Apple Latest Announcement at WWDC about the TVOS, WatchOS, iPadOS

apple wwdc
  • Apple’s new ARM-based Max will run iPhone and iPad applications.
  • All the new iOS 14 TV OS watch OS iPad iOS for 3 is updated as well.
  • Apple also stopped about the new chip and claim that Apple silicone is real.

At the recent WWDC 2020, the annual worldwide developer’s conference Tim Cook started with addressing the empty auditorium. He talks about the black lives matter and Corona Virus before it launched announces of iOS 14 with new home screen redesign and new widgets. It was announced that public betas will start in next month as the usual ship in the fall and also about the iPad OS 14, Mac OS Big Sur, TV OS and watch OS will also be updated. Among all the big news is Apple’s highly anticipated move to ARM-based chip away Intel intended to deliver better performance at lower power consumption than before. They claims that support is just a simple recompile for developers. They also added that more magic for AirPods, as smart switching the connection across devices comes to rescue. Not only this but it will provide more Granville option for location tracking and will give developers a way to show you more detail about what they are capturing. There was also a preview of new Apple TV plus show foundation and better multi user support in TV OS lets you pick up where you left off in the game and its new support Xbox Elite and Xbox Adaptive controllers. This new Apple TV has lots and lots of screens under its belt. Let’s go in the specification in detail.

iOS 14

With iOS 14 there are new capabilities for Siri; including a Google translate like app for life conversation translation, messages updated with the ability to pin, improvement in a group conversation and a lot more for the Memoji customization. Not only this but it has new features with maps to such as cycling navigation for more cities evil routing to elevate worries about running out of juice en route. With this new browsing feature from iPad, Apple provides picture-in-picture to the iPhone in iOS 14, that gives a floating thumbnail of a video if you switch to look at your home screen or any other app. Apple also devices the home screen with the bolt new tool called app library and the ability to put dynamic widgets on the home screen.

iPad OS 14

No doubt that you will found that same redesigned widgets as iOS 14, but the iPad always improves photos navigation with a sidebar that has also been integrated into several of Apple’s applications with tapping and dragging. In this new iPad OS, the search option has been redesigned to work from anywhere and to operate more like a spotlight on the desktop. You come back notification for incoming calls are won’t obscure your screen. There is an addition of a new scribble app that provides handwriting recognition note-taking for use with apple pencil and the ability to cut and paste more intelligently.

Watch OS 7

Watch OS 7 customize your apple watch face with multiple complications like customizing is easier along with the addition of some new faces. With this new feature, you will be able to share faces as well. You and your body both will also appreciate the new dance routine stool jazz up your work out. And at the time another end of the spectrum will also add sleep tracking. With the update of this new OS, the watch will be able to track your hand washing as well.

On June 20, there was a launch of Apple RMB step into several devices that are coming into the adaptation nowadays. You will find all these new features intact with several devices in the coming weeks.

Apple claims that the performance will be great and partners like Adobe and Microsoft will also be on board with their application at launch. Apple also claims that all these new processors provides great support and is also just a simple recompile for developers. They announced that Catalyst-compiled iOS and iPad OS apps and games will run natively starting on day one.

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