Anova Precision Cooker Pro Sous Vide Makes Perfect Taste For Your Meal

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  • Anova Precision Cooker is designed to cook food precisely at specific temperatures where the taste of the food becomes perfect.
  • Anova Precision Cooker has the 1200 Watts of heating power with flow rate of 12 liters per minute, heating up to 100 liters of water at a time.
  • Anova Precision Cooker is easy & flexible to use with simply attaching mechanism and touch to break, Wireless connectivity allows to prepare food even you not in home.

Every table at their homes expecting a good tasted meal for every time being seated, missing a second to take the meal out from the fire will change the difference in its taste. Seeking perfection on the taste using many things will make you tedious by overcooking or even undercooking your food, waiting for the day to see the perfect taste of the meal.

The Sous Vide Precision cooker pro will always give you perfect results ever time, by circulating the water at the exact temperature for perfect meal no matter what dish it might be, Sous vide cooker pro will never over cook or undercook your meal.

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Problem solving by this product

  • The major problem in cooking of a perfect meal is no longer with Anova precision cooker pro.
  • Sous vide cooking is the perfect level of doneness for nearly any food like chicken, eggs, beef anything, Ability to lock in flavor and moisture during the cooking process taste reside awesome.
  • Sous cooker pro is tough enough not like others to meet the damages that is ready to meet even from the master chef in a restaurant.
  • Anova cooker pro is able to heat up to 100L of water in a covered container and can run for 10000 hours without getting overheated or down.
  • Anova Precision cooker pro is very easy to carry anywhere, even it is good for camps and any place you go all you need a power supply and a container to ready your food.
    Water resistant and Splash proof makes the Anova cooker pro to resist itself 30 minutes even in underwater and splashes that are poured on cooker pro while cooking.
  • Anova Sous Vide offering consistency in cooking at specific temperature and for specific time to boil the food for very consistent result in taste over and over again, traditionally prepared food dries out which leads to wastage of food by reducing the volume of the flesh due to dry out, while Anova Sous vide offers you to prepare food with flexibility by not concerning about the taste and time to cook just hanging on other works.


  • The Anova Precision Sous Vide cooker pro come in the size of a wand,
  • The locking wheel on the side allows you to fasten it on the tea container or a pan and a thumb wheel near it to remove the whole part aside to wash the cooker pro.
  • The display on the Anova Precision cooker pro is a square one with elevated screen on the top, Anova app allows you the ability to control and monitor your cook form the outer locations, Anova Precision Pro utilizes an improved Wi-Fi connection to pair with your home’s network and ensures that you will be always able to start, stop or check it while you are away. You can even connect with the Bluetooth and control the temperature and whatever to make a go perfect meal, so no need to worry about when you are in out and think about the food being cooked in the home.

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  • Anova Precision pro is powerful, Durable as well as Precise and built for any type of the kitchen you have, with continuous usage and ready for any task you throw at it.
  • Anova adopted the Sous Vide technique offering you the restaurant style delicious food by cooking the meal at specific temperature under vacuum to get perfect food you need, it offers you consistency in cooking for precise amount of time and expecting consistent results, while this ensure the food in moist and tender.
  • Using Sous vide the food never be wasted while the traditional cooking results in shrinking of the steak and flesh due to drying out, also offering the flexibility in cooking no need of paying attention towards the meal while it is getting ready, there is no worry about overcooking.
  • With 1200 watts of power along with the flow rate of 12 Liters per minute that designed to run continuously Anova Precision Cooker Pro is an absolute workhouse with the ability to heat up 26 gallons of water at a time, so that you can make a meal for your neighbors on weekend or for a holiday feast.
  • Anova Precision Cooker Pro is built to resist the damages that it has to face while cooking in a kitchen. Made up of stainless steel and Teflon coated aluminum with the watertight control board, ready to survive when it is dropped on the floor or submerged in underwater, you can use it without any tension.

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  • Power Consumption : 1800 Watts/ 220Volts
  • Flow Rate : 12Liters/min
  • Max Cook Size : 100 Liters
  • Durability : Stainless steel and Teflon coated aluminum IPX7 Water and Splash resistant
  • Temperature Accuracy : +/- 0.050 c(0.090F)
  • Temperature Range : 00-920C (320-1970F)
  • Touch Screen : Capacitive touch screen
  • Dimensions : 88mmx60mmx350mm  (3.46×2.6×13.78 inches)
  • Weight : 1.29 Kg’s
  • Min water level :62mm
  • Max water level : 170mm
  • Connectivity : Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz
  • APPs Support :  IOS and Android
  • Price : Anova Sous vide Precision Cooker pro is priced at 300$ (22,200 Rs.)

Plan for launch

This Anova Precision Sous Vide Cooker Pro is made available to the market in the year 2019 May after completion of prototyping and launch.

About Company

This Precision cooker pro is developed by the company called Anova. They are proud of the devices they have created with Precise, Consistent and Simple. They are always proud of their food community. Believing that everyone has a seat at the table and engage to the customers.

Most importantly, what they have learned along the way that Anova is more than just a device. It’s a way to transform everyday cooking into a meaningful, personal and positive experience. It’s a way to connect with your family and with your friends, so you can focus on what really matters.