Aptera Solar Charging Vehicle

Decreases the usage of fuel and reduce air and environmental pollution.


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  • Aptera Solar charging vehicle uses the unparalleled aerodynamic for greater efficiency which are 13 times more than pickup truck and 3 times more than normal small electric car.
  • Aptera Vehicle uses the sun’s solar energy to power up the vehicle which runs for 40 miles a day and 1000+ miles with a single charge. Aptera has a great passenger safety with strong passenger cell.
  • Aptera Solar charging vehicle also has the autonomous driving mode with only 10 key structural parts and designed with the AI to be lightweight and stronger.


There are many ways of transportation from which some are efficient while some are not, feeling that the efficient transportation need three thing to be said only then it would be efficient, they are light weight, aerodynamics and effective fuel use. While most of the fuel using vehicles are wasting the resource and burning up them by not using effectively which results in the air pollution and consumption of natural resources as well.

Aptera is a vehicle which is lightweight, aerodynamic and electric which increases the efficiency of the usage, with the aerodynamics which are unparalleled picking up 13 times more efficiency than a pickup truck and 3 times more efficient than the small electric car. Aptera is only about half weight in normal small electric car and puts over 90% of the battery packs energy into propelling the car with even better regenerative braking to add to the range which adds up to a car capable of over a thousand miles of range while sipping the energy from the sun and provide comfort, safety and fun driving experience.

Problem Solving By This Product


Aptera Solar charging Vehicle uses the solar energy rather than the fuel which decreases the usage of fuel and reduce air and environmental pollution with the effective usage of energy.

The aerodynamic design of the Aptera which is 13 times better than pickup truck and 3 times better than the normal small electric car increases the efficiency of the car. With the 100Wh battery Aptera can run for one mile per day and with the solar energy the vehicle runs 40 miles per day which is insane for normal usage even if there are works.

Aptera uses only 10 key structural parts for building the car increasing the strength and efficiency in aerodynamics. Which reduces the price of the parts and make this vehicle affordable to purchase.

Aptera Vehicle provides great passenger safety with the strong passenger cell, even if there is any accident happen the vehicle will leave you unscathed which is not observed in most of cars.

Aptera Solar Vehicle also has the efficient and autonomous which is featured with the advanced Co-Pilot system which helps you to sit back and enjoy while the car drive itself.

Detailed Specification


Aptera is the new level of efficiency transportation with the unparalleled efficiency of 13 times in aerodynamics better from pickup truck and 3 times better than the small normal electric car.

Aptera packed with the solar energy system which powers the car to run for miles which saves the usage of electricity to charge the vehicle even the electric vehicles are not good efficient to run the car for more miles.

Aptera Solar car uses 100Wh per mile for daily drive and can run 40 miles a day which is more than enough for the normal person to use the car. Using the Solar energy Aptera is the revolutionary change in the electric vehicles.

Aptera figured out how much average distance that their vehicle can go with the sunlight available in your region marking from 0 to 12 with the maximum mileage of 29.2 to 41.6 miles per day, Aptera Solar Electric vehicle is the whole new level of safety for the riders riding the vehicle.

Aptera uses the advanced science which encompasses a composite passenger safety with the implementation of strong cell material on the front, even when an accident happen restricting the cause to the front itself which will not be seen in today’s vehicles.

Aptera follows the efficiency in every aspect even in construction of the solar vehicle to increase the car stability and aerodynamics they have used only 10 key structural parts while the other electric vehicles in the market are using more than 300. Aptera uses only fewer parts since, building the parts would be easier and leads to lower consumption.

Aptera offers more than 1000 miles of journey with a single charge and their auto pilot system hardware which is developed with a large Japanese OEM which completes the driving task faster, quicker and safer than the other electric auto-pilot cars available, Aptera is lightweight which bring the efficiency because of the parts are designed with the AI to optimize the strength with lowest materials and weight.

They have used resin-infused sandwich core construction which is extreme lightweight and stronger than the steel parts even they have decided to distribute their vehicles in cost reduced distribution using direct to consumer delivery.

The Aptera Solar Electric Vehicle is targeted to price in between $34K-$59K since they are not produced yet you can pre-order the Aptera for $34K.

Plan For Launch

The idea of the Aptera Solar charging vehicle is started in the year 2019 with the investors and deposit holders and then in 2020 the first prototype will be made in first quarter and production plan will be funded such as tooling and factory buildouts will start. In 2021 the pre-production of the vehicles will begin testing with the beta deliveries.

Then in the first quarter of the year 2021 the 6 passenger Aptera Design begins with the idea of fully autonomous vehicle sets for the new standard large vehicle efficiency, the production run rate will be 1000 per year in 2022 and will be increased on after years.

Company Details

This Solar charging vehicle is developed by the company called Aptera, their mission is to develop most efficient vehicle on the planet by trying to solve the problem with inefficiency of using fuels for vehicles instead of using the solar energy which is free and offers more miles than the carbon, they believe that the efficient transportation is crucial in future with the limitations in the natural resources.

Aptera is not only inspired to develop cars and also want to make the people in the planet safe with sustainable development. Micheal Johnson is the co-founder of the company, while Steve Fambro and Chris Anthony serving as CEO’s for the company.

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