ANNOBIKE Comes With Powerful Bafang Engine And 9 Pedal Mode, Can Run 32Km/h

Great comfort in journey with the adjustable front and rear shocks.

  • ANNOBIKE A1 has the powerful Bafang engine with 750 W and 9 pedal assist which can go with a speed of 32 Km/h and 7 gears to peddle the bike when ran out of battery.
  • ANNOBIKE A1 has the TFT display which will show you all the information you need while riding the bike and the battery will last longer for 60 Km.
  • There is GPS tracking system in the ANNOBIKE which allows you to track the bike in real time when stolen, the A1 eBike has the attractive design with high quality components.

ANNOBIKE A1 is driven by design and performance to travel uncharted paths and unique from all other eBikes without any compromising features and designed for perfection which can change the world by actions.

ANNOBIKE A1 eBike which is designed in Denmark which has perfect components for the cutting-edge design with air-suspension, disc brakes, puncture resistant tires and many other high-quality components.

ANNOBIKE A1 has the color TFT display on the steering and adjustable air shock supporting the seat with handled alloy suspension, adjustable handle bar with dual crowned front shocks along with the battery and battery locking system and covered charger socket under bottom.


There is Bafang engine in the ANNOBIKE A1 which can pull the bike with a speed of 32 Km/h with 750W there are 9 levels of pedal assist while you are riding and 7 levels of gears which will help you when ran out of battery.

The battery in the ANNOBIKE A1 can be charged in two ways and the throttle will help you to accelerate with full speed without any effort and just chill by sitting on the eBike.
ANNOBIKE A1 also has the additional GPS tracking system which will deactivate the bike if stolen, packed with the brushless motor.

Problem Solving By This Product


The TFT color display in the ANNOBIKE A1 will give you the information about the speed, battery and all other statistics you need.

ANNOBIKE A1 will go at a speed of 32 Km/h and really helps you when you want to chill while you are pedaling the eBike with the 9 pedal assist levels which relieves your force on the eBike.

The shimano 7 gear system in the ANNOBIKE A1 allows you to pedal the eBike when ran out of battery, the battery in the eBike is huge and run longer up to 60 Km and can be recharged in two ways either using the port or removing the battery out of the eBike.

The air shock suspension and the dual crowned adjustable shocks at the front in the ANNOBIKE A1 offer you great comport anywhere even in the off roads.

They used puncture resistant tires in the ANNOBIKE A1 so you can travel effortlessly without worries of puncture, you can add your components to customize your A1 eBike in your style.

GPS tracking system in the ANNOBIKE A1 will track your stole eBike in real time, no need to afraid of the thieves.

Detailed Specification


ANNOBIKE A1 offers you the great comfort in journey with the adjustable front and rear shocks, the TFT display screen on the ANNOBIKE will give you all the information you need and shows the pedal assists up to 9 levels on the screen, the screen is visible under any light and weather conditions.

ANNOBIKE A1 will be your everyday companion with security and the best reliable eBike ever and made specially to ride without any limits and made with the astounding quality components to give you the ultimate riding experience without compromising.


ANNOBIKE A1 is always shinny and attractive with innovative design and offering you the maximum comfort, with their GPS tracker you can have full control over your ANNOBIKE eBike any time anywhere.

The locking mechanism on the saddle is also a different unique one not like a little clip, the engine used in the ANNOBIKE is 750W which can go with a speed of 32 Km/h and can run longer for 50-60 Km and integrated with the bafang engine which accelerates intense.

There are 9 pedal assist level on the ANNOBIKE A1, which means the higher the pedal assist the more the eBike will help you when you ride, the battery in the ANNOBIKE A1 will long last for 60 Km on full charge and also deepened up on the weight, the throttle on the handle bar will help you to spin the wheels without peddling and 7 gears which are useful when ran out of battery.


This ANNOBIKE is packed with the Samsung battery, there are two ways to charge the eBike through the silicone port or you can take the battery out of the eBike for charging.
ANOOBIKE has an application you need to make an account by downloading the app the you will be able to monitor your ANNOBIKE in real time and the security features which allows you to deactivate your bike when you think stolen.

You can also customize ANNOBIKE A1 to make your eBike in your own style like adding mud gears, carriages, headlights and many more additional things.


ANNOBIKE A1 is available in four color variants of which three are durable powder coated and one is anodized, they are Stealth Black, Rocket Red, Racing Green and Gold dust.


ANNOBIKE A1 Dynamic is priced at $850 for the early bird sale and $950 for the A1 Dynamic +. ANNOBIKE intense is priced at $1099 for the early bird sale and Intense + is priced at $1199.

Technical Specifications

  • Models : A1 Models
  • Motor : 250 W 250 W 750 W 750 W
  • Batteries : 48 V/ 14.5 Ah
  • Color Display : Yes
  • Brakes : Mechanical Disc Hydraulic
  • Gear Shift : 7 speed
  • Pedal Assist : 9 levels
  • Range : 50 – 60 Km
  • Speed : 25 Km/h
  • GPS Tracker : Optional
  • Legal in EU/USA : Yes

Plan For Launch

The ANNOBIKE A1 is started with the solid work with CAD and first prototype is made after the 2D sketch and has been made many changes and took one year to finalize the prototype with the first rendering of the A1 before production and manufacturing and currently in crowdfunding in various platforms in February 2020 and will be available in later quarters of the year 2020 after manufacturing and will be shipped.

Company Details

This eBike is developed by the company called ANNOBIKE, which is always wanted to design the eBike according to the customer wants and demands with the leading technology to achieve perfection to give the rider a new experience with their eBikes at reliable and affordable prices. ANNOBIKE design eBike with high quality products and innovative design which breaks the limits of the normal eBikes with thorough engineering and designs.