Acumobility: Ultimate Back Roller

Designed to enhance the spinal extension with flexibility.

Acumobility: Ultimate Back Roller

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  • Acumobility is the ultimate back roller which will enhances your mobility and flexibility of your spine with the spine gap causing no pressure on your spine.
  • Acumobility has the staggered bump pattern which will create deeper massaging experience and can be also used as yoga wheel and even against the wall.
  • Acumobility back roller is made for everyone which can hold 1000lbs, made with high quality material and compact design allows you to carry the roller anywhere you need.


Most of the people spent their lives in a flexed position and suffer with the tightness or pain on the back end with buying a roller which are not more effective to heal their pain and make their life healthier. Acumobility back roller has the little nubs outwards which will provide deeper response for the workouts which is specifically designed for the backbone workouts like the yoga wheel with a spine gap with the bump pattern that will change your life.

Acumobility back roller is designed to enhance the spinal extension with flexibility and the spine gap fells you roll comfortably and made with the strong EVA molded foam that can easily support 1000lbs meant to be used by everyone.

Acumobility back roller height will make you sit on the roller comfortably and allows you to get into the tough to roll areas like upper back, middle and lower back.

Acumobility back roller can also be used against wall for those who cannot do workout on the floor and also as the yoga wheel and can be used to all over the body.

This Acumobility is made by the Chiropractor to be used by everyone of any age and skill that offers you a new supporting natural spine movement to improve flexibility and physical health, made with high quality non-breakable material that measures 7.5 x 11.3 inches width and diameter.

Problem Solving By This Product


Acumobility is the most effective and therapeutic back roller that is available in the market and helps you to improve your body performance by healing the back pain quickly compared to the other rollers.

Acumobility back roller is wider allowing you to be more stable while the other rollers will tip, made with the high-quality material that can hold 1000lbs weight on the roller.

Acumobility is the first Chiropractor invented foam roller that will greatly enhance your spinal mobility and flexibility with the help of spine hap that allows you to move your spine freely and workout in your style.

Acumobility can also be used as Yoga wheel with the spine gap and even you can use this against the wall if you are not comfortable to workout on the floor.

Acumobility is travel friendly with the compact sized design that allows you to carry with you wherever you go in the gym bag while the staggered bump pattern will massage you deeper and offer you the intensity you need against the back and it is recommended to use towel over the roller.

Acumobility is not only used for the back you can use the roller for all of your other body parts as well like legs, neck etc and fits for everyone from 4 to 7 feet.

Detailed Specification


Acumobility is the ultimate back roller which supports the natural spine movements which helps you to heal from the back-spine pains and improves your flexibility and mobility.

Acumobility is made with high quality non-breakable folded foam material which can even sustain 1000lbs weight on the roller and is wider than any other roller for the comfortable workout and made compact enough to pack in the gym bag.

Acumobility comes with the patented staggered bump pattern which creates the deep massaging experience over your back while the bumps on the Acumobility are designed to releasing knots and trigger points and helps in enhancing lymphatic drainage as you roll on the roller.

Acumobility back roller spine gap that targets the para-spinal muscles precisely on both sides of the spine and enables more natural movements without any restriction. Acumobility is specifically designed for the spine even that can also to be used on other parts of the body as well from the neck, arms, legs etc.

Acumobility back roller is also yoga wheel with a spine gap and supports spinal mobility and the material make this to be more stable when you are doing workouts, even you can use the Acumobility against the wall when you cannot workout on the ground.

With the Acumobility you will feel some more pressure since you don’t done this type work until now so you can use a towel over the back roller until you adjust to the roller and even you can use this Acumobility for the lower back all up to the neck while the height allows you to engage the core as you roll the back roller.

Acumobility will fort for everyone from 4 to 7 feet and there is a small mark on the inside back roller which is the injection site.

This Acumobility ultimate back roller is priced at $59.65.

Dimensions 11.3 (height/ diameter) x 7.5 (width) inches
Weight 3.35Lb (1.52 Kg)
Color Black / Yellow
Weight Capacity 1000lbs.

Plan For Launch


This Acumobility back roller is made available to the market in the year 2019 June after the changes in the design & prototype to be wider with spine gap than other roller and Acumobility will be shipped to the customers in the later quarters of the year 2019 after the manufacturing process.

Company Details

This back roller is developed by the company called Acumobility which is started as the sports rehabilitation center by the Brad Cox who heals the people with nutrition and changes the lifestyle, this company started as an information-based company that sell the tools along with techniques. Brad developed a product which is identified product that uses correct methods and material to drastically improve your body performance. Dr Sonia Pasquale who is the Co-Founder of the company started to create something which will really help to improve the flexibility over the spine extension at home and to be used by everyone.

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