Alpha 3: World Most Advanced 4K Action Camera Ever

Alpha 3
  • Alpha 3 is the world fist 4K camera to have HDR in Video as well as in Photos with the electronic stabilization offers your smooth and steady shots like gimbal.
  • With the Ambarellar H22 and Sony IMX 577 powerful combination Alpha 3 gives you clear and finest quality in image processing with low power consumption.
  • Alpha 3 has the super slow motion with 240 frames per second and comes with 1800 degrees flip touch screen display for great selfies.

Alpha 3 is the world most advanced 4K camera that is going to change the way that you shoot action video, alpha 3 is the world first action camera that features 1800 degrees flip touch screen with the built in SONY IMX 577 sensor, Alpha 3 provide next level digital overlap HDR which keeps the picture looking good even in the worst condition.

Unlike the GoPro cameras the Alpha 3 enables you to shoot video in HDR mode at up to 4K 60 frames per second resulting in smoother and sharper videos with unmatched high quality, Alpha 3 powered by the revolutionary Ambarellar H22 quad core image processor which provide gimbal like stabilization is steady like a rock.

Alpha 3: World Most Advanced 4K Action Camera Ever-3

Alpha 3 allows for simultaneous stabilization while in HDR mode which gives you steady and stable 4K video with improved HDR image quality whenever and wherever you need it for the first time in industry.

Alpha 3 can record 240 frames per second resolution available for 8 times super slow motion mode, so that you can capture every photo finish and every single drop of sweat of all in full 1080P, Alpha 3 also provides distortion correction on video shot at a regular angle up to 4k 30 frames per second without any unwanted fish eye effect, the only action camera that includes mounting adapter so you can shoot three time telescope, macro or any other 37 millimeter, can able to capture 3 meter or up to 60 meter by attaching the water proof case so that you can use in wet area like swimming or while surfing.

Problem Solving By This Product


Alpha 3 is the most advanced 4K camera that has 1800 degrees tilt able touch screen for selfies, the DOL HDR video up to 4k 60 fps which gives you stunning image quality in any lighting conditions.

Alpha 3 is capable of recording HDR video and photos with electronic image stabilization which gives you great stability like gimbal camera and also supports simultaneous stabilization.

The Alpha 3 is capable of recording 1080P 240 frames per second super slow motion which can capture the fastest motion object with clear details with 8 times slower.

You can also carry the Alpha 3 with you for swimming up to 3 meters and 60 meters with the waterproof case, the Alpha 3 is also doing distortion correction up to 4K 30 fps which gives you noiseless pictures.

Alpha 3 is also capable of taking super smooth time lapse videos for every 1/2/5/10/30/60 second to capture the nature in change of time and light. The 7-layer glass including the Aspherical lens gives you perfect color and clarity to be captured in Alpha 3.

The Alpha only consumes 1.5W which gives you longer battery life with the Ambarellar H22 and Sony IMX 577 sensor with massive 1050mAh battery.

Peripherals can be added to the Alpha 3 like 37mm Adapter for extending lens and 3.5mm Mic adapter for better recording of audio, with the app provided by the Mokacam you can share your photos instantly though Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and with the micro HDMI port you can preview you shots and videos in TV.

Detailed Specification


Alpha 3 is the world most advanced 4K action camera offering 1800 degrees flip screen and 4K 60 fps video recording with Full HD 1080P 10 times slow motion recording capabilities.

Alpha 4 is equipped with the most advanced SoC packed with the Ambarellar H22 quad core image processor combined with the SONY IMX 577 Sensor offers you beast performance with HDR in both Photo and video mode up to 4K 60 fps and enhanced image quality in all conditions.

Alpha 3 next generation DOL HDR video which can record up to 4K 60 fps which enhanced the image quality and restore details with increase in layer of colors to make your video more vivid whether it may be brighter or shadow area. With the Ambarellar H22 processor and electronic stabilization Alpha 3 offers you steady gimbal like stabilization for HDR mode.


Alpha 3 also featured with distortion correction up to 4K 30 fps which reduce the noise in the quality and shaking effect in the video while recording, you can record smoother video up to 4K 60 fps to capture more action details especially when the object is moving fast.

Alpha 3 offering you the Super slow-motion video in Full HD 1080P up to 8 time slower than the usual ones which helps you to get the finest detail in the motion, Alpha 3 offers you the super smooth time lapse for every 1s/2s/4s/10s/30s/60s.

The Stacked structure and the DRAM chip which give the faster readout with the improved image quality even in the low light condition with the SONY IMX 577 sensor. Alpha 3 delivers unparalleled color with finest detail and clarity with the 7-layer glass lens including the Aspherical lens.

Alpha 3 offers you great battery life with low power consumption due to the combination of the Ambarellar H22 chip with Sony Sensor which consumes just 1.5W results in great battery life with the replaceable 1050mAh Li-Poly Battery.

The 1800 degrees tiltable touch screen which gives you perfect selfies and offers you tricky filming angles with 2.35 inches IPS LCD touch screen which is brighter even in sun light, you can use the 37mm adapter to extend lenses and 3.5mm Mic adapter for better audio with smooth touch screen operations.


The Alpha 3 Pro version is waterproof up to 3 meters without the case and 60 meters under water adventure with waterproof case which making it under water companion, with the Mokacam App you can share your photos and videos instantly through Wi-Fi connection, the Micro HDMI port is used to preview the photos and videos on the Flat TV in Full HD size.


The Alpha 3 flip bundle is priced at Rs 16,177  and Alpha 3 Pro with the accessory pack for Rs 13,855  for early bird sale.

Technical Specifications

  • Image Processor : Ambarellar H22 Quad-Core 14nm 1.2 GHz
  • Image Sensor : SONY Exmor RS IMX577 155 micro meter 1/2.3” stacked, DOL-HDR, Back-illuminated
  • Tiltable Screen : 1800
  • Display LCD : 2.35 inches IPS Touch Screen
  • Video Resolution : 4K 60 FPS 1080P 240 FPS
  • Photo Resolution : 16MP, Super photo, HDR, RAW photo
  • Slow Motion : 10xSlower 1080P
  • Video Stabilization : Super Smooth up to 4K@30 FPS
  • Battery : 1050mA
  • Wi-Fi& Bluetooth :  Yes
  • Storage : Up to 512G TF
  • Interface  : USB-C (3.5mm mic adapter supported), micro HDMI
  • Weight : 129 grams

Plan For Launch

The concept of the Alpha 3 is started in June 2018 with the technical solution research made in July and the 3D printing with fully functional prototypes along with the PCB is done in August with the prototypes testing of the Ambarellar H22 image processing chip with SONY sensor and the beta tests began in October 2018. The second test began in November for the chip and sensor with the third phase test in the February 2019. After the final mass production optimization is done they are moved to production batch and then shipment will happen in the later quarter of 2019 in August.

Company Details

This Alpha 3 is developed by the company called Mokacam, which always creates innovative designs focused on the beautiful moments in life. Raymond Wang is the CEO of the Mokacam company with deepest understanding in technology, manufacturing and business, he is willing to contribute on intelligent hardware.