Apple Watch Series 6 Always-on-display Smartwatch

A complete Smart health & fitness care.

APPLE Watch Series 6

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  • Apple Watch Series 6 has a blood oxygen sensor in addition will heart rate and activity tracking sensor making this a complete smartwatch for your health.
  • Apple Watch Series 6 has Always-on-display with improved brightness and fast charging, battery life, sleep tracking.
  • Apple Watch Series 6 comes with a more powerful & battery-efficient S6 chip and supports watch-face customization.


Apple Watch Series 6 comes with a slightly brighter Always-on-display which is cool and has faster charging compared to previous generations and a new sensors for blood oxygen.

Now the sleep tracking is built in with the Apple Watch Series 6, which is pretty simple by swiping up the notification panel up and turn on sleep tracking your display goes black and start tracking.

Apple Watch Series 6 is powered with S6 chip which is better efficient and last all day and you will get ECG anywhere anytime wearing the watch to your wrist.

Problem Solved By this Product


Apple Watch Series 6 will the future of your health that has the Blood oxygen sensor, which will keep you healthy all the time and alert you when needed, you can also take ECG at any time.

With the Apple Watch Series 6 you can see the metrics at a glance and has the enhanced Always-on-display which connects more to life. That also supports fast charging to make the things simpler.

The new sensor is made of four sensors of LED clusters and four photodiodes which determine the blood oxygen levels and integrated sleep tracking system within the app, so you can track bedtime routine and all.

Apple Watch is well known for the fitness tracking activities very accurately in being best in class & precise than ever with heart rate sensor as well.

The wrist band of the Apple Watch Series 6 is now flexible and comes in two extra colors called red & blue, they call solo Loop and you can now customize the watch faces as you like depending up on the mood.

Detailed specification

Apple Watch Series 6 is the best smartwatch in the Series, but hits the majority of the customers with the blood oxygen sensor and tons of other cool features too.

Though Apple Watch Series 6 is impossible to distinguish from its predecessor, there are new color options and still has the square shaped beautiful screen and comes in two different sizes they are 44mm and 40mm.

Apple Watch Series 6 has slightly fast-charging over the previous generations and the watch will take 0 to 100% in over two hours, which helps in reducing the charging time to enjoy the new features.

Watch Series 6 has a new sleep tracking feature in WatchOS 7 and the watch also has a new processor in it, which improves the animation speed and battery life.

The Always-on-display screen of the Apple Watch Series 6 is brighter than previous ones and this time there is third-party app support for many things, Google Maps and more detailed weather apps.

Apps can now put more than one on a single watch face which offers more customization and it is easier to set-activity-based watch faces now and there is a built-in stopwatch in addition to the stopwatch app in Apple Watch Series 6.

Watch Series 6 has native sleep tracking, which pushes you to use Apple’s wind-down bedtime feature and the Fitness Plus Services in the Apple Watch that displays your health stats on the top of workout videos.

While every company is focusing on customer health will be vital and the blood oxygen sensor used in this Apple Watch Series 6 is more reliable than the others in the market.

Blood oxygen can work in two different ways in Apple Watch Series 6, firstly that can measure your blood oxygen manually by resting your arm for 15 seconds and other is the Watch itself calculate the blood oxygen when you are going about your day or sleeping.

Blood oxygen level lower than 95 indicates that there is some problem with you else you are fine to go. Despite of the sensors, Apple Watch Series 6 is best smartwatch for the iPhone and will be the good fitness & health tracker.

This Apple Watch Series 6 comes in two different sizes they are 44mm and 40mm case size

  • Dimensions 44 x 38 x10.4mm
  • Weight 47.1 grams
  • Resolution 448 x 368 pixels
  • Protection Sapphire crystal glass
  • Always-on-display Yes
  • OS WatchOS7
  • Chipset Apple S6
  • CPU Dual-core
  • GPU PowerVR
  • Internal 32GB 1 GB RAM
  • Loudspeaker Yes
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • GPS Yes
  • NFC Yes
  • Sensors All sensors including SpO2, heart rate and blood oxygen.
  • Charging Wireless
  • Colors Silver, Graphite, Gold, Red and blue

This Apple Watch Series 6 is priced at $399.

Plan for launch

This Watch Series 6 is launched in the year 2020 and will be made available in later quarters of the year, after completion of the manufacturing process when they have enough stocks.

Company details

This Watch Series 6 is developed and designed by the company called Apple which is famously known for its brand value creating premium products without any compromises in material and built as well as price.

Steve jobs who is the Founder & started the company as a US-based company, starting with computers and later they explored in every field like smartphones, smartwatches etc.

That leads to the creation of a computer in a custom-molded plastic case and then things turned up with competition from IBM leads to Macintosh’s development.

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