Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera

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  • Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera is having a modern wire-free technology, since smart security manufactures have wised up and taken advantage.
  • Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera has the LED floodlights on the both sides of the camera fixing the camera in between the lights. So that it can capture the good quality videos in the night light.
  • Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera is weather resistant according to the company reports.

Everyone hassle about the security in today’s world with smart technology and even smarter than ever and complicated with a thought of how and where to place the camera, without any difficulty to maintain and to install and to see the things in a clear way in the night times with all the security functionalities and features, Arlo Pro 3 which makes you feel more safer than ever with its clear capturing in the floodlight with two way communication like never before record the videos In 2k HDR mode, that also triggers the built in siren.

Switching between 3 different light patterns when an object triggered or event happens which scares the thieves. Also, you can adjust the light intensity through the app with build-in calling emergency services by calling 911 through the app. With an outstanding battery life of six months in a single charge.

Detailed Features


1. This device is fortunately having a modern wire-free technology, since smart security manufactures have wised up and taken advantage.

2. This Arlo has the LED floodlights on the both sides of the camera fixing the camera in between the lights. So that it can capture the good quality videos in the night light.

3. The cables are just limit the place you can put the device; they also make installing security systems work more than they are worth. This Arlo pro 3 fixes it by 100% Wi-Fi free connectivity which make it free of power cords and wiring hassles.

4. You need not to worry about the video quality to miss the details of evidences. This device is packed with the 2k HDR video recording that allows to zoom in objects for a closer look and it has the 160- degree diagonal view allows the camera to take in as much of the scene as possible.

5. This little one has the two-way communication that allows you to not only see the things in front of it also talk with whoever in front of your door.

6. Besides the rest of the normal security camera features this one has the smart siren that can be triggered automatically in response to an event or even remotely via the mobile app, you can be notified through that when someone came in front of the camera.

7. To ensure the visibility it has the floodlight around the camera which make it visible to see the things clear in the complete dark also this is the one main feature that pushes this device far ahead from the normal security ones.

8. The ambient light sensor intensity is adjustable to preserve battery life as well as preventing the blind people who visits you home.

9. Arlo told that the floodlight has 2000 lumens of brightness at its top setting, which isn’t quite as much as some wired floodlight cameras, if you can do so it will boost the performance to 3000 lumens.


10. According to the company this one will lose its complete charging for six months in one charge on low usage setting which was incredible.

11. They are providing the 3 months trail of Arlo smart subscription service for storing and viewing recorded videos in the cloud.

12. If you wish to not pay for subscription then you can pair the Floodlight camera with an Arlo base station to back up recordings to USB drive.

13. Arlo smart subscription also gives you access to the company e911 feature. Which will contact the emergency services closest to your home when you contact 911 through Arlo’s app, even if you are not near your home when making that call.


14. The Arlo floodlight camera is weather resistant according to the company reports.

15. Arlo says the floodlight camera has an ambient light sensor it can use to automatically turn on when it is dark outside, you also have the feature that you can specify how dark or bright you want it before the light turns on.

16. The floodlight has three different light patterns constant, flashing and pulsating which you can control manually or set when certain automation are triggered.


  • Video Resolution 2K HDR
  • Field of View 160 degrees
  • Max intensity 2000-3000 lumens
  • Connectivity Wi-Fi
  • Weather resistant Yes
  • Light patterns Constant, pulsating, flashing
  • Siren Built in siren
  • Battery Not mentioned

Plan For Launch

This product is brought in the year 2020 January in the CES and opt an awarded for it stunning features

Out of Box

You will be having the Arlo pro 3 floodlight camera and the user manual to quick setup and how to use that.


This device is priced at $250. While there are many other competitors for this product in the market. Since it is wired free which pushes the limitations out of boundaries for this one.


There are no major cons to speak for this device except, they didn’t mention the battery capacity and how many it takes and how many days it will last long for one charge. Though the price seem to be high for the people whose house are sounded by the floodlights, it will have only 3 months of trail and additionally it takes the 3$ per month of subscription, since it is capturing the 2K video we pretty sure that it will take more internet to upload them in the cloud, The field of view is not 1800 while the other security cameras are providing it.

They didn’t mention whether the camera is IP65 certification or not. Not even they mentioned the temperature range for this camera. They didn’t mention whether the batteries are to be removed or to be changed officially. In the launch event they said it has extendable rechargeable batteries.

Company Details

This product is developed by Arlo which is operated by the Arlo technologies. They manufacture hardware devices like lights, cameras, doorbells and base station devices, their Arlo websites and any associated subscriptions, content services, accounts and mobile apps streaming video sites and technical support and services via Arlo websites and all other web services associated with Arlo products. This is a home automation company which is founded in the year 2014, it is considered as brand in the year 2018 august. The chief executive officer is Matthew McRae. The company headquarters were located at San Jose, California, U.S, Having only 319 employees in the year 2018 they succeeded in the advanced technology.

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