AR Warriors – Cool Multiplayer Game Controller For Action Games

AR Warriors: Game Controller for Multiplayer-3
  • AR Warrior Game Controller has the strong mounting holder for ultra-steady experience for all sizes & models, with the *BLE technology to reduce the power consumption.
  • AR Warrior Game controller uses the mechanical push buttons to fire, scope, pickup things. Convenient for any age people above 10 years.
  • AR Warriors is an open game platform so developer can contribute to modify the functionalities of the controller and game as well, the controller also supports extensions like optical sight.

AR Warrior is a convenient and reliable gaming controller for multiple AR shooters which is specifically designed for outdoor gaming experience, the main advantage for the controller is the same name game AR Warriors which is multiplayer shooter game combined with the augmented reality to play with friends as in game characters in normal world while shooting in AR.

AR Warrior controller gives the new experience for the shooting game to play out of touch with real human player tactics in the ground, their application recognized the graphic labels, barcodes of the players through the smartphone camera to record the damage while shooting just by sticking barcode to the players to recognize in the game.



AR Warriors is compatible with both iOS and Android, their mounting technology will perfectly hold any smartphone, they have push button controls on the controller to actively shoot player while running. The Controller is made from the eco-friendly ABS plastic which is safe for health. Their application is made open source for any game developers to design their custom actions for the Controller.

They are also designed many add-ons to the AR Warrior to take the game experience to next level by adding barcodes specifically to the Shirts to recognize and optical sight that will be attached to the camera of mounted smartphone which acts as sniper rifle scope in games.

Problem Solving By This Product


  1. AR Warrior game controller gives the real game experience combined with the augmented reality, which helps to play out from couch involving body exercise.
  2. With the *BLE technology in the AR Warrior Game controller helps in reducing the battery consumption of the smartphone for longer game play.
  3. Mechanical Push button controls used in the AR Warrior Game Controller will help you to continue the game relentlessly without any interruptions unlike the other controllers touching the screen while gaming.
  4. Their open source platform of the AR Warriors will help developers to config their own settings for the Warrior controller and game modules in future.
  5. This AR Warrior Game controller is very convenient and can be used by kids of any age, built with the eco-friendly plastic material which is shockproof and safe.
  6. Their GPS system will help to detect the location other players in the game map as well as supplies, they have created add-on for intense game lovers to be attached to convert your camera into scope with Optical sight, T-Shirts to recognize other players by scanning the bar codes with the computer vision. Moreover, this game supports up to 16 players which is insane.

Detailed Specification


AR Warrior gaming controller is very convenient especially designed for multiplayer games to play in outdoor with real experience in shooting, the AR Game Controller will hold your smartphone strongly and fits perfectly to any of smartphones even in intense gaming.

AR Warriors used the *BLE technology to pair with your smartphone very quickly with lower power consumption than the regular Bluetooth connection which allows to play your games for longer period by saving your smartphone battery.

Considering the inconvenience in playing the games while touching the screen during game play, they have integrated push button controls which are mechanical buttons present on the side of the controllers body with triggers that helps you to boost your gaming experience, this AR Warriors is designed by balancing the weight and dimensions so that the Controller can be hold by everyone above 10 years.

AR Warrior controller is made up with the ABS plastic material which is eco-friendly to ensure the safety of the players while playing, they have used the same plastic on the Lego which is shockproof and safe for children.

AR Warriors is an open gaming platform for the developers to design the functionality of both AR Shooter controller and for the game as well so that everyone can able to develop their own compatible games with AR Warriors hardware.


The basic version of the AR Warrior Game controller is ready for active AR games, but they have added extensions and Add-ons for those who seek immersive real experience, the optical sight which will be attached to the smartphone camera to turn your controller gun into a sniper rifle. The AR shooter T-Shirt which comes with the printed barcode to recognize players in game.


They have developed this AR Warrior after the game named AR warrior which supports Augmented reality based on computer vision and supports multiplayer up to 16 compatibles with both iOS and Android with four modes in each game.

The computer vision in the AR Warrior game application recognize the graphic labels for damage, health of other players through the camera, you can attach barcode in three ways by attaching the stickers to your shirts or print on them using printer or order a T-Shirt with already printed barcode.

The GPS allows you to locate other player and items in the game map or weapons dropped by the other players when they are killed.

The AR Warrior Game Controller along with two Headbands is priced at $60 for early bird sale, while the sergeant of the AR pack is priced at $80 which includes AR Warrior controller with 2 headbands and a T-Shirt.

The warrant officer of the AR Warrior set is priced at $100 which includes an optical sight along with the sergeant pack.

Plan For Launch

In June 2018 they released alpha version of the game for android with creation and testing of game controllers from January to December 2019. The first prototype for the AR Multiplayer controller in January 2020, with the Kickstarter campaign in March along with the engineering process and product test in June with refinement in the design evaluation in July. Mass production of the AR Warrior controller will begin in the year August and shipment in 2020 with the updates and improvements in wishes of new players.

Company Details

This AR Multiplayer controller is developed by a team, who spend years in research and development with many iterations, trails and in prototyping with the Alpha version in 2018 for their first game in Augmented Reality. ILLIA KOKAREV who is the lead game designer in the team and Eugen Krekoten who is the founder of the AR Warriors team and software engineer as well.

They have attracted many players with Augmented reality concept for game and believed that only smartphone screen will not be enough to give real experience to the shooting games, which becomes the concept for the physical game controller.