16 notes of polyphony per step
Melodic Sequencer Real-time recording, step recording, step editing Scale quantization with user scales Polyphonic CV outputs
Drum Sequencer 24 part drum sequencer Polyrhythm
Performance-oriented Sequencer Pattern randomization Quantized or unquantized recording Looper
Arpeggiator 7 arpeggiator modes, 5-octave range
Chord mode Yes
Controller mode Use 5 encoders for CCs Automate the CCs
Outputs 4x (CV, Gate , Mod) + 8 drum gate
Display Crisp OLED display
MIDI 1 in, 2 out and USB, clock synchronization
Sustain pedal input Yes

This Arturia KeyStep Pro is priced at $449.

Plan For Launch

This Arturia KeyStep pro is launched in the year 2020 and made available to the market in later quarters of the year after having enough stocks when the manufacturing process is completed. So the products will reach the customer’s home in later quarters of the year.

Company Details

This KeyStep Pro Sequencer is developed by a company called Arturia which is founded in the year 1999 in France. They are specialists in the development of music software & hardware for the professional and Kickstart musicians.

They have a team of passionate & dedicated people, they dare to create original and different instruments for newer experience and products and they operate over in 55 countries and have headquarters in France.

They also established their headquarters in the USA & Mexico in 2014, and their mission is to be user-friendly and to ensure that their work is creative in providing musicians a unique means of creation for the uncompromising performance.

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