Arlo Smart Audio Doorbell

Arlo Smart Audio Doorbell
  • Arlo Smart Audio Doorbell work with batteries and also has Bluetooth, NFC enabled functions that help users to response quickly.
  • Arlo Smart Audio Doorbell works with house chime and also compatible with existing mechanical or digital chime or can pair it with Arlo’s chime.
  • Arlo Smart Audio Doorbell can pair with Arlo cameras and works perfectly with Arlo, Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 cameras, so users can get the best view.

The Arlo Audio Doorbell is a fairly compact device when a person presses the button, the house owner can remotely answer a door from a phone or tablet. This doorbell seems to have a sleek rectangular shape at the top and bottom, with curved edges. Unique design features the company brand name, the doorbell push button, speakers, and mics as well. It is simple to install, wire-free and climate-resistant, and eliminates the conventional doorbell push button. When an owner cannot reply to a doorbell message, choose from the fast response provided. Mute the beep through the Arlo app, when the user doesn’t want to get interrupted. It can also pair with the current door chime or Arlo Chime separately.

Problem Solving By This Product

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Light, elegant and robust: The doorbell is operated via two AA batteries and is wireless and waterproof. The absence of a camera ensures that it is convenient enough to fit easily on the door frame in almost several minutes. It can be associated with many popular brands if the user has wired chime, but the battery is still essential for energy and will last up to a year with daily usage. Additionally, Arlo Chime is marketed through the business and conveniently plugs into an appropriate electrical socket and provides extra caller audio reminders.

Simple installation to endorse wired or wireless setups: Most of the installation is easy-especially if the user selected for a wireless system. The screws attach the back plate of the doorbell securely to the door frame (or any other surface) and the main body simply slips on. A small safety screw at the bell underneath holds the gadget in place.

We thought the built-in speaker and mic worked relatively well. Startup the Arlo mobile app and in less than a minute user will attach the doorbell to your device. The same refers to the cool and lightweight Arlo Chime, which is the same size and shape as the doorbell that has a fabric front identical to a Google Home platform. Plug in a socket take a couple of taps on mobile and done. Even though it might look like a classic door externally, the Arlo Audio Doorbell has some functionality that raises it over basic versions.

An embedded motion tracker can be programmed to send notifications to the user’s phone or email as callers reach. The absence of an embedded camera ensures that you’ll need to customize a rule to allow camera recording or cause an alert, however, it’s a relatively simple task.


Incredibly cost efficient: A Wireless Ring Doorbell camera is reliable and cost-effective. It extends far beyond a user comprehension if quantify the total value of all the advantages of it. Because of the incentive for this portable device, the user will pay maximum effort on the output. The possible explanation is you don’t have to reckon with the cost of concern from intruders. The user state of psychological happiness with modern technology on the surveillance system makes people more comfortable in everyday life.

Simple choice of intelligent qualities and email alerts: On pressing the button, outsiders and house owners can hear one of thirteen typical, contemporary or “luxurious” compositions with customizable volume through the device. If users have connected the doorbell to an Arlo device, you will notice a live feed that pops up with the caller message and can start conversations in two directions.

A selection of friendly – albeit repetitive – automated messages can be picked from the standard phrases app such as, “We’ll be right there,” or “Can I assist you?” Because the Arlo Audio Doorbell is a small device, it has noticed that its built-in speaker and microphone were working fairly well. Deliberation in both directions was fairly straightforward but the audio-recorded voice was slightly condensed.

A quiet mode that does not want to interrupt the user at that time user can mute the bell. Even still, the buzzer allowed callers to leave a voicemail message that is made available for further listening as an audio recording in the Arlo Collection. The company would love to be able to set a regular time for silent mode, but only have a manual toggle.

Doorbell triggered with auto-arming motion: Arlo Audio Doorbell is an auto-alarming movement-activated, with customizable audio controls, Wi-Fi enabled, weather-resistant, and movement sensors. It provides an ultra-slim look with an enhanced amount of security. It also provides even night functionality, on-demand live audio and two-way chat. It has dynamic warning zones and better Wi-Fi connectivity. Users will modify the motion region and can focus on their most significant regions. It will allow users to look over their home and respond to the door in real-time from anywhere at any time, any usual or adverse circumstances.

Detailed Specifications



From the comfort of an app on the user’s mobile, the Arlo doorbell enables them to answer to house visitors, guests, and delivery men. It has a seamless Arlo app (iOS and Android) on smart gadget so that users can receive notifications when someone presses the doorbell (or if another family member accepts the call). It can pair with Arlo cameras and works perfectly with Arlo, Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 cameras, so users can get the best view.

It is very easy DIY Set up with wireless design and the inclusion of all mounting parts. It works with house chime and also compatible with existing mechanical or digital chime or can pair it with Arlo’s chime.

It work with batteries and also has Bluetooth, NFC enabled functions that help users to response quickly. The dimension of the device is 3.6 x 1.8 x 1.1 in (92 x 44.8 x 27 mm) and the weight is 2.6 oz (75g).

The Arlo Audio Doorbell characteristics are:
1. Mobile notifications: get notifications on your phone when someone visits.
2. Remote communications: talk back to visitors.
3. Visitor messaging: visitors can record messages for you to pick up later.
4. Silent mode: silence the chime from the app when you wish to not be disturbed.
5. Quick-response replies: pre-record instant responses and play them back from your smart phone.
6. Wire-free & weather-resistant design.
7. Includes rolling 7-day cloud recording.

The Arlo Audio Doorbell System Requirements are:
1) Arlo wire-free cameras and base-station (sold separately)
2) Mobile device running iOS 10 or Android 6 or later
3) High-speed internet connection

Company Details

Arlo Technologies is a brand that makes wireless security surveillance, residential automation. The initial Arlo Surveillance system announced on Amazon and at Best Buy in the 4th quarter of 2014. Before its capital increasing on the New York Stock Exchange in August 2018, Arlo has been deemed a brand by Netgear.

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