Amazon eero 6 Faster And Better Dual-Band Wi-Fi 6

No More Signal-Drops And Buffering.

Amazon eero 6 Dual-band Wi-Fi 6

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  • Amazon eero 6 Wi-Fi 6 has a dual-band that can deliver consistent speed to more than 75+ connected devices.
  • Amazon eero 6 Wi-Fi 6 can deliver a speed up to 900 Mbps with a coverage area of 1500 Sq.ft and with the intelligent mesh system to stream 4K without buffering.
  • Amazon eero 6 Wi-Fi 6 has a built-in Zigbee smart home hub and you can expand your system when you need it.


There are many Wi-Fi mesh are available in the market but which they lack in the signal strength and covering the entire home & they also throws buffering while streaming.

Amazon eero 6 which is the fastest eero ever which covers up to 1,500 Sq.ft with a Wi-Fi Speed of up to 900 Mbps so that you can say goodbye to loading & buffering while streaming the content.

Amazon eero Wi-Fi 6 supports more than 75 devices simultaneously, while the eero app will finishes your setup within seconds and allows you to manage the network from anywhere you want.

Amazon eero Wi-Fi 6 has the built-in Zigbee Smart hub which helps you to connect with smart devices like Alexa or any other home hubs with ease.

Problem Solved By This Product


This eero Wi-Fi 6 will offer faster connectivity so that you can stream in 4K as well without buffering and the signal strength remains the same even when you connect more than 75+ devices.

Amazon eero 6 can cover up to 1500 Sq.ft in your home and even can extend with the extenders to make sure that your connectivity remains stable throughout your usage.

Built-in Zigbee smart home hub in the Amazon eero 6 will help you to connect with the smart home devices like Alexa that will help you to control the smart appliances with ease.

Amazon eero app provides you full security with encryption algorithms and has tools like threat scan, ad-blocking to secure your family, while they also offer 30 days free trail.

Amazon eero 6 will get automatic updates to keep the device consistent and even better and with the intelligent mesh technology that helps in routing the traffic to reduce drop-outs.

Detailed Specification


Amazon eero 6 Wi-Fi 6 name itself suggests that this router supports Wi-Fi 6 and that can offers a reliable connection to their customers while they are working from home.

Amazon eero Wi-Fi 6 has a dual-band with enough bandwidth that can deliver high-speed usage for more than 75 devices. While with the Wi-Fi 6 you will have faster connectivity for every room in your home.

Amazon eero 6 mesh will deliver the speed up to 900 Mbps to give the deserved connectivity for your home, stream content without any buffering and spots, even when the whole family is online.

Setting up the eero is very simple, all you just need to do is download the eero app and then plug in the eero dual-band Wi-Fi 6 and then your Wi-Fi will be optimized for every space with TrueMesh.

With the built-in Zigbee smart home hub in the Amazon eero 6 Wi-Fi 6 you can unlock your Wi-Fi potential to connect 6 compatible devices to Alexa so that you can control lights, locks, plugs,and many more.

Amazon eero 6 Wi-Fi will also secure your family with essential tools like threat scan and content warning, even ad-blocking. You can also upgrade to eero Secure+ to get an additional layer of security.

They are offering 30 days free trail for the eero Secure with evert eero 6 with simple start subscription and also works with Alexa so that you can easily manage the Wi-Fi access at your home to be stay focus and get back what is important.

Intelligent mesh technology on the eero 6 will router the traffic and reduce the drop-outs, where the automatic updates feature for the router will keep the device stay up to date with new security & all.

Dimensions 3.9 x 2.4 inches
Wi-Fi Coverage Covers up to 1500 Sq.ft based on the normal use conditions and also depends on the interference, throughput etc.
Type Router
Wireless network speed 900Mbps which is best for internet speed and also depends on the ISP, Maximum signal rates are derived from IEEE standard 802.11 specifications.
Wi-Fi connectivity Wi-Fi 6 dual-band concurrent
Wired connectivity Two auto-sensing gigabit Ethernet port for WAN and LAN connectivity
Smart home connectivity Works for Alexa, Amazon WiFi simple setup, Bluetooth low energy
Electrical rating 100 – 240V AC, 50-60Hz
Processor memory, and storage 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB flash storage
Required for setup Supported iOS or Android device and internet service
Temperature Rating Operating: 00 -400 C storage: -250 C to-600 C
Altitude < 3000m

This Amazon eero 6 dual-band Wi-Fi 6 is priced at $129.

Plan For Launch

This Amazon eero Wi-Fi 6 mesh is launched in the year 2020 and will be made available to the market in later quarters of the year 2020 when they have enough stocks after completion of the manufacturing process.

Company Details

This eero 6 dual-band Wi-Fi 6 is developed by a company Amazon which is the most famous e-commerce site, rather than competitor focus they are guided by four principles, passion.

They always strive for their customers, employees, small businesses, the economy and communities, they are smart, passionate builders with different backgrounds and goals.

who share a common desire to always be learning and inventing on behalf of customers. The company was founded in Bellevue, Washington in July 1994.

The founder of the company is Jeff Bezos, This Company initially started as an online marketplace for books but later it expanded eventually to sell electronics, software, video games, furniture …etc.

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