Adonit Note + Pressure Sensitive Stylus

Taking notes which has accurate at capturing handwriting without any misalignment.

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  • Adonit Note + Stylus pen comes with the palm rejection and the pressure sensitivity with 2048 levels along with programmable buttons.
  • Adonit has the convenient texture for grip and USB-C port on the top to use the Note + Stylus even when charging and LED indicator.
  • With the great battery backup of 10 hours on single charge Stylus Note + gives the smooth experience while taking notes and with the tilt functions and pressure sensitivity.

Adonit Note + is made for the selected models of the iPad which are made after 2018 or newer models and those which are in the generation iPad 11 or 12.9 inch and iPad Air, iPad 6th and 7th Gen along with the iPad Mini. Adonit Note + support palm rejection along with the pressure sensitivity and also supports slightly over 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity which is excellent for taking notes which has accurate at capturing handwriting without any misalignment.

There will be two set button on the ball side of the Note + with the bottom button serves as on/off functionality of the Note +, the mat surface tip on the Note + Stylus provide a little bit friction on glass surface and will be smooth on Mac screen protectors which is replaceable.

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Stylus Note + has the matte texture throughout for grip and made with plastic, to use the application you need to pair the Stylus using Bluetooth. Adonit Note + has the great battery backup of 10 hours and completely charge in one hour and to save the battery Note + Stylus will be turned off automatically after 20 minutes of inactivity and the USB-C power port is provided on the back to charge the Note + Stylus, you can also use the Stylus while charging.

Problem Solving By This Product

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Stylus Note + has the two programmable buttons which are really helpful while drawing and taking notes with the specific action they are assigned for the app.

Stylus Note + has 2048 Pressure sensitive levels which recognizes the pressure of holding the Stylus against the screen to mark them as different stroke and very accurate without any miss alignments.

Stylus Note + uses Bluetooth to pair with the apps and the buttons can be assigned for functions, Adonit Stylus will go to sleep without any usage for 20 minutes and save battery with long lasting battery of 10 hours.

The LED indicator on the Stylus Note + will indicate you whether the Stylus is active or not and there is USB-C port on the top to provide you endless convenient to charge & use the Note + at same time.

The tilt function in the Note + works very well to give you perfect sketch styling and respond very quickly, Stylus Note + is lightweight to carry and the matter texture offers great grip while holding the Pen.

Detailed Specification


Stylus Note + which is lightweight and sleek with minimalistic in design made with plastic with fine matter texture throughout the Stylus for good grip for using, Stylus Note + weighs only 14 grams.

Adonit Note + Stylus don’t have any pocket clips to place them in the pocket, but comes with the programmable shortcut buttons. The tip of the Stylus Note + will detect the pressure sensitivity and gives the feeling of using a ballpoint pen on glass and smoother in Mac glass protectors which is also replaceable.

Stylus Note + uses Bluetooth to connect to apps and you can use the Stylus Note + without Bluetooth also but the pressure sensitivity and palm rejection will not work until the shortcut buttons are assigned through pairing.

The two set buttons near the Stylus Note + tip in which the bottom button serves for on/off functionality and there is an LED light indicator signifies whether Stylus Note + is on or not, to pair the button first you need to go to setting of the app you are using for taking notes then Pen pressure settings and then press the power button touch the option with the Stylus tip to pair the Stylus, then you can customize the two shortcut button to perform the action you need from the list of shortcuts available.

There will be also palm rejection option in the app which makes the app to recognize only the Stylus Note + input and also you won’t be able use the finger gestures when the palm rejection is on.

The Stylus Note + is very accurate and make sure the line will always under the tip, there will be no miss alignments at all regardless of how you hold the Stylus Note +, the transition from the thin to thick strokes will be very smooth with the Stylus Note + and the apps on the iPad will also recognizes that broad stroke when you draw with the Stylus Note + by holding at an angle and vertically to get thin strokes.


The response time of the stroke while using the Stylus Note + will be really quick and there will be no lag between the pen movement and the ink on the screen, Stylus Note + has a great battery backup of 10 hours with continuous usage and the USB Type C port on the top of the Stylus make things easy to charge and allows you to use while charging and will take 1 hour to charge the stylus completely.

The smoother experience of taking notes and drawing depends on the app you are using to pair with the Stylus Note + some apps will be smooth while some are choppy and not uses the full features of the Stylus Note +.

The Adonit Note + Stylus Pressure sensitive device is priced at 69.99$ and the tip of the Stylus Note + is priced at 15$.

Plan For Launch

This Adonit Note + Stylus Pressure sensitive pen is launched in the CES 2020 and made available to the market after modification of their previous model Adonit Stylus with addition of the pressure sensitivity and design changes.

Company Details

This Stylus Note + Pressure Sensitive Pen is developed by the company called Adonit which is a multinational corporation company in Austin. Founded in the year 2010 and successfully delivered consumer based electronics that customer needed primarily for the Apple iPad includes mobile apps, Stylus pens and SDK’s. The company also launched Stylus Nope which is the previous version of Note + and running successfully in 180 markets located across the globe with the main headquarters in Austin.