Arlo Pro Rechargeable Wireless Security Camera

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  • Arlo Pro has a rechargeable long lasting battery with 2440 mAh that take the expense out of uninterrupted security.
  • Arlo Pro is 100% Wire-Free and can be place anywhere with no cords or wiring hassles.
  • Arlo Pro has sophisticated motion detection with a broad-angle PIR motion sensor, which means that no move passes through without warning.

Arlo Pro is the best wireless surveillance cameras as portable and one of the most powerful cameras ever made. It operates indoors or outdoors and provides a clear view on sunny days, under ambient light, and in the night. Attach super-simple setup mechanisms and the advantages of Arlo Pro are difficult to ignore.

The main concerns of the company are the number of warnings and the motion sensor’s susceptibility. Users like Wireless home security devices for comfort and versatility. The company’s models are 100 percent wireless because they use Wi-Fi connectivity and a battery-like wireless power source.

Problem Solving By This Product


Without any wires: The best and most accurate benefit of all is that users don’t need to worry wires around. It helps users to place a camera in any location they may want without having to link to an output. It also allows it less requiring to cover it up if users need it for security purposes. Nothing gives away a security camera such as a thick black wire that sticks down the wall.

Simple installation: For certain exterior security cameras, users have to drill holes in the wall and have a mounting device on it. While this may not be the most difficult task, installing a system to hold a camera can very well be boring. With a wireless surveillance system, setup is fairly easy and users can move the device in any direction they want. The mobility of the camera can also be taken care of, allowing the homeowner more freedom wirelessly.


Suitable for adaptation: There is an enormous amount of resilience that comes with wireless camera systems. Users can put the camera wherever they want, configure it to a large variety of settings and transfer it manually to another location without handling wires. It can save a lot of hassle having the ability to shift the device of home surveillance cameras and position them in high areas without caring about exposures.

High frequency receiver: Recipients of external surveillance cameras can be positioned from a basic wireless monitor seven hundred feet and ten miles away and still carry it. The gap depends solely on the type of camera users are purchasing. In addition to the range, it can pierce up to eight walls though. It includes most of the solid and heavy things of this nature such as timber, glass, rubber, metals and several other items.

Very reasonably priced: As it is wireless, fewer gadgets and adapters are typically required. It will encourage users to save cash on equipment and fully charge only for home surveillance camera systems. There have been several drawbacks of using a portable camera system that will be able to see before purchasing a device. And later, users will start to explore more and more benefits of portable home surveillance camera systems. In any scenario, the biggest advantage of a significant margin is the most obvious of all; that it is a wireless camera.

Safeguarded Surveillance video: Especially because wireless cameras generally come with security monitoring services, presently available wireless security systems transfer information directly to the server, which helps to maintain records perfectly safe. There’s not anything preventing people from interfering, and then destroying or stealing the security camera footage for good measure while the wired surveillance system records to a server on-site. Even with all attempts to destroy or erase any files, if users have wireless cameras installed the security video would remain available. Wireless surveillance systems also use top-rate digital data protection methods, keeping your video stream secure from both public and cyber criminals. Often, wireless cameras are designed to work on alternative power sources for long periods. Accordingly, they can continue working during the blackout.


Interference: Wired surveillance systems have some characteristics but wireless systems don’t have them. This is a consideration rendering it device vulnerable to inference. For example, whenever a robber wants to cut the cable which first connects a wired device before it breaks in, an alarm would sound. Although with a wireless connection, this is not the case. For wireless burglar alarm, discrete sensors interact with the control panel utilizing radio signals and most of its other parts. Certain devices that use microwaves will disrupt contact between these components and reveal the safety hazards to user enterprise. Frequency interference can trigger a false alarm in several situations. If this pattern continues, it may be tempting to disregard any warnings from the control panel managers. Several other objects can also interact with radio frequencies, such as metallic objects and electronic equipment positioned near sensors or the control center.

Detailed Specifications


The Arlo Pro Surveillance camera is a battery-operated Wi-Fi security camera with video quality 720p HD, weather-resistant IP65-rated, and night-vision with 850 nm LEDs illuminates up to 25 feet IR cut-off filter. Rain or shine, hot or cold, the IP65-certified Arlo Pro camera will brave it all.

It is 100% Wire-Free and can be place anywhere with no cords or wiring hassles. The HD Quality live stream and watch recordings in more brilliant detail than ever before. The camera also has a passive infrared motion sensor that captures a motion incident video when triggered, which informs the consumer on their smartphone.

It has a rechargeable long lasting battery with 2440 mAh that take the expense out of uninterrupted security. The two ways audio that can listen in and talk back through the built-in speaker and mic, straight from smartphone.

It has sophisticated motion detection with a broad-angle PIR motion sensor, which means that no move passes through without warning. The Arlo Basic 7-Day Cloud Recording comes with Arlo Basic service that lets users keep the past 7 days of motion and sound triggered recordings, for up to 5 cameras.


The local backup storage connects a USB drive to the Arlo Pro base station for optional local backup storage. The smart siren will stop crime before it happens with a 100+ decibel siren that can be controlled remotely, or triggered by motion or audio. The flexible powering options means it can be use wireless or plugged in, according to the choice.

It can works well with Amazon Alexa, the Google Assistant, IFTTT & Stringify. Everything will stay in total control all the time. Either users are using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, a click or two is all ever need to check in. The free Arlo app is available for iOS, Android, Apple TV and web browser.

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Company Details

Arlo Technologies is a brand that makes wireless security surveillance, residential automation. The initial Arlo Surveillance camera announced on Amazon and at Best Buy in the 4th quarter of 2014. Before its capital increasing on the New York Stock Exchange in August 2018, Arlo has been deemed a brand by Netgear.