Arkade Blaster- The FPS Motion Controller with Haptic Feedback

Arkade Blaster- The FPS Motion Controller with Haptic Feedback-
  • Arkade Blaster will give new meaning to the first-person player shooting games with all real-world experience and compatible with tons of games across cross platforms like iOS, Android and PC.
  • Arkade Blaster comes with the Motion tracking with 1800 and 3600 modes with quick response and accuracy with high-precision gyroscope for perfect point shoot action.
  • Arkade Blaster integrated Haptic Feedback will give you immersive experience at every shot, LED status for in game information statistics.

Everyone loves to play games when it comes the shooting games and the first-person shooting games, they player don’t experience anything in the real world rather than simply sitting on place and playing game, they won’t get any real experience in snipping and killing.

Arkade Blaster gives the real time experience with shooting and give you insane real world and Arkade Blaster supports hundreds of game titles including PC and Mobile games, Arkade Blaster works from Call-of-duty to Counter strike and from fort-night to PUBG. With the built in high-precision gyroscope that creates an immersive experience when you off the coach with the Arkade Blaster. Enjoy your favorite game with the motion controls that track player moment feature with the Arkade Blaster.

With the lethal point and shoot action trigger you are completely on to the game physically, Arkade Blaster gives you quick response time without latency in the game. Arkade Blaster connects with the multiple platforms including iOS and Android, even to PC, with the companion app you can stream your PC game directly to the mobile device and play the game.

Arkade Blaster also works the NVIDIA GeForce enabling you to live stream your favorite game without using PC.

Problem Solving By This Product


The Arkade Blaster gives you the real experience in gamin with the motion tracking system embedded, which gives you quick response over without latency and allows you play your favorite game in two modes.

The 1800 degrees mode which makes you to sit quite comfortable and play the game in the wide screen display by just aiming and firing, and the 3600 mode which gives complete sense to control your character like you and make you feel as the character in game increasing excitement and gives fitness to your workout.

Arkade Blaster supports latest games which are available for iOS, Android as well as in PC, the high precision gyroscope in the Arkade Blaster gives you perfect aim over enemies in shoot action.

You can do live streaming with a single button on the Arkade Blaster instantly, the LED status bar on the Arkade Blaster will give you the game statistics like ammo, health etc.

The powerful Haptic Feedback used in the Arkade Blaster will give the detail shot experience to feel and play, with the Arkade App you can configure your settings and enjoy your game.

No need of games Arkade Blaster also works fine with the cloud streaming services you can always enjoy your game online and works fine with NVIDIA GeForce and Stream Link services to play.

Detailed Specification


Arkade Blaster gives you the real time immersive experience and compatible with most of the top PC and Mobile games to rejoice in the shooting world with excitement while playing the first-person games.

Arkade Blaster offers 1800 degrees playing when connected to the PC games and 3600 degrees when connected to the smartphone that increases your adrenaline levels on your body. Arkade Blaster also works with the cloud streaming services on iOS or Android phones with the Arkade APP to stream and also with the NVIDIA GeForce and Stream Link.

With the Arkade Blaster you can play hundreds of AAA games and easily switch between multiple platforms, powered with the motion tracking with quick response time and heart pounding 3600 degree gameplay on your favorite game, the high precision built in gyroscope enables you to be pointed on the exact aimed point for shooting games.

With the Arkade A button you can do instantly live stream your gameplay to your YouTube channel, the LED lights on the Arkade Blaster gives you the in-game information like ammo, health and number of people watching and other stats.

Integrated Haptic Feedback this is the core feature that gamer love to experience every shot they got and every impact they encounter with the haptic motor in the Arkade Blaster, they have mentioned the games that are compatible enough with the Arkade Blaster.


You will get off your coach with the 3600-degree mode, Arkade Blaster is a controller which gives complete meaning for the FPP games all about moving your character in game aiming at the enemy and shooting at heads will you perfect workout for your fitness. The 1800 degrees mode is like blast and chill on sitting place in front of large monitor and using the Arkade app to scale down your gyroscope settings.

The Arkade app unleashes the full power of the Arkade Blaster with the custom key mapping and adjusting motion settings and simply browse the gaming list of compatible games and config the live streaming settings to go.

There are many variants of the Arkade Blaster, the Arkade Blaster is priced at Rs 7,576 , also same price for the PewDiePie Blaster demonic Blaster also. The eSports 3Bundle Pack is available for Rs 22,576  and 5-Bundle Pack for RS 32,525.

Plan For Launch

This Arkade Blaster is made available in the market in the later quarters of 2020. Currently Arkade Blaster is in the production stage with many units after the campaign in many platforms to support, after many changes in its design and prototypes of circuit boards, software and firmware changes.

Company Details

This Gaming console Blaster is designed by the company called Arkade. Joshua Fuchs is the CEO of the Arkade company, Joel Cart is the Co-CEO of the Arkade company they are the doer of the company implementing any idea, they started gaming many.

They believe that the if there is any category in video game, it should be the first-person shooter while they grew up, they are huge fan of shooting games like duck hunter. They are inspired by the shooting games and thought that you don’t do anything in the real world only snipping in the games by sampling sitting on the chair.

They believe that one should be more involved in the action and that’s where the concept of the Arkade blaster is developed. Arkade Blaster works fine with every game and they are confident about their technology and also supports the upcoming games.

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