Analogue Pocket Handheld Video Game System

Analogue Pocket handheld video game console
  • Analogue Pocket combining the past and the future, the Analogue Pocket provides one of the most advanced pocket video game systems.
  • Analogue Pocket provides its users with an outstanding clarity which outweighs almost any other Video Game System in the market.
  • Analogue Pocket has additional dock, is a convenient device which allows you to experience the games on a bigger screen with the controller supports.

Video games are a very big industry these days. Many of the electronic peripherals are especially designed for video games. Various companies have been trying for years to improve the graphics and designs of the digital video games taking it just a step further every time. But, before the era of improved and well-designed digital video games existed the analogue 8 bit video games.

Although these classics could no longer compete with the improving graphics of the games, they are still remembered and desired by many who want to experience what is considered to be the best era of gaming by many. The Analogue is just the device which you’ll need.

This Pocket device is capable of playing more than 2780 games supported by the cartridge adapter. The Analogue is the device which provides you the modern designs and experience of the well-known classics that defined the gaming industry at their time.

Problem Solving by the Product


The increasing demand for the quality of graphics in a video game has made the children forget about the experience of the analogue and 8 bit video games which once ruled the industry.

These games although have been preserved by various devices, they are very hard and out of reach of the children. Decreasing this hard to reach gap of these classics from the children, the Analogue Pocket Video Game System allows the children to experience almost all of the well-known classics of the 8 bit video game time within just one device.

The Analogue Pocket Game System allows the classic cartridge support which will provide its users with a sense of nostalgia when they use it or see their young ones use it.

Detailed Specifications


The Analogue Pocket brings its users with the best Game Boy experience they can have in the most convenient and advanced Video Game System. The company provides support of over 2780 games available on various platforms on the Analogue Pocket Video Game System. Whether the games belong to the classic Game Boy, Game Boy Color or the Game Boy Advanced, they all can easily be played on the Analogue Pocket Video Game System.

The Analogue Pocket provides a 3.5 inch LED display. The size of the display is no representative of its clarity. The Analogue Pocket Screen provides with a pixel density of 615 ppi with a resolution of 1600 x 1440. This resolution and clarity is almost 10 times the original Game Boy. This provides the users to experience their classic Game Boy games at a new level of clarity provided to them by the Analogue Pocket Video Game System. The display also provides with the best levels of colour ranges, dynamic range support, and brightness level to give the best display experience ever by a Pocket Video Game System.

The Analogue Pocket Video Game System also provides a separate dock for the system. This dock allows the users to gain output directly from their game system over their Television sets or monitors. The dock provides the users with a HDMI output for increased quality of imaging. The dock also provides the controller supports so that the games can be enjoyed best. The external dock supports both the wired as well as the Bluetooth controllers. There are 2 USB slots for the controllers to be added. The Analogue Pocket device dock can also link up to any 8BitDo Bluetooth controller.

Apart from the supporting of the Game Boy cartridges, the Analogue Pocket also allows its users to experience the games through the microSD card slot. They can easily store the games they desire on the SD card and play it on the Pocket device. The Analogue Pocket provides the audio output through the inbuilt speakers or the 3.5 mm audio jack. The system on the device allows the users to easily remap the buttons so that they can enjoy the sense of customization and freedom playing their favourite games.

The Analogue Pocket Video Game System is powered by rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries which support charging through the USB C port. When connected to the dock, the Analogue Pocket has the charging support while being on the dock to provide with a smooth uninterrupted game play. Powering the wide range of games in such a wide range of colours and clarity is the powerful Altera Cyclone V and the Altera Cyclone 10 CPUs. These CPUs provide the users with the smooth and great game play they deserve on the smaller as well as the large screens.

The design of the Analogue Pocket Video Game System is currently available by the Company in 2 stunning colours, Black and Light Grey. Both of the colours bring out the sleek and smooth finish to the device which reminds the users of the great times of the classic Game Boys.

Plans for Launch


The Analogue Pocket Video Game System was first introduced to the public on October 16 2019. It instantly caught all the eyes on it because of the amazing set of specifications and the love and respect of the people over the classic analogue gaming industry. The Analogue Video Game System is currently under the testing and production stage and is set to be launched in 2020. The Analogue Pocket has already been nominated for the Wallpaper’s 2019 Design Awards because of its innovative piece of architecture and designing.

Company Details

The Analogue Inc. is a video game hardware and consumer electronics company which is famous for productive and innovative systems which help its users to completely enjoy any type of game they would play on it. The Analogue Inc. was founded on 1st April 2011 in Seattle, Washington, US. Currently headquartered in the same city, the Company has been constantly developing new and innovative technologies for its users, redefining the video gaming industry all the way from the bottom. The Company has a shipping and service span all over the globe.

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