AirUnleashed Wireless Charging Mat – Quick Charge Your 3 Gadgets Together at 99$

AirUnleashed Wireless Charger Mat
  • AirUnleashed Wireless Charging Mat one of its kind of Multi-device Charging support.
  • AirUnleashed Wireless Charging Mat is having mat finish with great touch feel.
  • AirUnleashed Wireless Charging Mat supports quick charge 3.0.


ir unleashed wireless charger mat is used for charging the wireless devices maximum of 3 at a time for those devices which supports the wireless charging. This comes with the USB connected to the mat and another USB to be inserted into the charging adapter and plugged into the socket. The three charging spots are to charge the three (iPhone) things at a time one for mobile and one for Apple watch and the remaining is for Apple air pods 2.0.

AirUnleashed Wireless Charging Mat

Why AirUnleashed Charging Mat

The Apple products are hard to charge because they don’t use the fast charging technology. For this they had an alternative solution to charge the devices simultaneously this mat was introduced.

Its supports the quick charge 2.0 or higher quick charge 3.0.

AirUnleashed Charging Mat Features

  1. The AirUnleashed Comes with 3 charging spots.
  2. The top of the mat is enveloped with a soft, white Silicon like material that feels great to touch.
  3. It also prevents the devices from sliding out of the places.
  4. The bottom of the mat is microfiber material which protects the mat.
  5. The left most is used to charge the iPhone given a wider space than any other.
  6. The upper and lower material meet in around the edges that feels like the same in the Apple watch charging dock which are magnetic.
  7. The middle one has a small rounded shape dock hollow space to identify it to use for the iPhone watches.
  8. The iPhone charging spot charges the device with 7.5Watts which charges the wireless devices.
  9. iPhone models from 8 plus comes along with wireless charging supported.
  10. The middle charging spot is used for the Apple watches.
  11. The charging speed for the Apple watch is 2W.
  12. The last one is used for charging the Apple air pods which has the wireless charging support gives an output of 5W.
  13. The mat has 2 + marks to place the phone and the air pods.
  14. The remaining space is for the Apple watch.
  15. The AirUnleashed is also supported to charge the android devices too.
  16. It’s a soft mat comes with smooth surface on the top and as well as bottom.
  17. The mat is connected to the permanent USB connector from the bottom.
  18. The other end of the mat is also a USB connector which is to be placed in the adapter.
  19. For the watch in the charging spot there is a magnet which pulls the watch to be held in a particular position to make sure that it will be charged without any disturbance.

AirUnleashed - Wireless Charging Mat

AirUnleashed Charging Mat Specification

  • Top Style : Soft Touch Leather Style Finishing
  • Bottom Style : Anti-Slip Microfiber Suede Style Finishing
  • Input : DC 5V/2A, 9V/1.67A
  • Output : 5V/1A,9V/1.1A(10W Max)
  • Output Charging Coils : IPhone 7.5w, Apple watch 2W, Air Pods 5W.
  • Conversion Rate : 75%
  • Fast charging : 9V(10W)

Plan of launch

This product is launched in the June of this year 2019.After the fallen of Air power, which was cancelled due to reasons.  Not meeting the Apple Companies “High Standards”.
The Air power is overheating while charging the devices. So far another company picked up the idea and came up with this new AirUnleashed Wireless mat.

AirUnleashed Wireless Charging Mat Price

This product is priced at $99(Rs.7,000 Approx.) which is great at this price segment to offer the fast charging especially to the Apple products. They have given a great competition in accordance to the price to the other wireless mat which they are priced at above 140$.

The AirUnleashed box comes with a wireless mat inside the box and paperwork’s to use it. Like regulations & warranty and all other stuff.

Editor’s Pick

  • There are some charger requirement’s for the AirUnleashed you cannot use the Apple 5W charger as the adapter. You can use IPad Adapter or any other third party adapters which has 2A charging port.
  • The Main Problem is that they are not providing any adapter out of the box.
  • You have to buy an extra adapter to use that which may cost the additional charges to you.
  • You have to make sure buying the quick charge 2.0 Adapter or 3.0 adapter for fast charging. They still stayed on the ground by not providing the UBS type C port rather than the USB itself which is the major Con in these days. Rest if the companies are providing the type c for the cable to connect the adapter which ensure the better charging speed.
  • The bottom USB cable from the mat is fully integrated that means it cannot be replaced which is a considerable problem
  • The fast charging is not that much fast enough to charge you devices it will take the normal time of charging since the max output is 10W, but with single slot you can charge 3 devices at a time.

About Company

The CTO and Co-Founder of the company was Hakim Sugito and another Co-Founder Gerard Nieuwenhuis as well as CEO of the company Air Unleashed by considering the failure’s in the Apple air power design which overheats by having 32 charging coils overlapped.
They overcome these failures by considering them as challenges which made them to use the simple hardware design having three coils side by side to reduce the interference between the coils.